This is not the first time I have been to Glastonbury and it most certainly wont be the last. We had booked our B and B with an old friend we had met at another friends healing week – end , many years ago now. Was she at home , and did she have a room for us that day.the phone rang and rang and eventually we made contact. The room got booked and off we set on our journey to Glastonbury.
It had been a spur of the moment idea, to up and go at that time. We had checked the weather and all seemed fine. We had not had a break since last year.
Stopping on the way for a cup of tea we eventually got to our journey’s end around seven in the evening. Just in time for evening meal.
At Jan Billings place at the bottom of the Tor, you get a warm greeting and a beautiful room full of colours and Jans own art work, inspired by her Glastonbury experiences. Jan is a wonderful artist and her daughter knits jewlery with fine wire. Sounds strange but you relly got to see it to believe it. Some of the most gorgous stuff I have seen for a long time. Very creative. They have their own shop down the street.
So here we were , almost ready to get some sleep in the house that was built on the land where the famous psychic and author Dion Fortune had lived and put the foundations of the Society of the Inner Light. A society that back in the 1940’s would most certainly been seen as very strange indeed.
Dion Fortune has many books on the paranormal and on pyschic abilities. She herself was a most sensitive lady and to this day, The Avalon Group meet at Hawkwood Colledge, Stroud in Gloucestershire. for more information.
Here you will find the group practising regular meditation. Reading Arthurian and grail Ledgends. Studying the Tree of Life and Qabala, a map of the inner palnes of creation.
All interesting stuff.
At The Speaking Tree book shop I purchased my first two books written by Dion fortune and look forward to reading the words of this ledgend.
Back to the house built in the grounds of the famous lady, where I was about to spend my first night in Glastonbury for this year.
The trees outside banged on the window as the wind wipped up. The room was warm and my husband and i settled in for the night.
Sleep was not coming easy even though I was tired. I kept being diturbed by sounds above me and the banging of somthing that sounded like furniture being moved every hour or so through out the night. Was Dion about or was the house just creaking with the weather?
It was not until morning when I woke. I realised that I had managed some sleep eventually.
It is a self catering breakfast, that is all there ready for you to cook when you reach the kitchen on the first floor. Looking out over the Tor and surrounding fields and hills the window is a fabulous place to sit a while and enjoy this special space.
There was an air of mystery to the place but a comfortable air of welcome. I felt we had company as we ate our breakfast. A demure lady spirit sat in the room with us, for a while. In a 1920’s outfit.
Later I discovered my spirit lady looked remarkably like the photograph of Dion, that I saw on the cover of one of her books. So a discovery indeed. The place of her dwelling and some of her books that are still available today and bought by many with interest of her findings and work on the esoteric orders.
I for one have made this discovery. I did find it a little errie that the year I had found her was the same age as when she herslef had died, Dion had died at the age of 55. This year I had become 55. Just a strange fact.

Dining out in Callao Salvaje in Tenerife

Dining out in Tenerife
We went off on our travels again recently and I have a few stories to share with you. Least of all the delight of Canarian food, French, and Spanish and much more in the village of Callao Salvaje.
We had booked an apartment the first week of our holiday and a villa for the second. The waether was varied , from sand storms to blue sunny skies that you expect in tenerife at this time of the year.
The local beach you can see in the photos shoot, above, was small and messy, but the sea was warm. Locals said that for the last eighteen years they have been waiting for the beach to be cleaned up.
Building was going on, everywhere. Has Europe gone mad? Our last holiday was blighted with building works going on around us , on a daily basis. Here in Tenerife , in a village the banging and scraping was like surround sound across the small bay. How do people relax in such places?
Our evening meal was the main part of our evening as there was little else to do or visit here , with the taxi prices gone up , and buses that bounced along the narrow roads , one really did not want to travel elsewhere.
So the pleasure of the Sorpresa Sorpresa resturant was indeed a suprise, if not a very pleasant one. The place delighted my tatse buds on several of the evening meals we ate there.
I particularly enjoyed a dish of lamb, with corn on the cob, and a pear,to balance the tatse of this didh. It was delightful and i could not wait to go back and have another meal there. Which we did .
We had been recommended El Delfin resturant that was on the waters edge. Unfortunately we left this one for our last evening there . We were not diappionted, the food was scrumptous. A small place that heaved with clients who really were quite happy to wait to come in.
Near the beach is a Spanish Tapa Bar, not to be missed as they serve the most delightful chicken cooked in almons with a salad and chips.
Around the corner from the french resturant we discovered the canarian bar. This is were we enjoyed a canarian dish with spicy chicken and canarian potatoes, and salad. Good value too.
The chinese however did not come up to scratch and it was one of the most expensive meals we ate during our stay.
A supermarket, called Somersfield, served the most lovely sandwiches that often was great for a snack at luch time. It is also where we purchased most other items including a pair of be3ach shoes each to walk with ease down the beach without the urchin spikes entering our feet. These spikes are awful if they get into your body as they turn septic and can be a hospital visit.
In general the food in this area was good.
We also enjoyed a German meal at The Flowers Cafe, when we visited the local musical jam night with some local friends we have in the area. It was great. An especially friendly bunch of people too. Dont miss this one on a Friday.
Not forgetting the dogs. Great stuff.
The main thing to remember when visiting the islands now id that since they have gone euro, everything has gone up in price, it is a bit like decimalisation in the seventies here. I know I am not alone on this observation as many were talking about it , even those who live there. Like many in Cornwall , getting to earn enough to live is known to be a difficult task. However dont let that put you off. The area has got its own attraction. Less crowds of people for one. At the moment anyway.

