Working with radio……………


Working With Radio

One of my favorite media’s is radio. It began quite a while ago. I first worked with BBC radio Cornwall, when I was invited to talk about my work , and some of the things I was doing, like writing my first book, and giving a work – shop at a mind body festival that was coming up that summer.

I was with david White and he also let me give him a reading live on air. It was a most wonderful experience as I also uncovered a secert during my reading. A happening that he had, at the time , held away from public ears. I saw a lady in his life who was very special to him and there were big celebrations coming up during the year. He kindly let his listeners know what i had seen. His wedding. Did I wear a hat? Yes, just like Cilla Black, I like hats.

Then at another time I worked with our Lawerence Reed, for over an hour on a phone in. Headphones on my head , the listeners of radio Cornwall gave me questions, I had to answer, with my guides help.

Some were health issues, where I always refer people to their G.P., as you would, but I can give practical advise, send healing to them and help over some issues as I have done nursing too. My guide has been known to give me some help to help those who enquire. I find hope is often abondonded by many with long term illnesses and it should not be, I had one myself that I overcame so, hope is very important as is love. Spirit guides often can see the end in sight of suffering of illnesses or problems and give me words of comfort to help others.

Others were romance, sometimes looking for romance others trying to get rid of it. If you know what I mean. Friendships , working situations, relations,etc. The questions came and as Lawerence and I sat there the hour turned into a little longer and was enjoyed by all. He is a lovely presenter and we have a bit of banter between us which is all good fun and , I hope enetertaining.

Spirit activity was another I recall that came in that day and I ended up going to see that lady a while after the show.  My husband stays at home these days when I am on radio because people phone me when I am not there , so he can aswer them. I think they forget I am in the studio and that I cant be at home too. Vince is a healer himself and a very caring person . He works as an upholsterer by trade and he listens to the radio everyday as he is working.

One Sunday a while a go now, in the middle of summer, when I was out gardening in my garden. I was filthy. hands full of earth from planting out and the phone went. I was home by my self and ran to the phone. boots on and mud on the floor.

Hello, I said. Hi there Gayle . Said a voice. It was Scott Mills ,producer in London. A lovely man. He said they were looking for someone ,like me who could become regular on the show for a while to predict the charts. All fun of course. Plus any other issues that may come up to a similer theme. Could I do it? Yes said I. Could I start that day?

I had about half an hour to get going and had not listenend to the charts for years, so it was pure clairvoyance. I saw colours given to me by my guides as I concetrated. I got hints of what kind of music wnet with the strange names I had never heard of and some that sounded as though I knew them. I am a grandmother and the days of bopping are limited now.Though i love to dance when I can and so does my husband. Pop to ballroom. I got a feeling if a record was going to get there or not and I had done this when i was younger. I had a knack , you might say.

When i worked with Scott it was fast work, with little time to think so I had to concetrate really hard.

One day I answered the phone in and amongst a family dinner party, a birthday treat , as i wanted to do the show , but equally didnt want to let my family down or look to important. guess what they all thought I was joking. My family not the radio.

Then there was the week I was already to anser the phone, now having got used to the routine and low and bwhold the phone did not go. It was time and nothing was happening. man we forgot to plug the phone in that morning from the night before. Can you believe that. On discovery, I rang the radio station and said Hi. All was well they had put in some jingle and waited to see if I was around.

Radio Atlantic a new station in Cornwall is a bit like radio one. Appealing more to young at heart. I was invited to give a paranormal investigation of the station like I had done for BBC radio Cornwall, and theres another story. It was fab. We all got on famously and the story went out on air. It was also fasinating what i picked up. More in my new book.

Pirate Fm in cornwall came to my home and interviewied me. A young presenter who was also a scientist. A non believer of the spirit world. however he was very nice . Called Duncan. By the time he left he was converted to new beliefs as my guides gave him evedence of things around him and happening that week – end. He was moving into a flat with his lady love. He nearly fell off his chair.

BBC radio Belfast, interviewed me for most of one morning after I discovered a bottom pinching ghost at a local public house, on an investigation done in public hereabouts for the first time.

Radio Brisbane Australia also picked up the story and rang me to talk them through my work and what was going on and the strang thing here is that my sister lives in Australia in Cairnes, had the radio on and heard her sister, me, on it. strange but true.

Spain followed with the radio station for English and the headlines hit world news which led to my first, no second T.V appearence.


I was filmed walking through the public house and holding a eance there for the news. Both BBC and I.T.V.

