Talking about ‘Beautiful’ Roman mummy found in Egyptian oasis – World News – MSN News UK



‘Beautiful’ Roman mummy found in Egyptian oasis – World News – MSN News UK
Egyptian archaeologists carrying out excavations at the site of a planned youth centre have found 14 tombs dating back to the third century BC, including one with a female mummy covered in jewellery.


Talk at our center

It is always interesting to see friends display their talents and one of my dear friends who has been part of my closed circle for many years , Keith, gave a talk at our ceter last evening. He ,like me, enjoys art . The audience was thrilled and they were all relaxed as he demontrated his skills.

It was my pleasure to introduce him, and give the opening meditation , that was chanelled by my guides as always.

several people spoke to me after the event and expressed their joy , of the uplifting meditation that was given.

The figure on the right side of the picture is Kieth but as he moved it looked as though the camera was saying we were receiving a demonstration by a spirit. Which of course is what we all are, inside our earthly bodies. Though really he did not move that quick, and funny things do happen to cameras when you are amongst like minded friends. the other picture I took only minutes apart was quite normal.


Working with Radio

 Radio St.Austell Bay …………… …………… 01726 65566 …….105.6 FM
Greetings to all. Radio St.Austell bay is now just over one year old. Celebrations took place at St.Austell Rugby Club. Many of the volunteers got together to enjoy an evening out chatting and listening to the locl band music provided.
Each first Monday of the month on The Breakfast Show, I will be talking about different aspects of my work as a clairvoyant, medium and healer. Showing how this is a way of life , working with spirit guides and helpers.
It really is not that abnormal and those who work with spirit have not always choosen to do so.
There will be stories about happenings in the St.Austell area and places of interest where you the listener can visit and feel vibrational energies for your self. Throughout the year I am available to take you or your group to many of these places for a small charge. It can give you a chance to meditate  and explore the place with a qualified medium, which would be a good experience and a learning on spiritual matters.
One such place is the top of Trethurgy where on many occasions I have led a group around the walk were the stones are. Here you may feel the energies of ley lines. So powerful that you can actually get a sensation like a small electric shock. Though rest assured it wont harm you. the there is the circle of stones. When a group of stones have been laid , it is inevitable that they create an energy. These are stones I am having great difficulty in finding more iformation about. I would love to know when they were put there but my research has not given me any more information. So if you have and information I would really like to know.
Water energy often creates the right ambiance for a meditation, and there is  plenty of that here. With seating created by our local authorities.
It is said that the St.Michael line runs through here and that is no suprise as the feeling here is so healing.
Keep an eye on my diary and there will be a chance as the weather gets better to join me on a walk here. A gentle half a day walk and experience.
The studio of the radio station lends itself to communication vibrational energies and it is being enhanced each week by all our radio friends, with many subjects debated and enjoyed, amongst the daily music.
Last month I talked about the long standing stone of Penrice. I have lived in St.Austell all my life and a neighbour told me about the standing stone. Run around it seven times she said and hear the devils footsteps.
Just for fun and with anticipation my husband and I ran around the stone with the amusement of onlookers across the way. Did we hear the devils footsteps? No but I guess like us he heard our hearts beating like mad after all that running around, especially as neither of us is twenty anymore. Laugh? Did I laugh.
Anyway, there are ancient barrows under the ground from most likely the bronze age. It is not known why the stone was put here and it would have taken as many as thirty or more men to move it.
Some say it is the devils walki8ng stick. Strange how the devil keeps coming up with this one. maybe we should have a moonlight visit and amass meditation to feel the errie vibrations .
It is strange but the nearset granite sourse is about a mile away, and this great piece would still have taken some shifting, but what if the piece was just underthe ground here or even just thrown by th earths forces back in time and there it was. Where oh where has imagination gone? I have written about it, taken photos and will be taking my pastels out and sketching very soon. maybe you would like to join me.
The shape of this giant is like a Mother standing with her child Think mary and jesus and you will get the outline. Yes you will honestly.
Also around my travels locally I get invited to investigate some of the areas public houses to see what is there. Even some people who have never experienced ghostly goings on’s, seem to get shapes and mist etc in pubs. Why you may ask.
Laughter, music, chattering and movement of so many earthly souls can attract spirit souls to them. A love of a place where they have frequented while here can also be part of the answer. A murder. A love story. All sorts.
You will hear me once a month on the breakfast show on St.Austell radio, between 9am – 10am. You can phone in and ask me questions while on air. I look forward to hearing from you.

