A relaxing cup of tea and cake, followed by a meditation for world peace. I am also looking for everyone taking part to wear the colour blue to enhance the energies of healing,which is most powerful. There will be a feather healing session  and learning how everyone has felt during that session.  It is  felt that it would be a great opportunity to have a photo shoot by Atmosptheric Photography as part of the afternoon session. This will give you all some lovely photos to share on your facebook or profiles. It starts at 1pm through to 6pm. A relaxing entertaining spirtiual afternoon. If you have written an uplifting poem or prayer about peace then you are invited to read it to us during the afternoon. Venue is The Sanctuary in St.Austell Cornwall. This is the beginning of an annual event. There are limited numbers so please book early and not be disappointed. Tickets are from Gayle on 01726 70786.


Gayle Force with the Paranormal Experience Event at the Cliff Head Hotel. July 23rd

Copy of DSCN4229 Copy of DSCN4228 Copy (2) of DSCN4219 Copy (2) of DSCN4224 Copy of DSCN4225 Copy (2) of DSCN4225 Copy (2) of DSCN4248 Gayle Force Ornage candle 2012 Mathew Gayle Force singing bowls , mathewThe Paranormal Experience is on July 23rd 2014. An evening of Audience Readings, Seance, Paranormal Quiz, and Psychic Art Demonstration. If you have never been to aparanormal event before let me tell you this is one of those where so many suprises often happens ,live on stage. Gayle has over forty years experience working with her spirit guides and loved ones. Her readings have been given world wide and she is known to be very accurate. Psychic art is not often demonstrated but Gayle has a strong link with her guides and she finds that once the pencil has been lined up on the paper it goes all of it’s own accord and she watches as the picture evolves letting you ,the audience know what is going on. Each piece is then related to a member of the audience and when completed is signed by Gayle for the participating person to take home as a gift and memory piece.
The seance is not sacry but it does bring in energies that many will feel. Like heat and cold temperature changes. Loved ones joining in and giving messages to you. Links with the hotels past even ,as Gayle says, she has worked here befor and amazing things took place, including photographs with orb enrgies in them. Which reminds us, please bring your cameras ,as you too may capture the orb energies on your photos. Spirit energies that want you to see them proving their exsistence.
The paranormal quiz was developed by Gayle several years ago , a great starter to her events ,with a little laughter and fun to begin the energies connections. There are also prizes for those with the most correct points.
There is a lovely ambiance at the Cliff Head Hotel in St.Austell with plenty os seating and space to meet your friends before the event. The table settings will be large round tables all ready for the seance to come.
You can also enjoy a meal or drink as the evening goes on. There is plenty of car parking space around the hotel. For those who want to stay and enjoy anther day or two in the area there are rooms available. Not forgetting you could also book private readings at Gayles Sanctuary in St.Austell over those following days too.
It all starts at 7.30pm ,on the evening. Tickets are £10.00 per person. Bookings on 01726 70786

