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One To One Learning

Are you a clairvoyant? Not sure? Maybe you  are sensing you are a healer, and would like to know more about it. I have over forty years experience working with my spirit guides . As well as having served the churches for over forty years, and became a president of St.Austell spiritual church for a few years. I have run my own groups for as long as I can remember helping those interested in the paranormal and spiritual way of life.

I write a column in The South West Connections magazine which you can read online and in paper form around the country of England. As well as features for magazines and news papers , often with my own photography and often credited with evidence from my findings by working with my spirit guides and with local historians.

If you would like to join me for a session to see where your spiritual gifts are going or indeed even what your gifts are, then I am here to help. Of course I do charge for my time by the session.

For more details,please phone me on 01726 70786


Looking For New Meditation Group Members

What a lovely dayMeditation becomes part of your life and once you learn how to , you will find it is helpful in many ways , particularly relaxation which aids a good nights sleep.
For me meditation was and is as natural as breathing. I have of course developed many different ways to get into the meditative state as the years have gone by, to enable me to work with my spirit guides.
Being able to switch off from everyday task to meditate is often difficult for many people but I can show you how to, and with practise, it will be of great benefit to you. That is from a health point and it can be from a spiritual way.
You can have a private session of meditation with me just like booking a reading or healing. I teach preperation before the beginnings of meditation as well as giving a guided meditation as part of the journey of the session.
Through regular practise ,which can be a daily /weekly/monthly or whenever, to your convienence and what pace you want to develope/balance. It is a disapline just like anything else in your life, with great rewards.
There is meditations for relaxation ,health benifits and general balancing of the chakras to aid well being.
There is meditations that are more regular to link with your spirit guides and ancesters,with the aim of healing, being a clairvoyant or medium. It is a dedicated art, that needs time and dedication to prgress.
Whatever your idea of what you would like to meditate for ,you can contact me and we can have a talk and see what would be right for you.
You would then visit me in St.Austell in Cornwall or we can work through skype/facebook.
I also offer two regular monthly groups in St.Austell. There may be a group of people that you have that needs a medium to guide you saftly through a meditation, and we can discuss that too. If you are interested in meditation/meditating then please connect with me on 01726 70786 or of facebook.

Gayle Force