A relaxing cup of tea and cake, followed by a meditation for world peace. I am also looking for everyone taking part to wear the colour blue to enhance the energies of healing,which is most powerful. There will be a feather healing session  and learning how everyone has felt during that session.  It is  felt that it would be a great opportunity to have a photo shoot by Atmosptheric Photography as part of the afternoon session. This will give you all some lovely photos to share on your facebook or profiles. It starts at 1pm through to 6pm. A relaxing entertaining spirtiual afternoon. If you have written an uplifting poem or prayer about peace then you are invited to read it to us during the afternoon. Venue is The Sanctuary in St.Austell Cornwall. This is the beginning of an annual event. There are limited numbers so please book early and not be disappointed. Tickets are from Gayle on 01726 70786.



Yesterday it was a cold morning at seven am as I walked up the road to my viewing point to capture the sunrise on my camera. This was not the first time I had done this but I have been trying to get there on time for ages to get that particular peculiar pink that lights up the sky on cold frosty mornings. My hand holding the camera soon got cold and I was changing hands over and getting the other in my coat pockets. Dog walkers that I know passed my by with a curious look at my camera holding. Another runner went pass swiftly as I progreesed to the hill and view point. It went quiet from people , which was what I was hoping for as I like to concentrate and enjoy the sunrise energy as I shoot.
I thought I must get my husband here with me one morning and have the sunrise as a background for his lovely face.
There are seats on this walk and I stopped at one of them just to get a look through the camera. No too low. I had to stand by the gate at the top or as I walked down the familier pathway. A man in one of those disabled carrages with his dog passed me and we greeted each other in the early morning. He had seen me over the road bridge area he had said, and wondered what I was doing. Then he spotted the camera. " Not out with the husband today" he said. I explianed I was photgraphing the sunrise and that it was about to happen. he did not seem interested but I am very child like and every sunrise to me is exciting. I have watched many, at different times of the year. I know I am not alone, as many of my friends have told me that they too enjoy the sun rise.
It was standing there alone at last that I drifted into a meditation, which I will share with you.
From previous experience I know the movement of the sun from summer to winter and autumn to spring , as well as how quick the sune rises.
For a moment I stood in the quiet absorbing the energies of the morning. When meditating outside you have to be aware that people can inturpt your meditation so prepare yourself over time to come accustomed to movement of people and animals.
Coming into the quiet of the morning bird calls and the gentle movement of the wind, I let my mind clear before taking my pictures. the cold was really affecting my concentration with my hands holding the camera and no gloves on.
I lent aagainst thehedge and just postioned myself so people could see me but leave me alone.
Gently I found my mind energy float way above the clouds and i was flying out to the coast where I could be nearer the sunrise without interuption. A thought came in to my mind, could I take photos here in this space. I knew the answer was no, as it is for the mind energy to experience not the physical body.
The beautiful; colours of pink brushed with a golden light was enveloping me and giving me clarity of mind , creative energy and healing.
I bathed in the clours before coming back to normal consioness.
Waht a treat.
I was still in the quiet of the early morning and the sun rays were peeping out under the piece of land that juts out into the sea at St.Austell Bay, with the gribben showing in the ditance. Home to me.
As I gathered my self , I realised the sunrise was about to happen in front of my eyes and I felt a need to move nearer down the pathway to greet it and to get the best of the photos. there were clouds int he sky out to sea and around behind me so I kept checking what was happening light wise with the clouds. It is often when you get the pictures for "every cloud has a silver lining" phrase. The clouds were giving me pink against the blue, it was exciting. the darker clouds stayed dark behind me and I thought there maybe rain but it tured out to be snow later in the morning, which was the second bout of snow for this winter season.
Rays of pink stretched out from the brillient pink around some of the clouds out at sea. Click , click, the camera went and then she rose. A mass of moring light on the horizon . breath taking. As I clicked away , in aw of her beauty I stood for a while just absorbing the enrgy of the sunrise into the sky.
I guess most of the people I saw wondered what I was doing, but hey, I know how much I enjoy this natural phenonomen, and it happens everyday., differently.
I share with you, my reader, some of those photos. ENJOY.

Get the Healing experience at my Sanctuary in St.Austell


With winter approaching fast we have all got to think about the viruses and coughs and colds. So before nature strikes and leaves you suffering with the latest bug , why not make an appiontment with me on one of my Tuesday healing days and have a healing session to balance you energies and chakras. A balanced mind , body and spirit fights off cougs and colds so why not give it a try.

Become part of my personal experiment and if you bring a friend I will give one of you a complimentry healing session on your next visit. So a bit like buy one get one free, I am doing a survey on those who book to fight the bugs. Seeing how the healing balancing can aid wellness against the viruses of today. Just mention it when you visit me.