I love radio it is so here and now. I love the response from the listners it is like having a live audience when you are on stage but of course often you cannot see them. Through vibrational energies of course there is no distance with spirit work.

I often work here and there with radio but of course i would love my own show. Where I could talk to other mediums and clairvoyance and of my experiences and my guest. Where I could do phone ins. I have got my own jingle all ready to go.

I do visit our community radio St.Austell bay, once a month. Here I talk about my latest experiences and past ones. Of places around the area where there are ghostly happenings or places of interest to visit, and feel energies eccetera.

They are a great team who have worked hard to achieve this local station for a lot of people to begin carrers in media or just share lifes experiences . Music. Poetry.Local news. Sport. Plays. Spiritual happenings. Magazine on line.The list goes on.

There have been other stations I have also enjoyed working on but i have named several for you here. I just love radio. T.V and newspapers and magazines.

I aqm available for all of these. I also have many stories of interest that have happened to me during my life and work. Just contact me, if youhave any enquiries. I will be pleased to help you.










Radio St.Austell Bay…On Air today

Radio St.Austell bay ………….. On air today
The rain halted for a while, so this month I walked into the radio station without getting wet. The new sign hanging over the wall looked great, it makes the station look more formal, and as though it really exsist. I was greeted by Sue of The Par Girls who are on after the breakfast show. We made ourselves a cup of tea.
It was time to go into the studio as Spirit in the sky was playing. Gwen was ready to read the news and I got posed to talk about the new paranormal evening at the Par Inn, on September 17th , 7pm – 10pm, tickets £5, on sale now, 01726 70786.  An evening of spirits of the other kind……….. not the drinking kind….. though of course there will be plenty available behind the bar.I have found a vortex of energy, that needs clearing, and we will do this togeather  as a good experience, feeling the energies of the room before and after and dowsing, a first ever done in public, as far as I know. I have dicovered,
a monk from the 15 C, who would have lived in the area. I have  evidence of a monestry having been around the Par/Twyadreath with a tower, that one of my monks (that came through while I worked at the St.Austell Brewery) has given me. What would be good now would be to have historical fact to go with this now. So if anyone has any thing, please let me know.
Then theres the water energy………… leading back to when boats came up the river to where the pub is and The Slough Inn.. a neighbouring public house many years ago.
When I lived at Par in the 1970’s the roads were dug up for piping to be changed and you could see the rings were boats would have been moored up all along where the Slough inn was. Fasinating. The contaminated earth below the pipes were also blamed by locals for a rather viscous bug that upset many peoples stomachs at the time but there is another story.
With graham in the chair , this morning we talked about feeling healing energies with Dennis , and Yaz ,while I demonstrated healing on Dennis who had never before felt the energies or felt the benfit of healing. Dennis felt very calm and sleepy but then was he just tired? Not according to dennis. It was so nice that he felt the warmth from my hands as I put my hands several inches away from his hand hovering over the area. How did that feel Dennis, I asked. really calming he replied.  Well you cant get much better results than that. Healing live on air.
The Aarati event was also talked about once more, as it really is not far away. Tickets now reduced to £15 per person instead of £25. This is also for all the talks and work – shops given on the day. Not forgetting my mediumship demonstration at 2pm in the marquee.
There will be some acustic music throughout the day , some spontanious with anyone joining in who would like too. Then at the very end of the day we are looking at singing some mantras togeather, to aid positive vibrational energies and healing for everyone.
It is hoped that this will be an annual event. Not forgetting all the stalls that will be dotted around the field for your purusal and of course private readings available all day from myself.
The colours of everyones auras tin the studio today were revealing their mood and indeed their need of healing in some caese. On my departture as Pauline of The par Girls came in i noticed in her aura a lot of healing blue energy and my guide drew me to her stomach area were she had been unwell all week – end. Was i right? yes pauline said, "I have been really poorly all week – end with my stomach". Heres send her some healing healp.
Yaz , a young girl in her twenties who sat next to mw had seemed most familier to me. How old was she? Well she was older than the sixteen years she looked and we talked about looking younger than we were. I was like Yaz, often mistaken to be many years younger than I am, a big advantage now.
The topics changed and Yaz spoke of the band saucey jack that her mother had sung in. Her mother had been a  friend of mine for many years and we had sung togeather , worked togeather and been frinds. It was hard to swallow that she had died a few months ago. I had known she had been ill. During her life I had lit candles and said prayers for her often. Lwsley West also sang as a solo artist and she will not be forgotten. A kind woman who helped as many as she could. I send her much love and light and still light candles for her as she so loved them. Here I was with the wonderful opportunity to work with her daughter and , I know we will be working togeather soon. At the Par Inn as a starting point. Lovely girl.
So until next time , and Sheilawe did miss you but hope you are enjoying a few days to you. God bless, and see you soon.  Gayle.

