A relaxing cup of tea and cake, followed by a meditation for world peace. I am also looking for everyone taking part to wear the colour blue to enhance the energies of healing,which is most powerful. There will be a feather healing session  and learning how everyone has felt during that session.  It is  felt that it would be a great opportunity to have a photo shoot by Atmosptheric Photography as part of the afternoon session. This will give you all some lovely photos to share on your facebook or profiles. It starts at 1pm through to 6pm. A relaxing entertaining spirtiual afternoon. If you have written an uplifting poem or prayer about peace then you are invited to read it to us during the afternoon. Venue is The Sanctuary in St.Austell Cornwall. This is the beginning of an annual event. There are limited numbers so please book early and not be disappointed. Tickets are from Gayle on 01726 70786.


Another Bank Holiday week – End

My garden…………….It is fabulous………….So lucky to have one
I have been very lucky in my life, with gardens being very much part of it. I grew up with a garden and parents who loved to grow crops of food to eat and share with people. As well as the lovely flowers.
As a child with a sister, I enjoyed the home made swing my father had built for us. We had hours of fun on it and so did the rest of the community. We played on the lawn, made rose scent, and took soap to clean the paths from the kitchen sink, thinking we were doing a good job. Though I never worked out who pulled of the Peony heads just as they were about to flower. It must have been slugs as I have had it happen to me. I have tree peonies as well as the bulb like ones, in my garden.
It was a large garden that I took on when I first got married in the 1970’s. I designed it with the veg plot near the house and the green – house , made of plastic near the lawn at the top of the garden. The herbs were also near my kitchen window but I could not resist putting some flowers there to , to enjoy before the herbs flowered.
I had another garden years later after I divorced and moved home. It was pocket size and to grow vegtables I had to incorporate them into the flower borders without my second husband noticing, as he thought I was a bit strange doing that.There was a garden at the back that became enclosed as we had built a garage. It was private except for the neighbours and the horses in the field behind, who used to put their heads over and say hello.
I got another greenhouse and grew tomatoes and cucumbers in it. The cucumber plants would curl their shoots around your finger if you let them. No it did not take that long and I was fasinated.
I helped others to begin their gardens, and showed them how to take cuttings and plant seeds. My parents had taught me but I was still learning. I seem to have green fingers.
I love the plants and like Prince Charles , I talk to my plants and I tell them how lovely they are.
I recently missed seeing Bob Flowerdew at the Eden Project, but I managed to get two copies of his books , signed, which was a real treat to me. Maybe next time I will see him , when he comes down. We have a lot in common in the way we garden, and I particularly liked his chapter on companion planting, which I feel I have done for years. Though Not quite the same. I believe that plants like companions or friends to be near just like we do and when they are happy they thrive. Leaving out the different soils and things, and talking in general.Plants like praise, when they flower for the first time for instance and you tell them how beautiful they are, I am sure they flower more the next year, or is it just my imagination?
Cranky, I leave you make your own decision, I am happy,how about you?
So my garden that I have been planting for nigh on fifteen years now was mine to design once again in my life. Great. A lawn was almost intact when I arrived with a greenhouse , the largest I had ever owned. Wow. The rest of the garden needed tender loving care and a load of weeding upon weeding. My husband had begun before I got to it, and put down weed killer to get rid of the majority of weeds, but we didnt know each other at that point and he was not my husband then. He did not know a lot about gardening but he has an interest.
I began spadeful by spadeful  to dig the plot and believe me it is quite a size. I grew all the things I have grown for years but now with much more space. I could not believe how much room I had. It did me the world of good as I was recovering from a major operation and another divorce. I have always found gardening very grounding, a place where I am closer to God. Where I go out to for half an hour and three hours later my husband is shouting, do you want a cup of tea? Silly question, bless him. I have a cup of tea.
This year I have encouraged my husband out in the garden with me. I need a little more help to get the digging done and he needs to relax more. Gardening is relaxing and as he put it , very contatious.
So we have spent most of the last two bank holidays, out in the garden. Now we walk through it with pride and amazement togeather. That is so nice. He has just built me a new green house and banned me from the old one as it could collapse on itself any day.
I had to take out my next crop of lettuce and cabbage seedlings, the dailias, the tools, the perieniel sweetpea that should have been moved a few years ago, etc etc.  Then the weather changed on us today and went cold again and rained. Well we needed the rain but not that wind with the birds nesting in the tree above the green house.
I have already got several rows of lettuce and french beans and cabbage, potatoes and carrots outside growing and doing well.
The squash plants went in yesterday after the first lot failed to shoot all but one. I put them in too early. Next week we will get another patch ready for sowing some plants and guess what , my husband has taken over learning about growing tomatoes. All good stuff.
Plus we both have sun tans and we have had good excerise. Who needs to go to the gym when we can dig , and brush, and bend planting the plants as part of our weekly regime.
The grass accomadates our new learning, tai – chi. Well not so new to me as I have paractised tai – chi at different times in my life but now I am learning a new form and qui gong. All of which I can practise indoors or on our lawn, alongside my meditation.
Who said I could read a book in the garden, well I do that too but I also write a lot in the garden too.
Best of all, I can hide away in the garden. Nobody knows I am there.Well you do , now.
Have you seen faries in your garden? Well I have and so have my friends, in mine. The grandchildren have seen them too. I bet you have some in yours.
We even have a fairy pond espcially for them to lay beside or just bathe. The blackbirds love it too.
I can paint and draw in my garden and enjoy the bird song, each morning and evening. The butterflies and bees. The calmness of the garden. A tress free zone. Better get some more pricking out done tommorow. Gosh those lettuce plants grew fast…………. was that overnight?