Gayle Force , Cornish Clairvoyant, Healer, medium and Author

What a lovely day

 Gayle Force, born in St.Austell in Cornwall. Where Gayle is available for readings, healing, meditation, work-shops, talks, ceromonies, weddings, Radio and T.V, paranormal investigations, and spiritual teaching.

Gayle’s work in the paranormal has taken her far and wide, including places in England, france, The Canaries, Cyprus and Isles of Scilly.

She enjoys working on radio, and has been on BBC radio one with Scott Mills,( live dicussion of top twenty predictions, plus a meditation and much more)  BBC radio Cornwall with David White ( with a paranormal investigation in the studio building, with orbs found in the photographs.), Lawerence Reed( on a phone in with qestions and answers given live on air), and Tim Hubbard to name a few. On Atlantic radio Gayle worked with Jamie Reed, on a paranormal investigation outside the studio, where a lot of activity has gone on in the past.

Gayle has her own column in a magazine called South West Connection where she writes a feature and ansers questions from readers. This magazine goes out all over England.

Gayle has written for Red Bulliten , a Grand Prix magazine that goes all over the world where the Grand Prix goes. She wrote about drivers like Lewis Hamilton, and known people on the race track over two years. Giving readings on their lives through pictures of their faces and hand prints given to her. An unknown method that Gayle used to work through the internet.

Gayle also writes a monthly feature for Holistic times magazine, that mainly covers Cornwalla nd Devon. She loves getting inspired to choose her subject of the month. guided by her guides ,a  different subject comes to her each time.

Gayle has been on BBC and ITV news with her work when she discovered a ‘Bottom Pinching Ghost’ at a local public house during paranormal investigations and filming of a seance and clearing some entities that were not needed to be there.

Strange but true, the place has been boarded up, ever since and no one seems to know why.

Gayle sees auras, works with psychic art, psychometry, her guides and ancesters, the clients loved ones, and much more. She has entertained audiences on radio of over one million, in theatre over four hundred, and a general range of audience from spiritual churches ,to wedding marquees, from the eclipse V.I.P group, to halls and hotels.  Not forgrtting all the charity work she gets up to over each year.

Gayle also loves writing and photography, and it is this that has led her to capturing those orbs on phtotgraphs that she talked about so much in the last decade.

She runs regular meditation and developement groups. Two are currently being held in st.Austell in Cornwall. However Gayle has worked with groups in far off places in Spain like Almeria, and Cyprus like Paphos. All nationalities coming togeather enjoying gayles work.

Positive energy is something that Gayle knows helps well being, as does healing, meditation, tai chi and a good diet. Not forgetting work , rest and play just like the old advert.


45 thoughts on “Gayle Force , Cornish Clairvoyant, Healer, medium and Author

  1. Hi Gayle, remember me?

    It’s been such a very long time since we last spoke but I saw your video on you tube and was fascinated by it.

    You will see from my website (ghostly publishing) that the spiritual trace remains within me and certainly around me. I don’t know if you recall me saying about writing a book? Well I have published it and it’s now available in Waterstones in case you’re interested. Previously I had self published it but when you said about getting a copy it was out of print. Well it’s now back in print (and selling rather well I must say).

    How is everything going with you?

    I hope you and Vince are well.

    All the best,

    • Hi Neil,

      Lovely to hear from you. Glad your book is going well and will have alook in waterstones next time I am down truro. However a title (ISBN) could be helpful to me. thanks.
      strangly I have been thinking about doing some events in Devon next year. With that thought I cannot remember the church that was connected to Borrington Hall. Can youremeember the name of it? It would be helpful to me.

      As you can see my film crew have been busy and if you are looking at the Pinetum lodge film we had quite a reaction to the evening,which included local people who knew the dog I had picked up etc etc.

      Great you said hello. Hope you have the ansers of what church it was…………..

      Love and Light to you and yours,

      Gayle Force ..xx.. 🙂

    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for that. i am well and so is Vince. Hope you and yours are good too. Just had the garndchildren staying for a few days. Re school holidays. Been good.

      Love and Light Gayle

    • Hi Gayle,
      I recently watched one of your videos and was wondering how do you know if a dead loved one is in the room?

