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Mad Hatters Tea Party November 4th 2016,Falmouth,Cornwall

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Jamie Reed DJ in Cornwall presents the most frightening night of the year at Penmovah Manor, Budock water in Cornwall, TR11 5ED on Friday 4th 2016.  The disco and light show with Jamie. The fabulous Josh Curnow, straight form the television show. The indie band who will get you foot tapping and dancing. Cornwalls leading international medium Gayle Force who will be taking you on a ghost walk and giving audience readings.

The ghostly goings on will start at 7pm ,tickets available from facebook connections, or eventbrite site, have a look at the Gayle Force facebook or Dj in Cornwall(Jamie Reed)) and on the door at £15.00. A pasty supper given as you enter the Manor grounds.

This event will entertain you, and give you a fabulously ghostly ,spooky even, evening.


Meditation Circle of Friends

Impromptu Evening Talk on Fairies

Meditation is the key to a balanced life both here and in the spirit realms. It can aid a good nights sleep ,help ease aches and pains that occur daily and even deeper pain that cannot be reached by pain killers alone. meditation opens the door to a spiritual way of life that is very natural but often forgotten.

Many of you will remember day dreaming as a child or maybe you day dream right now. You may consider that drifting into a book or drawing a picture,or even taking a photograph as a different concious level a level that is different from ,awake, and alert. When our minds are full of task and busy , busy we need to know how to stop the buzz. bring the level down to quiet. let our minds repair and just be. That is when we are truly relaxed, when we find ourselves thinking of those things that come to the surface of our thoughts. When we are inspired to write a poem, sing a song, draw a painting, go for a walk. Sometimes we connect with past memories or something we need to sort out or repair. Meditation can help with all of this. It is an aid to cleanse our minds,relax our body and feed our soul. Drift into a different concious level . A level that is natural,and that many have forgotten.

As a Medium/Healer/Clairvoyant/Teacher/Dowser , I hold groups each month to meditate with me. To learn mediumship,clairvoaynce and healing. To enhance your gifts. To bring balance into your lives which in turn leads to well being. I have been meditating for as long as I can remember. I have sat in and ran many ,many groups over the years. I learnt all my learnings form my spirit guide and then many other guides joined him. My guides tune with my groups guides and so their energies mingle and their spirit gifts are enhanced and they find themselves working within the group energy which is fabulous. A medium already knows the way of working with spirit. In general it is a wonderful and uplifting experience. Though ,at times a negative spirit can be attracted to a bright light of spirit workers and should that happen,you are safe in the knowldge that you are working with an experienced medium who can move the entitiy onwards, which is often done before their energy actually draws near to you,the sitter.

One of my groups meet on the first Thursday of the month and the other main group meets on a Tuesday of each month. As well as regular members ,some of whom have been with me for over forty years, there is often a spare chair for a holiday maker or local who would be happy to step in with us and enjoy this with us. A different energy is good for the rest of the group too. There are no egos here just friendship and unconditional love. a place where you can share whatever you are getting andw here you can just be and enjoy the evening.

We are looking for a few new members at the moment, and if you like the idea of sitting with me nad my group,then please get in touch by phone on 01726 70786. Thank you.