Atlantic FM radio show on July 27th 2008

Tune in and be a part of this show. Victoria and I will be talking about the work of clairvoyants/healers/and mediums.  As well as having a phone in for all your questions.Not forgetting Aarati, the festival of light August 31st, which we will be talking about with the organisers very soon. You may be moving house, wanting to know about a new love in your life, ask about a health issue or problem,see if you are going to win the lottery, where you are going for your holiday, will you emigrate, is your relationship going to work, ask how loved ones in spirit are, how many children will you have, are you psychic, are you indeed a healer or clairvoyant/medium, why not tune in and give me your question. My guides will be working hard to give you answers. It is almost like instant tea or coffee, but I am so lucky with having worked for spirit for such a long time that the energy is fast and I can help you on air. Or you can book a private reading at my sanctuary in St.Austell.
Not forgetting my healing day each week, Tuesday, from 9am – 8pm.
Have you got spiritual activity at your home or a place you visit regularly? Or have you got a plce I can hold a ghost walk. Then let me know on air and we can talk about it. That would be great. All activity is different. Some can be loved ones trying to communicate to you , some can be spirits that love the place and are attached to it, so enjoy being there. Thats when you ‘see’ people walking around the property. I recently visited an old house that was for sale as my husband and I liked the sound of the place.
When I walked towards the door there was an elderly lady( in spirit) just coming through the door , she saw me and smiled. I realised she was communicating with me , as she asked me if I wanted to come in. Then , she asked who I was. I was taken a back for a mo. I then began talking to her and my husband asked who was with us.
She showed us around the house quite happily. Then I became aware of a male spirit around, who was her husband. He had left the earth plane after she had and was looking for his wife. I was able to link them togeather, with the help of my guides. They have now left the house and moved on into the spirit realms togeather. Which was lovely.Maybe there are spirits present at the radio station. We will see.
If someone who was not aware of their energies had moved into the house , they would have at some point noticed the smell of the ladies cooking and her movements around the house. He, the husband was only in one room of the house and he gave off a disturbing air because he was disturbed. He was not threatning in any way.
People often say to me , we have something going on in our house/home. Not always sure how to describe it. So dont be shy, if you have a problem, or a question, give us a ring on Atlantic FM on July 27th on the breakfast show. Thank you.This a place of great interest to me. Port Elliot. Has several ghost in and around the house. The other photo is me at the St.Austell Brewery doing one of my ghost walks, next one October 31st 2008. Tickets now on sale, £10.00 per person.

Radio St.Austell bay, July 7th 2008

I am back on the breakfast show on this Monday coming, with our Sheila, ready to go go go, with the radio phone in show. If you have any questions for me , then please get on line between 9am – 10am. You can listen on air on 105.6fm or on line. This week I will be talking about some of the happenings I have encountered when working with live audiences locally. It is always great to help you all. I had one particular happening as I was working at Culiford Lake, a while ago. There I was in full swing giving readings from stage , when a man appeared (from spirit) on a motor bike with his leathers on , took off his helmet and wanted to contact a man called Dereck. I knew where the energies were going but no one seemed to want to take this man. He reved up his bike and flew past me , and stopped again. I am here he said and gave me his name, let Dereck know I am alright. So I gave off the message, but no one came forward. I had to thank him for joining us and let him on his way. Three days later my phone went, guess who was on the phone,……… you got it……….Dereck.
Then recently I was giving church service in St.Austell, and as I was concluding the evening a lady came in from spirit, who said she was Mandy and that a man connected with her should continue his cooking. Several wanted to take her but it did not fit any of them. After the service a man came to me who was new to our work. I can take Mandy, he said , in a quite voice. My son’s lady took her life recently and that was her name, he needed the encouragement to continue his cooking as he wants to be a chef and was debating as to what to do. So he got his answer and the man was so pleased that Mandy was reached, and that was was able to communicate to them.
A friend had lost her sister recently, (which i did not know), and during the evening a large bunch of flowers that  were brought in by spirit, drifted in front of me for ages, they would not go anywhere.  They were the flowers that she had choosen to put on her sisters coffin. I stood there describing them and then the vibration energy took me to my friend who had been sitting there all evening. Her sister was so pleased with the flowers and she wanted my friend to enjoy some too.
A young child ran up the asile at one of my events, (a spirit child). The child was looking for a relative that was in that night, and found her. Though emotional the lady had waited many years to know that the child she had lost in infancy was indeed being looked aftered by family and was doing fine.
Animal friends are another spectacle we see a lot. Often with cats , rabbits and small creatures on laps, birds on shoulders and dogs walking up and down the asile or sitting by their earthly owners.Many will thank them for their loving care , received on the earth while they were here.
I often ‘see’ peoples auras as I work and at times I do a round of as many as I can , giving off the colours and their meanings. It goes very fast and the energy that builds up makes me very hot.It also often makes the audience hot too.
Upliftment is the key to auidience times to me. Of course it can be emotional. We are human beings dealing with our losses, but we must remeber they are all but a room away from us. May God Bless each and everyone of you.   

