Monthly Meditation Groups

I was taught many years ago that meditation with a valued spiritual medium was one of the best roads to take if wanting to learn and progress with ones own spiritual skills. Whatever your skills are.

I have shared regular monthly meditations from as far back as 1973 when I lived ta Par in Cornwall for a while. A small village where evryone knew everyone. Amongst my invitations to meditation the spirit guides joined me and those who sat with me. It was the beginning of many groups to form and disband over the years but I have actually still got some of the original sitters from those days.

Some people just love the companionship of like minded people, some come to enhance their own gifts, others love the atmosphere and the meditation . It is clear to me that someone sitting with me or a similar person will enjoy the relaxation of meditation. It is also clear that with regular meditation it lowers blood pressure and aids a good nights sleep. then of course there is the learning of connecting with ones spirit guides. Soemtimes our own loved ones and at times others loved ones as we share what we are feeling or getting in message form.

It is an evening of friendship, learning,sharing,laughter,and much more. Peraphs upliftment too. At least I feel it is. I know many of my group would say the same.

Have a look on my facebook site. Look under Gayle Force and become a friend to get quiker and up to date messages on.



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