Paranormal Investigation in your home

Paranormal Investigation in your Home/Office/Space
Bump in the night, footsteps up the stairs, whistling down the chimney, conversations you can hear but cannot ‘see’ anyone, objects moving, something landing on you that is not there. You know the thing. It can be scary. Lets face it , it is not an every day occurance. Or is it?
There are many reasons some of us are more suseptible to spirit sounds/feelings/movements than others. It often means you are sensitive. Then why is it happening around where you are? Again there are many reasons but lets explore some of them.
It could be you have just moved to a new/different property to you. You may have been decorating or changing the way the house walls are.  Maybe the house/place has always been haunted and as you have just arrived the house is making you welcome. the past dwellers are happy you have found the place/house. So in their excitement they are disturbing you. It does not mean there is something wrong.
On the other hand you may be going through traumas in your life or deep changes and your loved ones in spirit are letting you know they are there for you. Sometimes people feel they are touched, or feel some one is there. Of course this can be the prsence of angels too.
Sometimes however spirit occupants in a house/space are not happy with the changes you are bringing to the place or simply not happy to share their space with anyone and it is then we really have to work hard and ask them to leave and move on into the spirit realms were they are meant to be.
This is not a harmful process , it is done with love and light and often healing to help those that are trapped/ stuck to the energies of the earth plane.
Sometimes it is energies that need lifting or cleansing that for some reason have stagnated. I have noticed over the years that electrical appliances in great numbers in a room or house being used all the time can create a vortex of energy/ or negative energy which can attract lower entities. Once when working in Devon I came acaross this.  Water energies flowing under ground is another force/ energy field. The list is endless.
What ever is happening there is always help at hand when I visit your house/space to cleanse the energies/spirit activity.
A visit usually last about two hours, could be a bit less or more. It is good to have the occupants presence when I am there working. If it should be a piece of land, not so needed.
It is better for things like T.V , Computers etc to be swithched off as I work, if possible. That any children in the home go to granparents etc.
I need to concentrate on the job in hand. Pets are another distraction. We can say hello but then it is best they are removed from the area I am working in.
Some energies can be unstable and once working with them I need to communicate with clarity. Most of which is done telepathically/on higher levels.
It is serious work that my guides have prepared me for , over many years of working.I am previledged to have such wonderful spiriual support. It is so good to be able to help others.
My first paranormal investigation was my own house back in the 1970’s when all the spiritual people I knew could not help me and I had to sort it out myself. I can tell you I was fed up with all the activity that was going on.  A childs footsteps that regularly came upthe stairs , stopping at my bedroom door. Until one night the spirit managed to switch the light on. My purse being moved regularly, to a different place than I had left it, and very strange dreams.
A darkness that over took the front room as I looked out my window, in daylight hours.
Giggling at any time on was on my own. A strange smell that frequented the dining room. All happenend regularly at different times. It was only me that picked it up at first but my husband saw the light go on, all by itself and sat bolt up righ in astonishment when it happened.
So a lot going on. I had holy water sprinkled around and prayers said out loud. I had the local spiritulist come along and do their bit. I had a medium , and a gipsy.
Nothing moved it. It was more and more obvious that this one was for me to sort and part of the beginning of my pathway of ………. paranormal investigations.
I asked my guides for help and guidence and it came. The knowledge has been with me ever since and the house was laid to rest. I have even met it’s present occupent who has told me the house has such a lovely feeling about it. Plus she is a healer, and a lovely soul. How strange.
Years later I learnt of the history of the house and the surrounding area.
A lady had lost a child who was around five, a little girl, while in the house. A woman had also lost a child when givng birth. The house had belonged to a lady of the night. I had lost my son in that same house. He died at the tender age of five months. A lot of the strange happenings were happening around that time much more than before.
During the months that followed his death I began developing more on the spiritual levels.
My daughter was only four at the time, but that house breathed it’s own history.
 Eventually I left the area and the house leaving behind a garden full of herbs and shrubs, and an ex husband. The new owners liked the herbs that I grew and several plants are still there to this day.
My experience has evolved over thirty odd years now and many paranormal investigations have become an oppotunity for others to experience in public places.
It is a golden opportunity for others to learn. Could be your establishment next.
I have done public houses, manor houses, theatre’s, churches, and many more.