St. Austell Bay Radio Station

St.Austell Bay radio Station
This is a community radio station, which has many people from the St.Austell area sharing their talents and gifts on air. It has been up and running from January 2008. Today I was on air talking about the St.Blazey public house findings,of spiritual activity ,when I did a paranormal investigation as part of a DVD that I was creating for Circles of Light Productions. Often when being filmed or portrayed as a clairvoyant/healer/medium many are seen to be activley producing quick answers and instant phenonomens for the camera. It is true that a lot of our spiritual work is in the quite and would mostly make uninteresting filming for most, but a great deal of time is spent in feeling energies of spirit and communicating with them. Many are just ordinary spirit people or animals , some are strange characters or just different.
Then there is the imprint of past scenes or pychometry film like scenes that with the help of our guides we can unravell why we are being shown that particular scene or person.
It is fasinating to work with those who are interested in the paranormal as  well as those that are  new to the idea. At the Cornish arms St.Blazey I held a ghost walk and paranormal evening. Part of which took me outside , in freezing cold winter weather to ‘see’ and feel the energies of the ghostly horse and carriage that passes through the aera several times a month. My guides told me when and that was why I held the ghost walk on the night I did.
Sure enough the horse and carriage turned up right on time, and many of the audience was thrilled to feel the energy of the speed of it’s arrival. A bit like standing on the station and feeling the train draw in. There were no riders or people to be ‘seen ‘ but many knew how many horses had jioned us and even the colours of the doors of the carriage. fasinating.
Alongside the public house runs a ley line. It is not because the pub is there but because the church is next to it. As it often runs, churches are built near or on ley lines, often actually where two ley lines meet and on top of hills.  Plus many churches and pubs are next to each other. People often came out of one establishment and into the other.
It was at the Cornish Arms location that local newspapers and national became interested in my findings as I encountered a bottom pinching chef in the kitchen area. So yes some spirit can touch us. The news soread and it hit world news from England to Australia , Sain to India and Ireland. several radio and T.V stations came along to talk about what had happened and our local T.V southweat even filmed the seance that  took place in the cellar.
The Cornish Arms St.Blazey had a flitter of fame and some travelers came to visit all the way from Australia. There is of course a bed and breakfast facility there also.
Today the ghostly spirits are still there . All but the ones I had chance to help , and rescue them, helping their energies move forward into the spirit planes where they shoud be. This is sensitive work. It would be interesting to go back and help others who need to move forward and to give  blessing of the establishment. Sometimes a place needs to have a cleansing. To lift energies.
Once a month my husband arrages a musical jam night on a Tuesday, at the same place. The energies certainly rock then.
The atmosphere is lively. However the ghostly figure of a man who loved the place in his time still frquents the bar area. Even though this public house has changed it’s bar area several times during my life time.
So if you want to feel the energies of past times at the St.Blazey Cornish Arms, pop along and spend some time there enjoying the other form of spirit. Mines a brandy and lovage.

Another Update of St.Austell Radio Station 2008

Here we are again….with news of the strat of St.Austell radio Station. Your local radio communication is now beginni8ng on January 28th 2008. All exciting stuff and i hope you will join me as I have some spooky tales to tell. As the weeks go on I will be there to answer some of your questions on air, on a phone in. Other wise you may like to have an appiontment and recieve a private reading or healing. Not forgetting any paranormal investigations etc.
I also am available for work – shops, talks, demonstrations of healing and clairvoyance and mediumnistic skills. Groups and audience. I have my own formula for a complete evening of the paranormal, so that you can join me and enjoy some spooky time with me.
The radio programme can be found on 105.6FM. tHE BREAKFAST SHOW between 9am – 10am. Tune in with me then………