Friends in High Places

Arum Lily In My Garden At Night

Light within the blackness of night.

I have had one of those unusual experiences this week. A customer arrived that I have now known for a few years. Though even though I recongnised her , I had no idea why she was visiting me . We greeted each other with a freindly hug and I showed her into my reading room , as I had done on several occasions over the years. Today she was tired a sense of confusion was around her, a sense of unease, of a wilting like a flower left with no water in the vase.
The solar plexus energy was tender and sensitive.  People had seemed to want to be with her and yet, she needed her own space.  Things were changing rapidly around her , and yet there was nothing she could do to stop what was happening. She was in deep grief.
A man came through to great me, standing strong for her and bringing a lot of love in with this streagth.
The atmosphere changed and I had a pain in my solar plexus and my breathing was affected for a moment in time.
A loving warmth of a spirit came close within me like he knew me well and was certainly on the spiritual pathway while here on the earthplane. He talked of his recent passing, how he had departed from here. How well he had been looked aftered by his loved one in front of me.
A light energy enfolded both me and my client. He gave his name and expressed his love and gave so much praise to his family. He talked of friends with him in spirit, saying he was not alone. He said that he was so much lighter now and free from pain.
Talked of holidays and resting for now before beginning much work that was waiting for him in spirit, and work he had choosen to take on.
Gradually after quite a time his enrgy left me , gently and ,other messages came through from other loved ones and guides. Forcasting specil evnts around my customer with dates that coresponded to anniversary celebrations in hand at this moment.
An old neighbour came through with a surname as she was known to the family.
After a while I could feel my lady feeling calmer and more relaxed.
The reading came to a close, and as often happens ,my client soke to me more about what had just happened.
You know the man in spirit, she said, he often came to you when he was alive.
In fact there were times he came along with me, she said.
No wonder I had felt so comfortable with his energies, I already knew him. This was a man who had beleived in the spirit world long before going there himself. Now he was talking to me from spirit.
I have also had clients who have come in the gate way for a reading of mediumship and as they arrived another person was clearly with them. a lady came in with a gentleman once ,over several readings who had died suddenly with a brain hemmerage. She was so solid I left the door open for her and greeted her. the gentleman in question said he knew she would come along with him but had no idea it would be so quickly.
We went inside the house and settled into the reading. She told me where she worked, and it was then that I realised , I knew her. In fact i had known her for years. her work was well respected in the area we lived.
Comforted by the spiritual connection he left . A few weeks later he arrived again for a consultation. This went on over six months. Every now and then he found comfort and stregth in his visits to me. Summer had arrived and during the morning before his visit , I went around my garden , as I do, looking at my flowers and veg. a voice said, pick the yellow rose for him. I did, and put it in a vase in the reading room.
On his arrival , he sat down and looked around the room, as though he were looking for something. I explained she was here. Messages came for him and there was a lot of cheer in the messages. He suddenly clapped eyes on the yellow rose. My Emily planted a rose just like that , the year before she died. He smeeld it. It even smells the same,he commented. I told him she had asked me to pick it as i went around the garden in the morning. She would ,he said, it is her birthday today. evidence from beyond the grave that it was her. not that he needed it , he knew she was often with him. He smelled her perfume , felt her presence,and even a kiss from her on his cheek.
several years went by. I was at a swimming pool with my husband and I saw this gentleman swimming towards me a smiling. A bit strange , that in water , everyone looks different. I moved away thinking there was someone behind me he was smiling at , as I did not recognise him. He stopped, stood up, and said he was sorry ,he had not thought as he was so glad to se me. Time had gone on, he told me how comforting the readings and connections with his wife were. that he wanted to say thankyou, for that and thankyou for the future messages, including the one where he would meet someone special very soon, when he was ready. He had a new love in his life and was so excited to let me meet her as she knew me too. He had moved house and begun a new life with his new lady.
Many spirit people become ‘friends’ as well as those here on the earthplane. It is fasinating and moving work. I never cease to be amazed.