Monthly Meditation Groups

I was taught many years ago that meditation with a valued spiritual medium was one of the best roads to take if wanting to learn and progress with ones own spiritual skills. Whatever your skills are.

I have shared regular monthly meditations from as far back as 1973 when I lived ta Par in Cornwall for a while. A small village where evryone knew everyone. Amongst my invitations to meditation the spirit guides joined me and those who sat with me. It was the beginning of many groups to form and disband over the years but I have actually still got some of the original sitters from those days.

Some people just love the companionship of like minded people, some come to enhance their own gifts, others love the atmosphere and the meditation . It is clear to me that someone sitting with me or a similar person will enjoy the relaxation of meditation. It is also clear that with regular meditation it lowers blood pressure and aids a good nights sleep. then of course there is the learning of connecting with ones spirit guides. Soemtimes our own loved ones and at times others loved ones as we share what we are feeling or getting in message form.

It is an evening of friendship, learning,sharing,laughter,and much more. Peraphs upliftment too. At least I feel it is. I know many of my group would say the same.

Have a look on my facebook site. Look under Gayle Force and become a friend to get quiker and up to date messages on.




A relaxing cup of tea and cake, followed by a meditation for world peace. I am also looking for everyone taking part to wear the colour blue to enhance the energies of healing,which is most powerful. There will be a feather healing session  and learning how everyone has felt during that session.  It is  felt that it would be a great opportunity to have a photo shoot by Atmosptheric Photography as part of the afternoon session. This will give you all some lovely photos to share on your facebook or profiles. It starts at 1pm through to 6pm. A relaxing entertaining spirtiual afternoon. If you have written an uplifting poem or prayer about peace then you are invited to read it to us during the afternoon. Venue is The Sanctuary in St.Austell Cornwall. This is the beginning of an annual event. There are limited numbers so please book early and not be disappointed. Tickets are from Gayle on 01726 70786.

Gayle Force with the Paranormal Experience Event at the Cliff Head Hotel. July 23rd

Copy of DSCN4229 Copy of DSCN4228 Copy (2) of DSCN4219 Copy (2) of DSCN4224 Copy of DSCN4225 Copy (2) of DSCN4225 Copy (2) of DSCN4248 Gayle Force Ornage candle 2012 Mathew Gayle Force singing bowls , mathewThe Paranormal Experience is on July 23rd 2014. An evening of Audience Readings, Seance, Paranormal Quiz, and Psychic Art Demonstration. If you have never been to aparanormal event before let me tell you this is one of those where so many suprises often happens ,live on stage. Gayle has over forty years experience working with her spirit guides and loved ones. Her readings have been given world wide and she is known to be very accurate. Psychic art is not often demonstrated but Gayle has a strong link with her guides and she finds that once the pencil has been lined up on the paper it goes all of it’s own accord and she watches as the picture evolves letting you ,the audience know what is going on. Each piece is then related to a member of the audience and when completed is signed by Gayle for the participating person to take home as a gift and memory piece.
The seance is not sacry but it does bring in energies that many will feel. Like heat and cold temperature changes. Loved ones joining in and giving messages to you. Links with the hotels past even ,as Gayle says, she has worked here befor and amazing things took place, including photographs with orb enrgies in them. Which reminds us, please bring your cameras ,as you too may capture the orb energies on your photos. Spirit energies that want you to see them proving their exsistence.
The paranormal quiz was developed by Gayle several years ago , a great starter to her events ,with a little laughter and fun to begin the energies connections. There are also prizes for those with the most correct points.
There is a lovely ambiance at the Cliff Head Hotel in St.Austell with plenty os seating and space to meet your friends before the event. The table settings will be large round tables all ready for the seance to come.
You can also enjoy a meal or drink as the evening goes on. There is plenty of car parking space around the hotel. For those who want to stay and enjoy anther day or two in the area there are rooms available. Not forgetting you could also book private readings at Gayles Sanctuary in St.Austell over those following days too.
It all starts at 7.30pm ,on the evening. Tickets are £10.00 per person. Bookings on 01726 70786


