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Spirit Moving ………………….. Healing Helped With Spirit Guides

A Healing handHealing is one of the highest energies that flow from the sworld of spirit. Recently I have found a new healing guide that has been working with me. His first appearence to me was around a few weeks ago,when he helped with a mans wounds after a serious accident that left him with many difficulties. A man who,himself is a healer. The energies flowed with a holy feeling within the room and a feeling of tranquility. At first we chatted as the healing began and then fell into a silence as the wo9rk moved on. Working away from the body my hands were taken over by spirit and moved around the eutheric bodies. A magnetic energy flowed and then the new guide joined with my own energies and body and i8nvestigated his body through my closed eyes and with a knowlegde he shared with me. As he uncovered problems past and present he gave them to me and I spoke to my client about them. Each injury was correct and until that day he and I were strangers. The healing session when complete was talked about by us both. It had been very deep and wonderful to experience from my side of things and his. The air was electric. Another booking will come.

This week another healing saw the presence of my new healing guide with another client/friend and she had recently suffered an operation that was taki8ng a while to heal. The new guide came in and I felt his presence which was wonderful. It is always good that you know when your guides,and which one is working with you. A similer thing happened,as he worked through a scanning prcess to see where help was needed. I then witnessed a fatty looking tissue come away fromt he body and disappear into the ether. My client felt a pulling sensation around the area she had been operated on. Strangely she also felt light headed and so did I, as healers often can.

In both caese there was a need for a helping hand. Both clients were very happy to have had the said healing. I also communicated with my guide anda sked his name which was given to me. He also told me that we would be working together more very soon. What a wonderful gift. All healing bookings are taken onĀ  01726 70786. As well as healings given in St.Austell in Cornwall, England ,the healing energies can reach you all over the world through my work. I use phone, and skype as well as postal to aid your healing. Love Gayle Force