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A reading is a special insight into your life  and it also allows your loved ones in spirit to draw near and give you evidence that it is them linking with you. Sometimes that is with their visual link through the cliarvoyant gifts and other times it is purley a message through the telepathic energies or voice through the mediums ears or ouside the aura in the room. So there are a few options. I began with sesing spirit many years ago and now I feel them touch me, hold my hand,or just nudge me as they stand or sit beside me. Today as I was sitting with a lovely spiritual soul ,her relative held my hand so tight,I had to tell her what was happening. The spirit lady wanted her to know how much she was loved by her, and went on to discribe many memories.

A while ago a young man visited me regarding his life and work. His guides came through and linked with me. He was given great details of a new job coming his way in America. Of having twins with his lovely wife. That he was spiritual himself and had the gift of healing. Spirit guides gave him a lot of messages. All of which he was happy to take and some of which was confirmations for him. He felt more confident that he was heading in the right direction. Three years later he phoned me and gave me confirmation of the things that have happened for him. He was not married at the time of the reading. His job came up in America which also meant he had to emigrate. He married. Was having difficulties have children that they so desperately wanted. When a child was on the way it was two not one. The twins arrived safetly.The contact by phone was for another reading as he felt it was time for another. How could I do that from England? Phone, Skype or post I added. Another reading revealed another child on the way. He was delighted nad the reading continued.

A woman in her sixties sat in front of me looking worried. The reading began. There were many issues and some revealed themsleves right away. Memories from loved ones in spirit. Then health issues were discussed and I saw concerns from my healing guides about her health but nothing drastic. No huge worries. She was confused by this and said she had been dignosed with cancer that very morning. I searched her aura, searched all her organs like a scan,and got nothing. Well I did get stress but no cancer. From where I was sitting there was nothing, but would she believe spirit. She did believe what I was telling her,  and she got a second opinion. A different consultant and more test but, guess what,there was no cancer. It was not long before the lady came to see me with her fabulous news.

A man sat with me for his reading. He was a gardener. A landscape artist. He had two women around him who loved him. He smiled. There was a problem. He had to make a choice. One lady made him laugh and they enjoyed many a week – end together. The other was more serious but was great company and he was in love with her. I saw a lady shown to me from spirit and thought she must be one of the women he had described. Neither was this lady. This lady was one he saw once in a while and they had very passionate times together,when she could fit the relationship in with her families needs, and her work. She was kind, a good conversationalist, funny, and loved gardening. I saw each in differnt colours from spirit,and then two disappeared. The one left was the gardener. My client said that was fine but how was it all going to work. I saw things changing course for the two of them in the summer of that year. They were married the following year.

I dont remember every reading I give. I would not want to. My head would be cluttered by now. Sometimes though people stand out or what they had come for,or what had been given to them , and how it had changed their lives. My spirit guides are accurate,they often show me things symbolicly,in colours,or simply in spirit form ,be it people or animals. I also link with spirit , through my guides and theirs by voice . The sound of voice comes through the ether into my ear or in the room just like listening to a friend speaking  who is sitting with you. Another level is the telpathic level and some join me through that energy. mediu7mship is fasinating and the connections keep on getting better and better. It is a two way thing , from spirit to the medium and vice a versa.

Recieving a reading from me can be at my sanctuary in St.Austell in Cornwall in England. It can be by phone. Maybe postal readings. It can be with modern skype programmes on the computer. It can be a private reading. Maybe with friends or family.It could equally be a group of people ,each recieving some messages. Or audience readings. Which ever is choosen, the healing angels will be there too. Your own gifts will be given to me ,be they spiritual or otherwise. Every soul on the erthplane will have a gift of some sort.

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