Talking about Bee on the yellow daisy

I was delighted when this photo came out so well. we had a topic of daisies for my art class and I was looking at doing a white daisy but loved this so much I just had to takle it. I began with pastels and really enjyed the flow of this medium. I then tried another medium in the afternoon. water colour. The difference between the two was quite tremedus. An enjoyable day.



Bee on the yellow daisy



I was out over the week – end getting some gardening started. Seeds had been planted about three weeks ago. The Sweet peas, wild flowers pack, and cabbage. Along with some lettuce seeds and poppies. Some of the seeds were small and others easy to see and lay in the pot or container. I love this tims of year. the weather has been sunny. Which is unusual for this time of year. Nice to see the daylight sparkle around the indoors but even better to enjoy the warmth of the greenhouse as it warms up in the afternoon.
So there I was potting and then cutting some over grown branches in the garden. I then collected some leaves that had fallen from the Palm and noticed how this years flower buds were already beginning to fill. These plants give a heavenly perfume as you walk around the garden or indeed the perfume wafts into the kitchen early summer.
Some of our guest in the bungulow book in especially to enjoy it’s perfume, having once experienced it.
Brusing the paths was another job outside, after the birds had decided it was time to take the moss off the roof tiles looking for grubs. The moss was all over the pathway.
Picking some Daffodils for the vase was a most pleasant pastime on Sunday. I took some in to the church too. they last so much longer when you grow them yourself.
The bird bath needed a clean and change of water. It is like a list that goes on in your head.
Even the need to water the tubs and planters that have blooms and buds coming, as there has been little rain and they soon perked upafter they had some of the water. i had earlier put the cold tea from the tea pot over some of the plants too. they love that. A bit of plant food there too.
I spotted next doors cat, who has become our little furry friend. He decided to say hello, and stayed around for quite a while.
Birds bathed in the bath and drank the fresh water.
I do hope I see more bees this year. I have often thought about bee keeping. It seems a lovely thing to do. Must do some more reading on the subject just yet.
So it was time for tea. My husband had been so busy that like me he had forgotten the time. Is’nt that nice. Contentment you see.