As with lots of therapies and even medical help , we often need more than one session. Though sometimes it can be all you need.

I usually recommend at least six sessions over a period of six weeks. Then as you are feeling better and you are more finely tuned you will find once a month for a while and then top up sessions help keep you balanced.

We get unbalanced by everyday life. From the stresses and strains of life to the constant battle our bodies are in , fighting viruses and bugs. Healing can help you achieve that balance as well as regular meditation. All these things are very real and painless ways to help you keep and feel well.

Each Tuesday I hold a surgery for healing in the quiet  ambiance of my sanctuary. Where you will be made welcome. All healing is given on my aromatherapy bed where you can relax and let the stresses of the day disappear. The music plays gently lifting your soul and energising your being. I then work around your body in the aura field to help you as the healing energies flow around you.

The sounds of my singing bowls will take you to a further depth of consciousness and then, my voice in the sounds of olms to raise your vibration and lift your energies far above the problems of everyday worries and cares.

Many have fallen asleep as I work and there is nothing wrong with that.

Over the forty years of giving healing to people and animals on a regular basis, I have seen many cured of their ailments. Sometimes when other methods have given up on them. There is always hope and always a chance of getting whole and well again even in the most desperate of cases. We are in Gods hands.

I have also seen people ways of life change , their thoughts have become more pure or there is a sudden understanding of things they could not see before.

A man once came to me for a constant headache. a headache he had had for years. He went to bed with it and woke up with it. He had healing regularly from me when he had heard of my work with spirit helpers. He came for healing for several months and the headache diappeared when he first woke up only to return again later in the morning. The man had his own answer but could not see it.He was in a unhappy relationship but had found happiness else where. He could not find the way to complete the happiness and sort his life. Six months later he rang me. His headaches had gone and so had his bad relationship. Thank you he said. Because without the healing help he would not have found the strength to sort his life.

A young woman could not keep her pregnancies. They aborted after afew months. She came for healing after her mother recommended me. Healing took place on both the husband and the wife although she came more often. Within that year she got pregnant and today the lovely little girl is growing strong, and another baby is on the way.

Another lady with already three children came because she wanted another and she and her husband were not being succesful and tried everything including I.V.A.

Within a short time of recieving healing her mind , body and spirit had balanced and she was carrying twins. Both of whom are now five years old.

A woman believing she had cancer came during test  for breast cancer. She was convinced she had it as she had the signs and her mother had had it. Her energy was pure around her aura and there was no trace of cancer colours in her aura. I could not smell or see cancer around her. Not convinced she opted for healing. Three months on after several scares she was eventually given the all clear that I had saw in the very beginning of her visits.

A friend going into hospital for heart surgery has been helped by healing in the preperation for the operation.

My mother recovered much quicker because of the healing energies that was given to her. Even the doctors commented on her recovery.

When I had a major operation after the trama of an ectopic pregancy when I had been sterilised for eleven years , my wounds healed to the point that doctors could not find the scar tissue without haveing it pointed out. A back problem was healed with the healing hands of healers, a musle spasm condition that could not be healped by the medical proffesion other than with pain killers. how was I suppose to work and carry on my life that way. I am now fine and have been for several years now. Healing is as old as the hills. We are healers by gift of the gods not by a learning. However many of us are taught and shown thingsby our wonderful spirit guides and at many times that information has saved lives including my own.

If my guides had not indicated I was prgnant when I was sterilized I would not be here today. Ectopic pregnacies often lead to death even in the 20th centuary believe me. My guide after I went into meditation told me I was pregnant. Still i could not believe this after months of paind and hardly able to walk as I was after all sterilized. So my head could not get around that one. I went to my doctors and feeling rather silly said my guides tell me I am pregnant, ( I was 38 years old and had had two children) he nearly fell off his chair. Then dialled the phone to admit me to hospital. What a shock and it was scary. I was very lucky I was believed and my spirit guides saved my life.

Helping people or animals or even plants is a serious thing.

It is the health of that person, animal or plant. Healers are not looking to take the place of the lovely medical proffesion , as after all they are healers themselves. What is nice is that healers are accepted in helping someone get better. Sometimes with the medical sometimes without. Healers are here for the good of all . Why not give healing a go.

