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The Cellar Seance September , Friday 13th 2015

An opportunity to be part of a small group attending the cellar seance at St.Blazey in Cornwall. This is for a handful of sensitive ,spiritual people who would like to be part of a live cleansing of the space of spirit entities and negative energies that are exsisiting there at this time. There will be a preperation period that will include exquisette green chinese tea, known to still the mind and build the concentration of those taking part.
This will be followed by a brief meditation before the seance.
Gayles work is known to be accurate ,and she has now worked with her spirit guides for over forty years as well as working with public for a very long time.
The main aim here is to gently aid the cleansing of unwated spirit s into the spirit world ,where they should be but have been unable to go to. This some times occurs when the spirit person loves the place or person they are remaining close too.
gayle will have part of her team with her who are also very experienced in this field.
There will be photos taken, film ing done, sound equipment and compass as well as the candle lit .
Gayle will be taking you through what is happening as it happens.
It is serious work and a first for Gayle, a first in inviting you the public to be a part of what is going on.
Bring your pendulum. Feel the energies. Before and after the event.
Then to conclude Gayle and her team will be giving a building and space blessing. As well as having each of your own energies blessed and cleansed with feather healing before you leave the night.
There is activity in this place and it is sugested that you keep your meals light during the day of attendance,drinking water or tea.
Looking forward to having you with us. Tickets are available on 01726 70786 costing £20.00 per head. There is a limited number here,so please book early to avoid disappointment.