Tim Hubbard and Gayle Force at BBC Radio Cornwall

Tim Hubbard and Gayle Force at BBC Radio Cornwall

BBC Radio Cornwall was part of the celebrations of The Desert Island Disc ‘s 70th year of being on radio. For the first time ever ordinary people across Britain were sharing the reasons as to why they liked a piece of music so much.
Gayles choice was Ava maria. A song that had been in her life since childhood, when her parents had played it on their grammerphone. At that time Gayles didnt know what type of music it was, only that out of others played , she loved it.
The years went by and when the 1970’s was here Gayle found the song on many an album she had purchased.
One of her favorite artist who sung it was Elaine Paige. The album that had the words printed on the inside sleeve so that now Gayle could begin to sing with the album when it was played. It was elaines Christmas album.
During recovery from an ectopic pregancy operation, at a time when Gayle had been sterilised for nearly eleven years , the song was played and sung to by gayle again. This time she was to find the sound of the music very moveing and a turning point in her recovery from the operation to save her life.
Gayles sister who sung Ava Maria in Leek Seed chapel at St.Blazey, during the memorial to Elvis Presley for fans here in Cornwall to share. Was also very moving.
Ava maria is a lovely song and adored by many but it was only through the connection with this programme and talking about it that Gayle discovered it was her Mothers favorite song too.
On after thought , Gayle Siad,” it was obvious back in the late 1950’s , as it was were I heard it first”


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