Paranormal in Tenerife

Paranormal in Tenerife
I dont suppose everyone has paranormal happenings on holiday. Not even mediums. Well we arrived in Tenerife for our holiday this month , and as we entered the apartment I felt an energy in the bedroom. The usual twin beds with minimum furniture was in the room. It was on the fourth floor of a block of apartments with a cafe next to it and a road where traffic whizzed past it. The kitchen come lounge area was lighter and more airy. You could hear the traffic and the sounds of people partying in the cafe when we were getting our cup of tea and landing after the flight.
It is always disorentating when we up sticks and go on our travels. We live in a quiet place with a large garden around us. So to begin with these places alocated for holidays are very strange to us. We have tried hotels, villas, apartments, caravaning, and even living out of a tent for a week in our holiday destinations, not forgetting bed and breakfast places. So we have given many things a go. Of course nowhere is like home but most places lack the tranquility that a holiday needs. Or at least to most of us , who work in busy life styles the rest of the year.
So there we were, getting to grips with the apartment. I said to my husband, that there was something not right about that room. In any case we decided we liked the quiet of the lounge sofa bed and it was double. So we took the bedding out of the twin beds and made ourselves comfortable there.
We went out for an evening meal, and then back for an early night as we were tired from the journey. Looking forward to the beginning of our holiday we settled down to sleep.
Not long in the night I was woken by traffic zooming down the road, voices trailing in the distance and the sound of my husband snoring. Whatever had woke me I was now awake and I lay awake for hours before finally going into the twin beds I really felt uncomfortable with.
I was really tired at this point, as you would appreciate and thoughts of home were in my head. Here we go again, I thought. A holiday. I had so looked forward to this one especially after I had been unwell.
I had dropped off to sleep. Next thing I knew I was thrown without ceromony, out of the bed and flung into the lounge area, where my husband was sound asleep. A spirit energy had thrown out of the bed and I stood up dazed and confused, in the early hours of the morning. I returned to the sofa bed and my husband. I then was woken by another spirit , a lady who was as solid as you and I to look at, looking out the window with her back to me.
I had had enough and decided to help these spirits in the morning. I had a cup of tea and finally got some sleep.
We woke around nine o clock. After telling my husband what had happened, I was also reminded that he had slept right through the happenings , which was not like him at all.
He was consered and worrried and I explained I had to do a clearing in the apartment and possibly the area. I worked on this after breakfast. The whole process took time and there were layers of spirit energies that needed moving and rescuing.
Days later we met a tai – chi instructor and clairvoyant who confirmed what I thought had happened there. I had gone in tired and unaware there were problems there. The spirit energies that needed a helping hand had seen my light. They had waited a long time for a helping hand and were rather impatient when they were disturbing my sleep.
Impatient or excited of getting help? Will we ever know? I know one thing I did my best to help them and was glad to move out of there for the rest of my holiday. Only to go to another set of strange energies and once again was put to work. Though we were happy to move to our rented villa in the last week. Sunshine, sand storms, mosquito bites, garlic bread and red wine. We met up with some of our lovely friends and met more.
At the tai – chi class we had a meeting with Dennis, the owner of a very special retreat . When we were working there with the tai – chi center, a painting crashed to the floor. It was a shock to all the group. Was this another entity?
We have been to Tenerife many times before, and Lanzorote, Grand Canary, and La Gomera. Each island has it’s own energy, my favorite at one time was Lanzorote then it altered and Tenerife ‘s energy was calm. La Gomera has a calming energy, full of magical sunsets in valley van rey. One large hotel , some apartments. We have done both. Though I recommend the hotel.
It was when the moon eclipse happened. Many of the locals had a huge paryty on the north of the island until the early hours. We saw the whole eclipse. I shall never forget the fabulous experience.
We have met magical people from many nationalities, from English, German, Canarian, Dutch, and Spanish. We have given and recieved healing and readings. Enjoyed a special massage in La Gomera with a German lady who is so spiritual.
Where ever you go in the world you will meet some lovely people. Often like minded. With so much to share. The warmth and welcome of these people is a real treat. For me though, I have to say the appeal of the islands in general has worn thin over the years , so I will look else where for my next holiday experience.  .


It never ceases to amaze me the clarity of the messages that come through from spirit. A loved one is going to be wanting to communicate with you. Sometimes I find they want to tell you a little about their passing and how they were at the time. Not morbid, just some facts. Then many give me their name to identify themselves or a memory of a special time when they lived on the earth plane. A memory that you should recongnise. Only this week a Mother ,of a troubled young woman came through , gave her name, her interest in life, her need to have read more whilst here. How busy she had been and where did the years go. She also indicated this lady must take more care of herself and have some rest. That she had cared for her while ill.
Then another , a man, came as he felt he had not done enough for his loved one. He really could not have done anymore. He was still exhausted from the caring he had given her. Grief can at times play tricks on the mind and this man thought his loved one , who had appeared to let him know she was alright, was not really there. Of course through tuning with her she gave these messages that she was often near by and that he had seen her.
What a relief , he said. He thought he was going nuts. It was comforting to know this was indeed real. The smell of her perfume filled the air as I continued to tune for him. This lady gave such wonderful evidence of her new exsistence in the spirit world he began to smile.  Had he been talking to her photo? because this was a strong connection and she drew near as he talked. Yes was the answer he gave me.
Another reading was on relationships. A young mother of three children was really upset at her husband was  having an affair and had left her, and the family to cope without him. Was he to blame? Did it matter? There are always two sides to relationship problems , but we must remember that there is life after any situation. Often a better one than before. Often filled with more contentment, love and trust. In the depths of dispair we all seek to know what the future holds. Our guides are there to help , but not interfere. They are there to encourage and show the way forward in many ways.
Readings can be the tool for tears to be shed. Then you must shed them. Let them flow. This is often your healing beginning.
Maybe the reading is for the answer to your job quieries. Many have been given help witht his. When guides and loved ones in spirit join forces to help show were your gifts lie. By using your gifts you may find more satisfaction in your everyday life, of earning a living. Or just following  a different pathway than you anticipated but you have been guided towards.
Once upon a time I had a reading , in my teens , that told me , one day I would work in a place with windows all around me. I worked in a double glazing firm , but I also worked in an art studio come shop. Both had the widows around me.
I always had a little laugh about that one but one clairvoyant told me , I would wear three rings on my finger. I thought , engaement, wedding and eternity. No it was three marriages.  So at times even a clairvoyant can see things differently. There is usually an answer to what we have seen and many of my clients have told me what things have meant or mostly confirmed what I have told them. One thing is for sure our messages get clearer as we go through life. Improving all the time. Our guides our there to help you and so are your loved ones. If you experience moving objects in your home , like a mirror moving as you watch it. If you have a troubled mind. Why not see a clairvoyant or mdeium, they may have some of the answers. In fact most likely they will.See you soon. I give private readings ( at my sanctuary),internet readings , postal or groups. Audience, in halls, theatres, hotels and private homes.