An array of special stall holders , hand picked by Gayle Force who has been holding these events for over twenty years now.The lovely therapist will be giving taster sessions all day. a twenty minute session for £10.00. It is a chance to try different therapies and see what you like the most. It is also a chance to meet some of our therapist, many of hwom are local and you can use them all year around. These therapist have an excellent stadard and are professionals in their feild. they want to share their knowledge with you. We all have aches and pains from time to time and what is nicer than a relaxing massage. Healing helps , mind, body and spirit to balance and therfore promote well being. Hynotherapy works on a deeper level and can be really useful in helping to give up smoking for instance. Reflexology, touches all the internal organs through your hands or feet, enabling healing to take place.
Forever living products, from the Aloe Vera plant have been helping with skin problems and more for centuaries. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a fasinating art of touches on the body or holding your hand /finger in a certain way to attain balance in health, a few mintues a day using these methods can definetly improve your health.
I meet people from all over, I am always out and about , plus I meet people through my own work, and recently I have met the lovely Louise Ashley who has written her own book of poetry and made her meditation C.D, she will be signing any purchased books on the day.
Another lady, Nicky, who has also made her C.D and who sells chrystals will also share her knowledge with you.
Buddist necklaces, incense, prayer flags and more will delight your senses and lift your spirit, the energy from these items are just perfect. I bought one of the rosewood rosaries from this lady and have been wearing it ever since.  
There are so many different stalls for you to enjoy including a greeting card stall full of the very different arty cards of fairies /angels and much more.You can even get matching wrapping paper. So much to see and enjoy it is just like opening Chrismas presents. Mentioning Christmas, it is a good time to look for those little like minded gifts.
An old scool friend does her own jewlery , very colourful, and Christene will tell you all about them.
Refreshments are available all day from the kitchen helpers. Dont forget your bacon butty in the morning.
An American health juicecomes to the event via our lovely lady from Devon, an intersting juice that can really aid health during times of stress and recovery from viruses.
Meet , The Jesters, the childrens entertainers from Cornwall. they are great fun people, and will be dressed up for the part on the day. They also sell masks for mask balls etc, and will be available on the day for hair paiting and face painting.
Gayle has been featured on BBC radio and T.V with interviews on her work, seances, phone ins and she also appeared on the Weakest Link with Anne Robinson which she says was a fabulous experience.
Gayle gives readings ,healing, meditation, sessions every week at her sanctuary at Boscoppa in St.Austell.
All Enquirie on 01726 70786
Next event in April 2011
Be a part of it

Mind , Body and Spirit Event Photos at the Beginning of the Day

 These are just a few of the photos at the event…………….


People came from all around the world…..

Our Bee Keeping friends, with their stall, the soaps are really lovely ….
Christene with her healing beads, a lady I have known most of my life …….
Maggie , one of my closed circle ladies, with her and her daughters stall …..
Anna , who sails with her husband , around the world, was greeting everyone on the day ……
Here is Deborah with her smiling face and cuppa, our Buddist stall ….
Just a few of the days stalls , first thing in the morning, before many people arrived.

Psychic Art day February 27th 2010.

Psychic Art Day with Gayle Force
What will I be doing ?
This is a day when you can relax with a meditation. Tune with your guides and explore Psychic art, automatic writing and enjoy a home made soup and bread for lunch.
I have worked with paints and pencil, pen and ink even to let my guides create pitures on the paper.
resulting in many varied and interesting shapes and even peopms that are inspierd by our spirit guides.
You do not have to be artistic or a writer to enjoy this day. Just let it happen.
i will give you a small reading to go with your picture.
I will teach you how to relax into the art form.
All materials will be provided.
The day will begin at 9.30am and conclude at 4pm.
The cost is £20.00 for the day, booked in advance.
It is intriqueing, exciting, yet calming too.
Faces have appeared before our eyes. Shapes of flowers and houses, animals and more.
One freind who has sat with me before saw maps of places he had visited appear before his eyes. another, a lady saw the face of a loved one she recongnised apear in the paint as it dried.
Of course it is, and this does open a different and safe way to communicate with our guides.


10AM  –  4PM
We are really excited as we go forward with a new Mind , Body and Sprit  Annual event, beginning in April 10th 2010.
Years of experience has now come to frutation, by knowing many of the therapist  and stall holders,and their continued work. Most of the stall holders have so much to offer you from aromatherapy to antiques. Each and everyone at the event can continue to offer you the service, on the day and after the event.
I am proud to announnce that the South West Connection Magazine will be on display free of charge to all who would like a copy on the day, plus this is your chance to meet my friend , the editor , Allan. You can also discuss your adverts with him or features you may have written, so be a part of this magazine and enjoy your copy, with my column on the inside.
There will be a chance to experience the therapies on the day and then know the contact you have made will be available for you to enjoy whenever you are in the area.
People are from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.
Massage, Shiatsu, Bach flower remedies, Indian Head massage.
Then hemp oil from English fields, one of the finest oils that help the body, the nearest oil to our own skin oils the body makes. I often use on salads and for aromatherapy base oil.
A health juice straight from America, Magnotherapy,
Drumming for health and relaxation.
Crystals, Books, Antiques
Greeting Cards,
Medtation Cds especially produced to enhance your well being and spiritual pathway.
Demonstration of Tai Chi
Inspired Spiritual Art 
Not forgetting our kitchen with the ever popular bacon buttie , tea/coffe and then light lunches followed by afternoon cakes, and tea cakes.
Time for a chat.
Time to spoil yourself.
Relax and have a whole days experience of you time.
Gayle Force will be giving readings all day,
for you to enjoy some uplifting messages from her spirit guides and yours, as she tunes for you.
Gayle’s reputation for accurate readings has followed her for many years now. She will do her best to put you at ease as she delivers your messages.
Clairvoyant/Medium readings sometimes more concentrated on you and where you are going, who you will be with, what your health and finaces will be like. Other times it will be a more mediumship reading , connecting to your loved ones. It really depends on what your spirit guides feel you need, which incedently does not always marry up with what you want.
Gayle can offer healing at her sanctuary and readings , in St.Austell all year around.
Her other events include working with radio and T.V.
This is a beginning of a new annual event, why not become part of it.
Phone 01726 70786 for more information or stall/space.