Sunday Service St.Austell Church

It has been great to start the new year with the Sunday service in St.Austell. Many who attended had messages fromt heir loved ones an guidence from their guides. I love many hymns , and it is a great plaesure to me to be able to choose some of my favorites for the day.
The opening prayer, given by myself, asked God for guidence in these troubled times, and then concluded with sending the healing energies out to all those in need.
The reading was given by my mother, Margaret, who had written a poem on the newness of the year and how we could help one another.
I found that an appropiate piece from  The Book of Dyas by an American author, suited the evenings theme. Along with adressing the congregation with thoughts of positivty. That by being positive in numbers we send out the right vibrational energy to bring about change for the better for all.
The hymns were sung with gusto and raised the energy for the readings to begin.
I found tat I had been already receiving messages from my guides and angels that had drawn near.
they had come amongst us and thrown colourful lights refecting the healing around the center.
Many had interesting messages during the hour of mediumship. It was a lovely atmosphere as always. Many there had been friends for many years and there were also new people who had been drawn to come in that evening.
In particular one lady was shown a boat that had been in her life before and that once again she would go sailing. Her face lit up at the news and her husband was nodding in agreeance. Had I given a secret away?
A youg man had his gift of healing brought to the forftont, as he needed evidence that healing was indeed his forte.
A lady who had lost her son many years ago joined with her and gave her lovely evidence of being there.
So many New Year messages. I took a sip of water as my throat was getting dry. More messages came and as the close of the hour drew near suddenly my guide brought this all to a stop.
Closing hymn and prayer was done. It had been an uplifting evening and many came to tell me so.
So keep positive , even when things get tough. As there are better days to come. As the winter evenings draw out think of spring and summer to come.