Hey there has been a shift in energy

Hello Everyone…..There has been a shift in Energy
Interestingly there has been a shift in my spiritual energy after my health problems. I have been busy back at work. With a paranormal investigation, readings and healing. Also the new radio station of St.Austell Bay, here in Cornwall. All exciting stuff. Although I have always been used to seeing spirit, it did take me by suprise when I began to see a lot of my animal friends in spirit as I was recovering from my angiogram.
I felt their comforting energy and saw them around me. It was quite something.
My spirit guides also brought me a lot of special friends to make sure I got moving and had good company.  From my tai chi master, to healing friends and even some old friends , as well as family members. Believe it or not I have worked most of the way through. The link with my spirit guides has grown to an even better level of understanding and clarity. I have found that some of the connections that used to happen only at very needed times are there to tap into when ever there is a need. The need being from the subconciousness of the client not a need of mine.
The healing team of guides and helpers have shown themselves to me yet again,but are now making themselves known more often and communicating on the clairvoyant and mediumship levels, as well as the healing levels. Interesting.
This has been a part of my work for a while now. There are many times that clients have worked closely with me and my guides through life changing health issues. Some have been dignosed medically with life threatning problems. It is then I have worked with the client on a regular basis , giving healing and getting feed back from the client. It is amazing as always how much the power of healing can help in these situations. As we all know healing works on many levels. The energy of my voice at the end of a session (sound – healing) often radiates around the clients whole body. Giving a feeling of a deep relaxed state. This sound also brings in many eutheric colours as the client lays with their eyes closed.
The finer tuning of the spiritual energies has affected the gifts of healing,clairvoyance, and mediumship. Everything has leaped forward to help those who seek.
The voice of others loved ones often join me as I work with medium readings,(loved ones who have passed over), appearing in the room beside me much more than ever before. There is an uplifting , strong healing energy that has filled my sanctuary. There for all who visit to enjoy the benifits of.
Yes all of these things have happened over many years of working with spirit. Though of recent there has been a definate shift of energy , as I have been getting better in myself and my work has got back to normal.
I have seen lights flicking off my feathers , for example when I was cleansing an aura, recently.
I felt a client who was dignosed with a serious health problem was going to be fine. A voice of one of her loved ones in spirit , told me during a reading. The result , after several test. She is fine. Lovely lady.
My guide told me , I was going to be alright. I heard this voice several times. I also saw angels join me several times. I was calm and comforted many an hour. Cool air surrounded me in an over heated hospital room. I found I could breathe much better. I eventually went off to sleep. I saw a lady who had come into the hospital ward , walk with the angels and then return. She sat up the next morning smiling and drinking her cup of tea.
All these things have happened at some time during the years of working with spirit but now the messages and the healing seems more intense more clear, more accurate. A shift of energy.
I have once again been working with my monthly group, this time the spirit guides came through with a most powerful meditation. Everyone was relaxed and energised by the experience. Long may this energising experience continue.


