January 29th 2012 Desert Island disc day, with BBC radio Cornwall

Desrt Island Disc celabrations January 29th 2012. Gayle with tim Hubbard.
My favorite disc being Ava Maria

  Gayle Force with Tim Hubbard

I had been working with the radio on and heard that the BBC were looking for people to take part and join in with the BBC celebrations of the programme of Dessert island disc. I have always loved music. A variation rather than one form, and it struck me that Ava Maria as a song had always been in my life. It has of course been sung by many different singers. i think i have quite a few in my music collection now and many of which I enjoy over each year.
It was a suprise to me recently that my Mother also loves the same song, but then again I forst heard it as a child sung on their grammerphone in the 1950’s.
The song has follwed me around through many times, from wedding celebrations to sadder times of loved ones funerals, to summer celebrations when my sister , who is soprano, sung it when Evis Presley died, in the local chapel in a memrial service dedicated to him, here in St.Austell.
Ava Maria is very moving and mostly sung in latin as far as I can understand.
My Gran sung to it when it was on the television and I sung to it when recovering from an ectopic pregnancy (I had also been sterilised for elven years at that piont) to lift my spirits and heal my soul. It worked. I felt something shift in my energy that first day I found the strength to sing again.
Ava Maria, is beautiful uplifting, and inspiring.
On January 29th 2012 I will be on BBC radio Conwall with Tim Hubbard talking about this song …………. programme begins at 12 noon. Join us as part of the BBC celebrations ,which will be most interesting.
I have listened to this programme from a young girl and thought , I would love to do that, and here I am. See you then.

Pam Ayers your’e Great

Pam Ayers you are fantastic.
Well Pam my Mother and i came to the Hall for Cornwall this week to see you. Well as like the last time we saw you at Fowey you made our sides ache. I still remember loads of the evening and it is great. We can all do with more like you. Thankyou for taking the time to come to Cornwall. I hope you enjoy your visit here. I also hope your other half is much better. I sent him some absent healing and this will help.
While you were on stage ,I saw your aura colours expand and change. It was in hues of the rainbow finishing with a brillient purple.
I am a clairvoynat and medium and when seeing many shows I ‘see’ colours of energy as creative people work. Is’nt that fabulous.
Keep telling the stories Pam and keep the poems going .  It is a great gift. Gayle Force

Jacob Coat of many colours…..Congratulations to Lee

Well Andrew Llyod Webber we have enjoyed your talented shows over the last weeks. I even came bak early from my swim yesterday to watct your programme. From the very first week I pridicted that Lee would be Joseph. I should have placed a bet on it. What wonderful talent Lee. You shine out from all the others my friend. I look forward to seeing you in the show. I will fly from Cornwall with my husband and see you. I would love to be able to meet you also when the time comes. I voted for you and even that short message oon the line sounded great.You remind me a little of David Essex , another fabulous star.
How your talent took so long to be spotted I will never know.
Though I feel Andrew is really excited about your being the one.
I must also say those that took part in the whole show were talented and have also worked so very hard. Learning one song is difficult ,and then to have to sing it to perfection on T. V in front of so many people as well as the studio audience is an achievement. So dont be diappionted. To have the chance you all had at such tender ages is fantastic.Well done everyone. The panel was also good, not to silly with daft things to say, but constructive and they know their stuff guys.
So once again from Gayle Force the Clairvoyant,healer,medium and author,in Cornwall CONGRATULATIONS LEE.

BBC2 10pm Trust me I Am A Healer

Well have you seen this programme? It has been a second edition this week. Where are they finding these people? I followed the first one with my nerves in a jangle as they proceeded to follow a healer who gave drugs to some of his clients. Shock ,Horror. Though the man seemed to give healing with the best intentions,(without drugs of any kind). He seemed in tune with nature and had an infinity with the faries and knomes of the moor and tree spirits.All of which is not news to spiritual people. There are many levels.This week we had Steven who has been filmed many times in the past. He has some vidieos that he has produced showing his level of healing. For many Steven has been their saviour and I am sure he will continue to be so. Why was he preaching the camera man asked. Preaching?questioned Steven. He was merely spreading the feeling ,the word,of how he was feeling,at the time he was working.Is that preaching? Or is it sharing an experience?Come on everyone,jion in the debate.I look frorward to hearing from you.

The BBC Weakest Link Prgramme

The day of viewing Gayle Force on the BBC Weakest Link Programme is drawing very near. October 27th Friday at 5.15pm. Only a few weeks ago I was invited to be a part of this programme by the researchers of The Weakest Link. After travling to Truro in Cornwall for the audition I returned home to wait for my phone call for a chance to be on the famous programme with Anne.I was suffering an awful virus at the time of the audition and could hardly remember my name I was so tired that day. Feeling that was that. I was really excited a few weeks later when I was invited to visit London Sudios to be part of Anne’s show. My husband and I travelled to Slough,then he went shopping while I took a taxi to the Pine Studios where some of the Carry On films were made and Robbie Williams has made a D.V.D. I was greeted by Rob( no not Robbie Williams but a lovely young man conected to the programme) ,Our host for the time at the studios. It was an amazing day and after our time there some of the contestants went home otheres like myself went to a hotel overnight. The results can be seen on Friday. Meanwhile I have had interest of local newspapers and some have printed the story of my visit with interest. I look forward to doing more T.V work in the future. Especially work of the paranormal.Which is what I do after all. I feel I have a lot to offer. This March my work hit world news during an investigation of the paranormal as I began my D.V.D. ,of myths ,ledgens, paranormal and clairvoyant findings on sacred sites and large houses. The T.V. cameras rolled as I demonstated with a seance in an old cellar. News broke out and many of my findings were confirmed by local historians ,the press and local people. So see you Friday on …..The Weakest Link.