      Love Frehja

      • Hi Frehja,
        There are many different ways of knowing when a loved one is in the room. Atmosphere changes, temperature changes, a sense they are there, their perfume/aftershave amongst many connections. as a medium there is the extra connection through my guides to them for communication.

        So really not just one answer here but you may have noticed something and need confirmation. Love and light Gayle

  2. Hi Gail,

    Do you do 1on1 sessions? My mother has going through a hard time these past few years. She went to see Sally Morgan for her birthday a few years back and got a message through but was too scared to stand up to go into it further.

    I’d like her to have another go as she regrets missing the opportunity. I have left my contact email above.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Bryoni,

      Sorry but this week October 11th until end of week I am on holiday and only reponding to my e mails and phone calls to let you know I am around. I do do one on one readings at my sanctuary in St.Austell cornwall or via a pre arranged phone call. The cost for a session if £40.00. It is fine either way but if you can get to me it is much nicer for you. I have heard of Sally but not seen her as yet. I too work in audiencestoo and work with BBC radio and t.v. My sessions last around 3/4 of an hour with a warm welcome and a cuppa to begin the session. I am sure you and your Mum will enjoy your time with me. You can phone me on 01726 70786 next week and we can make arrangments for your visit. Sending you Love nad Light

      Gayle Force

    • Hello Bryoni,

      Yes i do give one on one readings. That is a visit to me or by phone or post or via the ineternet. Cost per reading is £40.00 in advance unless visiting me in St.Austell.
      My phone number is 01726 70786.

      Love nad Light Gayle

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  4. Hello Gayle,
    I found your Website when I’m searching for a Clairvoyant on Internet. I watched the video and read your posts.
    May I know do you do anybemail reading?

    Thank you and all d best 🙂


    • Hello,
      I give postal readings, internet by e mail, or sykpe. As well as phone or visiting me in Cornwall.
      I hope this answers your question. Cost per session is £40.00 in advance of reading.

      Love and Light Gayle

      • Hello Gayle,
        Thank you for your replied. I prefer to email reading. May I know how to make the payment? Do u have another email? I wish to send you an email about my questions in private.
        Before this, can u say something about me?

        Thank you and have a nice day 🙂


  5. You helped my friends mel and jane and I don’t know where to turn. We have seen and heard things in this house and something imattated my voice the other day to my wife. I was 10 miles away. My wife is depressed and I’m scared please can you help. My phone numbet is 07742077133

    • Hi Neil,
      Thankyou for your communication. Of course I will do my best to help you with this problem . I have tried to phone you but could not get through for some reason. You can call me of course on 01726 70786. Thank you.
      Then you can tell me abit more on what is happening, and where you are.

      Love and Light Gayle

  6. Hey there are you available to hire to visit a girls night.. its my birthday & as well as my self I think we would all benefit from your amazing gift crossing our lifes!! And maybe a light at the end of the tunnel can shine brighter by your visit xx

    • Hi ya,

      Thank you for your enquirey. Please give me a phone and we can make the arrangements for your reading. Cost is £40.00 per session. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Love and Light Gayle

    • Hi,
      Yes I do give healing treatments. They last around half an hour to three quaters of an hour, a session. You come to me. I am in st.Austell. Tuesday is generally a good day for a treatment. Cost £30.00 You can phone me for appointments on 01726 70786. Many thanks for your enquirey. Love and Light Blessings from Gayle ..xx..

  7. Hi my name is Sam and I working at Atlantic reach near newquay and we are looking to hold an event, could u let me know if u do events and how much and perhaps we could have a chat.


  8. Hi gayle would b really intrested in a one to one reading with you please how much is it an how long for please? Can you come too me please? I love readings b nice too have someone different thank you xx

    • Hello Louise, I do give one to one readings. Arrangements can be made by phoning me on 01726 70786. Cost for a reading visiting me is £45.00 for a session of 3/4 of an hour. Other arrangements will affect the costings and times. Please ring and have a chat. 🙂

  9. Hi gayle I heard your bit on heart radio this morning and I just wanted to say you were amazing. I really would like to have your gift. Lucky you. X

    • Hello Carol, Great to meet you. I can give you a reading some days this week. Are you interested in this week or another time? You can visit me in St.Austell. Receive your reading and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee ,while with me. The cost is £49.00 per session. Please phone me on 01726 70786. Thank you. Love and Light Gayle

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