Menacuddle Woodland has been a part of my life from whenever i can remeber. The Higher Blower house was formerly part of this wood. As people appeoached the holy well, that is still there, bent pins were thrown in the waters awaiting the previous bent pins thrown in by others to collect yours and bring you good luck. My father  told me this and demonstrated it many times when I was a child. I , like many others gazed at the waters waiting for the other pins of ledgend to collect mine but never saw it. My father said he had at one time, and haveing seen it once wanted to see it happen again, but we never knew if he was joking or not.
Today coins are often left in the waters for good fortune and healing rags are tied to the tree outside. The whole place generally has a calming atmosphere. One writer fely Mena represented the word sacred and Cuddle the saint of St .Guidels. Though there are no records to be found of this saint , I have heard of this before.
The waters that run beside the well and through it are known to have remarkable healing powers. These waters were used for baptisims and Victirian matrons recommended the drinking of them for good health and many ills.
The waters run clear but their powers are attributed more to their mystical powers than to any particular mineral or clarity.
The beautiful gardens of the wood land have stood the test of time. One of my favorite Magnolias of big white flowers still bloom each spring there.
The greenery and floristery of the wood is abundant all year around, full of foilage and flower. From Chestnuts to mosses.It was the beginning of May when I took my meditaion group with me one evening to explore and enjoy this sacred space. It was dusk and we had brought blankets and lanterns with us and flask of tea. Our group have been working togeather for many years and we like to visit places at times, of interest to us.
We crossed the small bridge that took us over to the holy well. The energy here suprised me as i had always remembered the place light and happy, it was feeling heavy and there were many spirit people there looking like they were hanging around waiting for us.
A real feeling of being observed and watched was felt by most of the members of the group as well as myself.
WE decided to leave this area for moment as some of the group were being affected by the energy . Going back over the bridge to the Witches Chair , which is made of granite and has been there since I was a child. No one else in the group had ever been to this place before, even though many lived in St.Austell.
Daylight began to fade as we each sat in the witches chair to feel the vibration. The energy was changing again , or was it just that we were sensing something in the woodland.
We gathered around a piont on the grass and laid the blankets down to sit on to go into meditation. We all could feel spirit entities drawing near us.Telepathically I began to communicate with the people I could clairvoyantly see. At the same time leading the group through what I was doing and taking them into a deeper state  into the meditation. I asked my guides for help with those spieirts who were coming closer for us to help them. It was becoming a rescue and we had not planned this. The atmosphere changed and our guides appeared one by one beside us and then a shaft of light broke through the darkened sky above us.
Healing angels surrounded the group and I could see the sprit soul leaving the woodland and going into the light. from a heavy atmosphere a lighter one began to imerge. All of the group were sat eyes closed and silent. Some animals also came towards the light and jioned the other spirits who had gathered around us.
A few of the group began to fidjet but stayed where they were listning to a prayer I gave. Then a thankyou to our helpers and guides, for being with us and helping those who needed help. I got up with my singing bowl and went all around the group and played it cleansing the area as I did so. We all naturally finished the meditation/rescue with an Alm sound. Our work was done. Or was it?
It was felt , by most of the group that we needed to go back to the well and clear and cleanse the area and bring a better energy to the place.We had seen angels, guides and spirits this evning. A lot of activity.
As I crossed over the bridge to the holy well I saw clearly a man in a hat , like the 1950’s era. A couple coming out of the holy well in marrage clothin, and a mother with a baby. What I felt as I eneterd the holy well was an awful heavy atmosphere, so bad I had to come out and ask for more protection before going back in. The group linked togeather and we all stood close to each other, hands held, ready to pray and cleanse this lovely place , of which i had such fond memories. The spirit people outside , watched in anticipation.
A shower of golden light filled the hole well space as we said prayers for its energy. The lords prayer was said aloud by us all and then the shaft of light we had previously seen in the meditation again filled the space we stood in. It was like standing in a strong magnetic field and a gusty wind at the same time. We all stood togeather. Everyone experienced this strange phenonomen.
Several of us had felt isck, several of us had been touched by spirit. We also felt washed out. Something unusual as a group that has worked togeather for quite a time. We re – formed outside. Investigated the tree filled with rage tied to it for healing of ills. then we crossed the bridge and went back towards our cars. Stopping to say a thakyou to out wonderful guides and finishing the evening with a prayer and a cup of tea from the flask.
It was quite an experience and the group felt we had been drwan to visit here for the purpose that we were used. To help those soulswho needed to move forward.
What we did not know at that point was , there had been a fatal accident , that day , on the road, just above, you guest it, the holy well. Checking the energies were right I used my pendulum to show the group and it whizzed out of my hand , never to be found.
We had lightened the energy at a sad time and also lifted the energy of the whole place. I have not been back since but I am sure the time will come as this is one of my favorite places.