What , Snow in Cornwall

From misty mornings and snow mornings, the weather this week has certainly been varied. The cold wind left us today and there was a calm feeling in the air as i walked around the park land today. This is a walk I have done for many years now and often see friends , that I have made on a regular basis. My husband was at home today , as we are putting the roof on a room ready for more gatherings of groups at our sanctuary.
While he was up on his ladder the phone went and a voice shouted, I just heard a bang.
My husband thought , oh dear I am being to noisey, early in the morning, when he realised it was a call for me.
The phone then went dead and we have no idea who it was. This week has been one of another phone call that said, You do speak to the dead , well dont you? My husband happened to answer this one to. As we answer the phone to whomever is nearest. My wife does he said. the phone went quiet and he heard footsteps running. Then it went dead.
Another phone call said, I want to book a Sunday lunch please. My husband now on a roll said, Can I come too? Only to have the reciever put down. He did ring back and apologise, it just all happened on one day and we had to smile.
They say we are having more snow soon. Peraphs it is the weather changing so much that brought this on , or is it full moon?

Wishing All A Happy Christmas and New Year

New years are new beginnings. Go with your instincts and follow your dreams.New years let us create our world once again , and gives you a chance to let go of the past and get on with your future.
New Year is a special time for lovers and for family and friends.
It can be a very magical time of the year.
Let it be your magical time.
Let us pray togeather that the world recieves peace amongst it’s nations. Healing amongst it’s peoples.
Peace with  the natural kingdom.
Peace within each one of us.
Then carry that peace forward to love one another.
There will be times when this seems unreal but it is within the hearts of men and women across the world.
Go where your God takes you.
Be at peace within and your God will be sharing that peace and tranquility with you.
Trust the world of spirit to help us in our pledge and then trust each other.
This is a message from my guide ……..
Running water…………..
Love and Light
Gayle Force


Gift Vouchers

I am often asked if I do gift vouchers. The answer is yes I do. It can be for anything I do from an event to a personal clairvoyant  reading, healing, aromatherapy massage, sound – healing, work – shop, talk, medium reading, or meditation.
My vouchers begin at £5.00 and you can spend as much as you would like to give to your personal reciever.
I often have a range of lovely cards to put the voucher in to, or you can just recieve a voucher and choose your own card.
The choice is yours. Just enquire on 01726 70786 and we will discuss what to do next.

The paranormal Investigation at Par Inn

Paranormal Investigation at Par Inn Par
The Par Inn was built in 1814 by a ma called Joseph Treffry. It was originally used as a dwelling. It went on to become an office for the harbour clerk. William West, the mine engineer had it as his home. In 1850 it was leased as an ale house.
The first land lord was Johnathon Hoal , who remained there until 1871. In the 1920’s my grandfather would have delivered beer barrels there and he later became a cooper for St.Austell Brewery and at one time aided the recipes for the beers. Talking of family I have had a lot of my family work for the brewery over many years and one retired only recently.
Brewery smells of malt and brewing were familier to the Par Inn back in time when malt was used from the malt house at Par Lane.
Here is another conection for me. I lived at Par Lane in the 1970’s. It was here I did my first paranormal Investigation there  and regularly saw the spirit of Miss Belmont who on the first Friday of the month finds her ghostly spirit walking up Par Lane as she collects the rent from the fishermens houses that are still there.
To me the history of the area is fasinating. I have once again picked up 15 century monks from spirit when I was investigating the public house a few weeks ago. A local historian has given me more evidence of there presence and their frequenting the area around the pub.
Ghostly monk figures have been seen walking from the Par area across where the sand banks ran near the Par beach and waalking towards Fowey.
I am writing about events in the area and in St.Austell, for my book. This will be a fasinating story to fulfill. The rest will follow . Watch this space as the stories unfold……………
More about last night event very soon.