Your session with me will take about 45mins to an hour. The cost is £30 a session. Phone for your appointment on 01726 70786 or e – mail on

Sounds ,and healing with your name

It is interesting that spirit tells us that we choose our name before we enter the earth plane. Or before we are born. It may have been suggested by our elders or loved ones but it is there in the eutherics ready for our arrival. Which brings me to my name.  I began life with the surname of  Blight, now the surname has six letters. Then my name changed to Davies, again six letters. Then Burdon, again six letters and then to Taylor again six letters. Interestingly my surname sound has remained pretty much the same. On spiritual sound waves. Which is good as our names help to keep us balanced and nourished and healed. This means that when our name is said we recieve a healing energy . A connection being given from earth plane to spirit.
Egyptians long ago believed that a persons name recited with prayer could aid the healing of that person. Plus when a person passed into spirit , the name was recited to keep the memory and help them into their rightful place in spirit.
Our names spoken softly and with love can lift the energies , and again aid healing. Why not try this with a loved one who is unwell or feeling a little low.
Group therapy with one person recieving the sound of their name said, gently and with love has often shown a positive reaction. So simple but rarely practiced.
Think of the joy of recieving a friend or loved one into your home that you have not seen for a while. Take note of the sound of your voice as you greet them. Your voice will be full of joy , hold on to that joy and send it out to your loved ones just by , saying their name.
Peoples names are put on healing list, often spoken out loud to aid their healing and added to the healing prayer. Prayers are answered.
Have you ever noticed how some personalities go with certain names. A bit like reading the star signs but not quite.
I worked with a group of like minded people a while ago on one of my work – shop days.  Amongst that day I showed the group how to softly and quietly say one of the group members name for upliftment. To chant the name of another group member. Both responded positively.
Another experiment I like to share is the sounding of an ‘alm’ as a group and as a individual. It is amazing the energy that this sound gives on positive and healing levels. How every group and individual can say/sing this sound and get such good results.
I often sing an ‘alm’ after a healing session. To conclude the session. To lift the energies as far as possible. Many have responded to this energy. Seen colours. Faces of loved ones in spirit. Tranquil places. Even musical sounds , as though from angels. If any of my clients are reading this please give your experience , as an add on .
As well as your name being important so is the way people say/sing it. It can affect the way you feel.
So next time you say someones name , say it with love and kindness. You will be amazed at how that person responds to you. Indeed how the world responds to you.

Are you streesed?

Summer is here and I know that most of us would rather be down the beach than in an office. The clouds are fluffy white and the blue, blue sky, reflects the colours in the sea, or was that the other way around? The gardens are getting overgrown and it is time to relax. So make the most of your days off, as it does not last forever. And de stress.
One of the things that may really help you on your way is a healing session. A chance for you to have some special time recieving the healing energies to balance your mind body and spirit.
So many people have said to me over the years , that they wish they had discovered the healing energies long before they had. So maybe now is the time for you to discover this wonderful gift from the gods.
Our chakra energies often need a helping hand to balance. As illnesses and emotional times can leave them so unbalanced and healing takes much longer.
Healing can help on all levels , giving those going through emotional times a helping hand. Those having physical problems will find healing helps restore the balance and aids healing.
Loss of a loved one in spirit, loss of a way of life we are used to, loss of a job, or even a home can be helped by healing.
When we are more balanced and healthy, we can make decisions easier so our life becomes better, and we dont tend to keep making the same mistakes. Strange but true, healing helps in many ways.
I have noticed how relaxing a healing session is and so have many others, that is why healing is often seen as a therapy.
Some health issues take longer than others to get ‘better’. Not all get there as a quick fix , in one session. So we have to learn to be patient.
I have recently had a gentleman who , after a healing session slept all the rest of the day after he reached home. His pain took a while to be affected but he slept. Sleep is healing. He found this a bit of a mystery though.
Gradually he began to notice that his pain was reducing and then he noted that he needed less and less painkillers during each day. Then his quality of life began to improve to such an amount that he remebered to tell me what effect the healing was having on him.
A young woman came to me as she was having difficulty concieving. The next step was more operations to aid her. She had heard of a friend who had visited me and later had twin girls.
So she came along with her husband and they both had healing. I find that if both can come along it really seems to help, plus it is a good relaxing experience for them. Within a very short time the phone went and a baby was on the way, confirmed by our lovely medical proffesion.
A phone meditation to Tenerife with healing energies being sent throughout the phone meditation. Assisted in the couple having a lovely baby only a few months ago. Why does healing help in these situations? Because it brings balance into their lives and healing is there to help you heal.
Trying for a baby is a tense time if you are really on edge about it. Let it happen narually. Take time out to enjoy the process. Love is the key too. Have a holiday. I laugh here as me daughter was concieved on holiday back in the 1970’s, it was that hot ,hot summer. So ladies beware it is good temperatures for concieving.
Healing helps pain deminish and there are many pains where painkillers seem to have had their day. Or the side effects cause other problems. I know I have been there.
I hold a surgery every Tuesday and Thursday , at my sanctuary in St.Austell. That is for humans and animals.
Your session would take about an hour. Where there is no phone or interuptions. Just the soft sound of music and the few sounds of sing bowl and bells, with a little voice energy. Gentle touch on your feet, knees, elbows, shoulders and head. Then I work away from your body in the eutherics. Nothing to worry about , just  relax and drift away to where ever you want to, until I gently bring you back to reality. It is a wonderful experience. I have been working for over forty years, just imagine the energies that flow through me, built up over that period of time. 

