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The Paranormal Experience is at St.Blazey Railway Club in Cornwall on June 12 2015


POSTER FOR EVEN T 2An evening of the paranormal with international medium/healer/clairvoyant Gayle Force. The evening unfolds with a paranormal quiz with prizes. Gayle likes to involve her audience in the event as much as possible. Her way of working with her spirit guides is quite unique. She has known them all her life and was aware of her guides and loved ones from a young child. Audience readings are uplifting to the soul and Gayle will give her messages to you as they happen. Of course there is limited time during an event such as this but Gayle is also available each week for private readings, in St.Austell, by Skype and facebook and internet as well as by phone. The Séance will be the first séance in this building ,which will bring in different spirit entities through Gayle ,which could include past members who enjoyed time spent at the venue. We never know what will happen at the séance part of the event but for sure there will be evidence of spirit activity in and around the the area. All the audience will be invited to take part in the séance, as part of the event. There is however a top table that will be working closely with Gayle as she demonstrates her mediumship over the microphone and walks amongst the audience to see what they have too.

It is always exciting to be with people who are like minded and wanting to share the activities of the paranormal. Gayle’s spirit healing helpers will also be sending healing energies to all who are need during the evening.

June may seem an unusual time to hold a paranormal experience but you don’t need a cold dark night to see or hear from spirit guides ,loved ones or those who draw near.  One such event,A few years ago gave a clear drop of temperature to the room the event was held in, on a very hot evening, locally. When Gayle has worked abroad there has also been clear changes of temperature even in sticky hot Spain and the canaries. These changes often indicate spirit energies joining her and you during the event. Which is one of the known signs of spirit activity.

Bring your cameras along to take pictures at all times including through the séance. Any of your photos may reveal spirit orb energies showing themselves as the evening goes on. These orb energies are a form of spirit energy. Gayle often has orb energies that are around her as she works. They have often been captured on live filming. This included a the spirit of Lady Jane Grey at a venue in Devon a few years ago. The same spirit communicated with Gayle and brought in the spirit of other royalty on the same day that was known to frequent the place. The history of this venue was not known to Gayle before her investigation, including the shape of the building which she had drawn in a trance state during the afternoon before the event.

The railway Club St.Blazey has been a great place for the gathering of those connected to the railway. The entertainment has always been known to be great. The people friendly. The atmosphere warm. It is Gayles first visit giving a paranormal experience but not her first visit as a medium visiting the club.

Tickets are available at the club 01726 814210 or from Gayle 01726 70786. £10.00 per ticket. There is a friendly welcome that awaits you. Plenty of car parking spaces.