A relaxing cup of tea and cake, followed by a meditation for world peace. I am also looking for everyone taking part to wear the colour blue to enhance the energies of healing,which is most powerful. There will be a feather healing session  and learning how everyone has felt during that session.  It is  felt that it would be a great opportunity to have a photo shoot by Atmosptheric Photography as part of the afternoon session. This will give you all some lovely photos to share on your facebook or profiles. It starts at 1pm through to 6pm. A relaxing entertaining spirtiual afternoon. If you have written an uplifting poem or prayer about peace then you are invited to read it to us during the afternoon. Venue is The Sanctuary in St.Austell Cornwall. This is the beginning of an annual event. There are limited numbers so please book early and not be disappointed. Tickets are from Gayle on 01726 70786.


Pencarrow House and Gardens in Cornwall

Pencarrow House and Garden in Cornwall
Snowdrop Day 2010
It was interesting that the Snowdrop day was giving to the Shelter Box charity this year. a much needed cause. There were many cars as we approached the driveway to Pencarrow. Vince had been hearing all the news on the radio all morning. I had thought it opened at 9am but it was 11am, a far more civilised time for the Sunday late breakfasters.
For photographing the early morning light can be magical and i was diappointed it was open at 11am, but off we went with camera’s in hand and ready to see the Snowdrops and anything else that was in bloom.
I spotted the Witchazel tree and the knarled tree amongst those we enjoyed as we had a walka round the gardens.
the weather was kind to us all and people poured in from all angles, but i managed to get some fabulous pictures without people and with nature showing itself off.
Peacocks strut in the grounds of Pencarrow, but I did not get a photo today, maybe later in the Spring when the climate is warmer I may get the perfect shot with their feathers up and looking georgous.
We had to have some photos done amongst the trees and hey, they looked great.
Snowdrops nestled in and under the stump of the tree that sheltered them. Known as the Snowdrops of the soul of the lady who loved them who lived in the house.
I always love being around trees so this was one of those opportunities that I had to enjoy, to photograph and unwind.
Pwncarrow has a lot of land that is often open to the public including a Victorian groto. The craft shop is full of Pencarrow connected photos, art and books. as well as other places of interest .
I have included the photos taken today  as follows.

The weather, what a dreadful summer, but it could be better soon

What a Dreadful Summer, rain , rain, rain.
THe flowers droop as their petals fill with water. It was not long ago we were looking for rain but were is it going to end? The potato crop is ready for lifting but what will I find in the saturated ground. Tommorow I hope to get outside and find out. The garden is bedraggled the people are bedraggled. Colds and bugs floating around like no ones buisness. It feels like winter. The fire goes on.
Though I have been told by my guides that summer is on the way, as late as September/October which are going to be great. So off with the wollies and on with the swimsuits. Time to get into the sea around St.Austell bKeep smilingay again. So put away the brolies and forget the makintosh, on with your sandels and have a day off.Keep smiling…………….

Just loved these inmages on a friends site


Quote Just had to show you all this image on a friends site. Similer to Cheddar Caves in Somerset in England and wookey Hole this photograph came from America. Just showing that there are caves all over the world that look similer. Though I guess this one is much larger.


I needed to get some gardening done

I needed to get some gardening done
Isnt life strange? I knew I needed to get out in the garden and plant some of the vegtables and seeds as the spring season was flying past. The weather had been colder this year than for many years.  Where do the days go?
Spring cleaning was also high on my list as I settled down on the computer to write my latest columb.
It was our musical jam night tonight and I often had the previlage of opening the evening.I sing a few songs and then we go into Jamming .
I had been tired from the week – end of having the grand children, but had found some energy to enjoy the evening.
On my way home , I got out of the taxi and caught my heel in a pot hole in the ground. I went flying and ended up fallen on my face, needing stiches.
It has been horrific, the shock and all. It has taken over two weeks before I could get back to work.
Each day sfter the first three, ( when I spent most of the day sleeping off the shock and anescetic) I did a little in my garden.
I planted seeds. Pricked out seedlings. Then over the last week – end, planted potatoes, raspberries and cabbage plants.
My husband bought some new fruit trees and got them planted.
Then there is the grass to mow,the paths to sweep. I found I had drifted into a different consioness, out in my garden. It had helped me forget my wounds, and see the beutiful things around me. It was very healing.
The bees were buzzing , the butterflies courting, the birds singing, and next doors cat came in to say hello.
Bliss. I guess I had needed grounding. My face is healing very nicely and my energy is returning.
The garden is growing in the down pour of this mornings rain. Well timed you might say.
I have always been a gardener . I grew up with parents and grandparents who gardened. It is here I feel closer to God.