I ended up in a hospital bed

From a Holiday Location to a Hospital Bed 
If I am perfectly honest with myself and you,I had had several pains in my chest when my mother had her heart operation and at stressful times over the last five years. There had been many times after a virus had got me that I had become short of breath, but then I am no longer twenty, as I heard myself say to friends and family. I might add here that i am generally full of beans, can walk for miles, swim, run, do the garden, run my buisness and a home, all with out too much of a problem.
I have suffered restless leg syndrome at night time since my ectopic pregnacy in the 1990’s. Hot flushes to extreame witht he menapause. A tired feeling at times , like someone pulled the plug out, and taken your energy. Though none of this prepared me for what happened a few weeks ago.
I was on holiday in Madiera. The climate is of course very hot. The air quality not great. From the bus city of Funchal to the manor we stayed in up and away in the hills. Quinta da Bela Vista is a fabulous place to stay. Tranquility amongst an island that seems to have building everywhere you turned or roads that are so busy they keep you awake.
My husband and I had needed a holiday. England had not had a great summer. Plus we had been very busy.
Before leaving I had done a big event and felt my bags would never be packed.
In reality a pair of shorts and at shirt is not enough to wear on a holiday. We had rested at the Quinta da Bella Vista. There had been plenty of chance for that. A swimming pool that lured you in. People to chat to. A jacuzzi. Beautiful food and plenty of quite spaces to read a book, both inside and out.
So we rested for a few days,enthralled with the place and it’s atmosphere. then we began to explore. We walked down to Funchal, in the morning ,before the sun rose to high. Taxied back as it was so hot and a ditance away.
 We visited the botanic gardens. We rested. I had noticed I did not feel right. Then one day on the walk we had done , I could not breathe well. We had to have a taxi back. After resting and evening meal I felt fine. Slept well and carried on.
he days that came close to the end of the holiday though gave me an imppresion I was not well.
The day we began our journey ome , the bus that picked us up flew around all the roads like a maniac and by the time I got to the air port I was really shaken.
We boarded the plane and the journet was good. Then we got to the car park for our car and I felt strange,not quite right.
By the time we had got home to St.Austell my breathing was not good. I could not concentrate on anything else. I could not walk well. It was really freightning.
I became an emergency patient at my doctors surgery.
I needed oxagen, asprin, and a great deal of help. I was having an angina attack. It felt similer to a heart attack. Then there was the trip to the hospital in the ambulance.My husband was with me all the way. All the medical people were really brillient.
Within an hour I was more stable. At this point no one knew what had happened to me including me and I had to stay in hospital to be sorted.
A strange world hospitals at the best of times. Eventually I tried to get some sleep. Which eluded me and most of the patients as one of the ladies in the ward coughed all night. Poor soul.
The experience was also spiritual. In the night I saw the same as the lady who coughed all night. Under my bed was a bright light that seemed to grow as the night went on. A guiding energy that was protecting me. I also saw two angels that appeared as I was drifting off to sleep. the lady across from me was a clairvoyant. The lady next to me was a WI member that knew my mum. Aother was a pianist for the church she belonged too. It went on.
The next day the WI lady and the pianist and I sand a hymn togeather in the ward. Love Divine All Love Excelling. Another lady told me I would be fine. I could of course see how they all were going to be, and it was all good stuff.
I was desperate for a sleep and to go home. So next was the tread mill test. I got through it with the help of the talkative and kind staff. They said they had loads of lorry drivers who come through their doors. It was a change to have a clairvoyant.
The parting witht he ladies on the ward when I left for home with my medication in hand was so warm we could all have been friends for years. I will never forget them.
Or the ambulance man who was so kind. The swift work of my doctor. The hospital staff. The dinner ladies.
All light workers send healing light to all hospitals and vetenary places. Plus many more places to help those in need.
I am doing well and need some more test. Trials and tribulations. Think if you are readings this and there is heart problems in your family. Get your cholestrol checked and your blood pressure. Look after your heart. Get exersise and rest each week. Dont get too stressed out. Stop and breathe. Take care. 