Our journey to Madiera

Madeira 2007 in October
We decided to celebrate our anniversary this year by having a holiday in Madeira. Many people had told us it was the place for us. An island of abundance in the flora world with species coming from all over the wolrd. the chestnut tree we see in England for instance was huge in specimen in this place with the chestnuts dropping the same time of the year as our own. The street sellers cooked them on barbecues in the heat of the day as well as the evening. Just like we would cook them on the fire in England. I have now made bread with cooked chestnuts in the bread while kneading, inspired by river cottage programme several years ago now. The herb Fennal was one of the main plants on this island  and the Dragon tree, of which it’s sap was used for red dye and was highly valued many years since.
It is a very hilly island, like a bun in the ocean. Which reminded me of La Gomera in the canaries, but out of the two I preffered La gomera.The vibrational energy of the place from a clairvoyants point of view was not acceptable even though we managed to find a wonderful sanctuary up in the hills.
This place was not our original destination, but it has great charm and an old fashioned air abou the place. All the staff are really superb and nothing is too much trouble. The elegance of this five star hotel/manshion let me tell you it is like sharing a secret hide away here. Quinta Da bela Vista, the peaceful, tranquill place on the hill. Not like the hectic , smelly place we were sold by our travel agent. Down in funchal. This is definetly the place to holiday. Superb catering facilities. Breakfast offers fresh fruit, cereal, breads of all countries, English and German style food. With Potugese fresh coffe or tea. Plus many juices beyond your imagination.
Later in the day is a four course meal available from 7:30pm. Oh la la .A starter to tantilise your taste buds, followed by fresh soup. Then the delight of the main course. Finished with a sweet. After having a go at finding a paletable wine here. A bit difficult, and expensive. We asked the head waiter. He knew what we wante and yes it was expensive at £15 a bottle but hey we were on holiday and we only drink a glass in one evening.
After a while we found our way down to the evening bar for a cup of tea as we socialised with other guest. It was really lovely.
We could hear the sound of the cruise ships when they docked and left the harbour from the terrace. Saturday and Sunday nights we also heard the sounds of explosives from the army practiseing in the hills above us. Fireworks went off too as each little village had seperate celebrations over the year.

Holiday in Cornwall, near the Eden project

An Apartment for two in St.Austell
Ever wanted to visit Cornwall near the seaside,Eden Project, Heligan Gardens, St.Austell Brewery, English China Clays,Hall for Cornwall etc etc.
Ever wanted to find a quite self catering place to stay that also has a therapist of aromatherapy, healing, indian head massage, reflexology and shiatsu. Plus the added bonus of the opportunity of private readings given by world renown Gayle Force, who was born in St.Austell.
Some people who have already stayed here have written a song for the first time in years, painted a picture, watched a movie, walked to the beach, enjoyed the local resturants, and slept the best they have for years when away from home.
People have just chilled in the garden, read a book or indeed begun writing one. It is a good place to just be, to take yourself away from the busy influence of life.
The apartment is light and airy, with a longe area where you can enjoy T.V or music or just watch the world go by.The kitchen is equiped so you can cook a meal or pop something into the microwave. Towels and linen supplied. The bedroom, (with twin beds) has an ensuite shower and toilet.The apartment is carpeted throughout and is fully central heated.
Single people are welcome as well as couples or friends.
There is a local public house and club a walking distance away from the apartment. The local spar shop and super market are also a very short distance. The Eden Project ca be walked from here or a short drive away. The St.Austell town centre is about fifteen minutes from the apartment. The bus and railway station are the same. There is a bus route right to the top of our road and there are plenty of taxis.
The booking of the apartment can be done on line or by phone.
E-mail or phone 01726 70786.
the bookings go from Sat to Sat.We look forward to hearing from you.

