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Paranormal Event October 18th 2017

Gayle Force is appearing at The St.Austell Arts Theatre on October 18th 2017. She will be demonstrating her  psychic art form , audience readings and more. There will also be a few stories , read by a lovely young man , from Gayles lifes work as a medium,healer clairvoyant,and writer. You will enjoy some of the ghostly dancers as this performance unravels.  Gayle is known to be ,a little different with her work, and this is a first for working with others to entertain you from the theatres Kate Osbrink actors and dance team. Both Gayle and Kate are from St.Austell and like the St.Austell Art Theatre in their Cornish town. A place that offers many different plays and stage music as well as this paranormal event.  Though this is not the first time Gayle has been on this stage.The theatre opens at 7pm ,ready for the evening to begin at 7.30pm. Plenty of spaces for your car to be parked. On the A390 as you go out of town from the east towards Truro the theatre is seen on the left tucked away in the  hedge row of a busy road. However ,you wont be disappointed ,it has a unique charm and a friendly atmosphere. Gayle Force has been demonstrating her mediumship for many years ,in theatres,hotels, halls ,churches and camp sites all over England and Europe. She is truly an international medium. Her stories of her work are well known world wide and some of her radio and television work has gone as far as Bali and Australia. Tickets now available from Cornish Riviera Box Office 01726 879 500. £10 each.