Have you had your cholestrol checked of late……..or blood pressure come to that?

Dont leave it till later, get it done now
My mother had a heart operation around five years ago. It was a shock to us all as a family and also to learn that other connections like the strokes my father had, was all to do with the cardiovascular system. In plain english , it meant we had to all go and have blood test to see how our health was.
My mother, bless her soul, has fully recovered from the operation. It what a trumatic time for us all, and she was so brave as she went into surgerey that morning. All she wanted was that I would be there, and her partner in life , as we had lost my dad with the many strokes he had suffered, a few years previous. I prayed for the strength to help my mum, and did all the things my dad would have expected of me, including staying with her almost ten hours a day on the first two weeks of her recovery. It was not easy and I had several chest pains during this time , with what I thought was pure stress of the situation. Her partner and I stayed at the lodge near Deriford hospital, in Devon, and my husband came to and fro everyday to support me. My sister and daughter did their best to visit when they could but they were on the end of a phone all the time if I needed to talk or whatever.
Healing , prayers and group healing from my church friends were sent everyday to my mum.
On coming out of the operation , I gave her healing as she was not coming around as expected. Her partner in life thought I was mad but I continued and her colour suddenly came back. The surgeon who was watching this , said, " Whatever you are doing , carry on, it is working". Emiotionally watching her response I did continue and she came around enough to say goodnight before , we all went to bed.
An angel was with her as we left and I felt better when I saw the arrival of the angel.
So you may wonder why I did not take heed when mum kept on about getting my blood pressure done and cholestrol. Well I did eventually, only to hear both was high. Could I control it with diet? Well possibly was the answer. Some people can control cholestrol with diet and the bloodpressure follows. However due to family circumstances it was not good. I spent the next three years or so noticing that I did not feel well a lot of the year. I checked my diary and noticed I often was tired, not myself, had headaches etc etc.  The story went on. My healthy colouring seemed to go. I was always busy with my work. So really I came last, and after all I was now fifty something. The menapause had took it’s toll and my husband and I are the same age and often said how we noticed we were slowing down. Though where I could not see. I managed almost full time work, running a home, a garden and having hobbies including photography which took us on long walks. All good healthy stuff. So I was bound to be tired, was’nt I?
We both have a healthy diet as I cook fresh, and mostly organic food, and grow some veg too. The word organic became a household word with us. With phrases like ,"Gosh that was good, and , didnt that taste better, it’s organic you know". but it really does taste better the fresher your food is. Plus the benifits are great. I grew up with a midday meal and I dont care what anyone says, to me it is more balanced , to have a meal midday and it can help if you are an irritable bowel sufferer.
So I had a tooth out in April and things went teribly wrong. I nearly died. The injection I had went into my blood stream instead of my gum area for local anaesthetic. I had become giggly and my legs felt like they did not belong to me. I mentioned it to my dentist , who assured me I just needed some more anaesthetic. The pain was bad , and the tooth took some pulling out. I had never ahd problems like that before. I had a reaction at sixteen to a certain type of injection, but felt confident as this was on my records. Was’nt it? No, somewhere it had been lost, but I had told the dentist how I was feeling. Apparently , I had classic signs of an injection gone wrong. Anyway to cut a long story short, i nearly died in the night and ended up at the emergency doctors room soon after I came around. I had felt like I was slipping away. I could not move my body, I could not talk, I just felt heavy and  my breathing was shallow and my colour had gone, I was laying on the floor and my husband had his fingers on the 999 phone number as I suddenly came back a bit. I had pains in my chest and my breathing was shallow hours later , still. Thats when I saw  the emergency doctor. He was horrifierd at what had happened and suggested pain killers to help me and to help any swelling that was happening in my throat aera and moth. I slept a lot for two weeks as I recovered from this ordeal. I lost loads of clients, as I was to unwell to see anyone. On my next visit to the docktors I had a blood test and lo and behold it showed I had another underlining problem. High blood pressure and cholestrol. Not a suprise really, I had suspected this for a while. The tooth problem had emphasised the whole thing. However if I had not had the problem the rest would have gone on longer not being attended to.
With the help of medication, that has to get determined if it is right for me or not.  I am feeling better in myself generally. I am sleeping better, my head is not so strange, several things have been noticable like my colour is better. I feel more me , for the first time for years. All little signs that things were definately going the wrong way. So if you are over forty and you dont feel yourself and there is a family record of heart/stroke/blood pressure etc in your family. Get your bloodpressure checked and your cholestrol and diabieties. They all go togeather when the body is not coping. Please dont leave it till you get an heart attack.