Visit to La Gomera in the Canaries

Journey to La Gomera 
We dont do package holidays.So after careful planning we began our journey to our destination a day before going to the airport, and stayed at a B and B over night before waiting to get on the plane that was to take us to the Canary islands.
Tenerife was where we were heading. We were allocated seats just behind the wings, not one of the best places to travel due to all the extra noise. Also it seemed that lift off was far more noticable in these seats.However it was an extreamly good flight and landing into Tenerife. I was glad we had made the effort for the early flight as we were still feeling fresh. The Tenerife sun shone to greet us, and we were led to a bus full of people ,so much so as we were squashed in a ladt apologised for having no choice but to lean on me. Was this a holiday?As we entered the building with our passports open wide we quickly filed through to await our suitcases. The conveyer belt was speeding around and there was ours like magic.
 You meet alsorts of people on your travels and it never ceases to amaze me how many of them come from just up the road,from where I live. So many things had changed since last I travelled. No water allowed on the plane in your bag. For instant. Sod dehydration you have to buy everything on the plane. How the good suffer for the not so good in the world today. Still if it keeps us all safe then what we have to do ,we will.
It is however at this point that I wish to piont out that a lady who went through the diabled route also went through with her water bottle intact. just a point. Maybe a very valid one. Anyway there I was standing talking to a lady who lived in LOstwithel and who played bowls in Poltair Park Green, just up the road from where I live. A place I had spent most of my life walking through , and I have watched bowls being played since I was a child going to school. Ahh the suitcaese were all here and it was time to find a taxi. To the harbour of LOs Christianas we explained. It was really hoe in the taxi with no windows open as he wizzed down to the harbour. I for one was glad when that journey was over. We were travling to La Gomera by boat 
and had around two hours to wait before boarding the boat. It was time to get refreshments and relax.
When the boat arrived people came gathering around ,even a man with a little dog in a bag jioned the que. Hippy type people also boarded ,with their children. There seemed to be a lot of german being spoken and we did not realise that many people from germany frequent La Gomera . In fact more from Germany than anywhere else . The boat sailed out of the harbour and rocked from side to side. The cabin that was full of seats and the whole space was really stuffy. It had already been a long day. I began to feel strange and then I had a splitting head, Oh no I thought, Never again.  We reached St.Sebastien and then the journey up the coast was fine. The sea seemed more settled but I could not wait to land. The little girl beside our seats was quite poorly ,and I began to see how lucky I was. Poor little thing.As we arrived people were all over the port looking to see if anyone wanted accomadation. A taxi. We had our apartment about a couple of miles away and got into another taxi to complete our journey.
On reaching our destination nearly thirteen hours after our start, we felt exhausted. The apartment was great. We decided to go and get something to eat. Then when we went to settle down. What was that. The roaring of the rough seas around the island were right next to were we were staying. Oh no. Ear plugs in we tryed to sleep. It was not so difficult as we were so tired…..
Our ears were still buzzing as we had breakfast after we had shopped in the local supermarket or corner shop to us.
The beach and rocks werea mere hundred yards from where we were staying. Who could possibly buil such places with any sense?
More to come…………………………………………………… 

Back from Tenerife and La Gomera in the Canaries.
Apart from a holiday my husband and i visited La Gomera for the first time,which is the round island off of Tenerife with a circumference of about twenty miles. I always feel the vibrational energy of places I visit as I settle into to the envirement. We had booked a privately owened apartment form a friend in london. It was in Valley Gran rey, one of the most spiritual plaes in the Canaries. it is well known that hippy style people came to the island many moons ago and have stayed and settled in the hills. Some still jion this band of people for relaxing holidays. We were luky to have enjoyed the moon eclpse here with the atmosphere of guitar ans singers playing around a round table outside the public house/resturant. The sea and beach was a few yards away from this and we took our selves to the beach as the eclpse bgan. There was a lot of people aware of what was going on. The north of the island had a huge musical party going on in celebration of the change of energy as the moom was covered by the earths shadow and I wrote a poem which I will share with you all shortly. The energy was like a cleansing of the earthplane and a peacefulness washed over the island. the aromatherapist we had met expressed a similer feeling to us the next day. To me La Gomera is a has a special healing energy in this part of the island and even though it took longer to get there I feel we will be going back. It will also be nice to return and re-link in with the new friends we have made.More to come on experiences in Tenerife.