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Meditation with Gayle Force’s Groups

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The picture is showing a live meditation given on air for radio. It was done live outside at Charlestown in cornwall earlier this year. Meditation is such a wonderful helper to aid well being as wellas connections to our spirit guides and family and freinds.
It is often misunderstood and mie read by people who dont understand the process. It is a disapline ,a teaching of having those quiet moments that allows the mind to go quiet. It is often at these times that we can see the way forward in sittuations in our lives. That we slip into a councious level that aids healing to take place within us. That brings balance within again keeping us well.
In our modern world there seems to be less and less time for any activities that are creative, spiritual or learning spaces. A chance to stop and stare as they say.
Joining a meditation group with Gayle means you have that chance to take the time to meet like minded people and to meditate in a safe enviorment. To learn how to meditate. To chat about how you feel during the meditation.
One meditation is a channelled journey which will help you to relax. Another meditation is often a mediumship learning connection with your guides. Where you can give off things you see or hear to those in the room.
Alongside this the evening unfolds with a reading, a prayer, healing and discussions. Often focused on spiritual happenings, or subjects with spirtual connections. Which can be Tarot, Healing, Crystals, Telepathy, Psychometry, Psychic Art and more.
These groups have been running for around forty years without a stopping time. Dedicated to you the learner. To be part of the monthly group that is held in St.Austell please contact Gayle on 01726 70786.
Each group is in the evening and start at 7pm – 9pm. There is a large car parking space just outside. Water is supplied for your comfort and for energy flow during the evening.
Gayle is looking for an afternoon group to begin this winter on a Thursday. Between 2pm – 4pm. This could be weekly. It certainly will be monthly. Book in now. There is a small charge for all events.


Personal Readings with Gayle Force


I often get asked if I give personal one to one readings. The answer is yes I do. It is a useful tool in lifes pathways to aid which way to go for you. What road is the best road to go down and enjoy your life to the full.
I see your aura around your body. I also often see your loved ones from spirit visiting you as I tune with you. they of course know you were having your reading with me and often want to join in, send you loads of love and messages.
For many years I have been seeing the colours of health issues around the body and mind. Sometimes illnesses appear in the aura long before they take hold in the body. Sometimes we are given guidence by the guides in spirit , to aviod illnesses.
Close to our heart is often romance and finding that special person in life for you. We all like to know we are loved and that that person is somewhere near us.
Finance and work in our life. What we are good at. Our own specail skills and gifts. Everyone has something they shine in.
There are many aspects that come in as guidence for you. even house moves and buisness desisions.
Every reading is unique to you, at the time you choose to visit me. The readings outcome can last from a few months to maybe a year or loner ,depending on what spirit indicates.
We all get stuck , at times in our lives and a reading can often hint at a direction for you. Many of my clients ,have said ,after the reading has been given, that it had been a confirmation to them, that they were going the right way.
We all search for confirmation. It is great when the right reading helps.
Some of our decisions in life can need a helping hand. We dont always know which way to turn. Our spirit loved ones and guides have our best interest in mind when they pass on messages to you through me.
People also find communication with their loved ones in spirit ,a comforting communication. I can also concentrate purely on this and it is called a medium reading. The focus is on connection with your loved ones rather than a personal reading.
Some people visit just after someone has passed into spirit, some after the funeral, and others years later.
A photograph or something that belonged to the person can help connection and could be brought along with you for your reading.
Most sessions are 3/4 of an hour long but you can book two sessions if you feel you would like a bit longer.
During readings I often spot other mediums, and I am in fact called, by some, the mediums medium.
My work is accurate and I have been told by many clients how accurate the reading had been. peopl send me post cards with evidence or facebook me or phone me.
I have been working over forty years with people from all over the world . Been on BBC T V and BBc radio as well as many other reputable channels throughout the world.
I love the media and have my column in a regular magazine, as well as writing features for magazines and newspapers.
If you would like a reading with me on a one to one you can visit me in St.Austell in Cornwall. You can recieve a phone reading, a postal reading, an internet reading and a skype reading.

Phone 01726 70786 to make your arrangements with me.

Western Inn St.Austell . An Intimate Evening with Gayle Force

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Gayle Force will be giving a special evening of readings at The Weestern Inn in St.Austell on October 22nd 2014. The evening will be a private group of listeners who are gaurennteed a reading as a group by Gayle. This is a rare opportunity to get to know Gayle a little more and enjoy an evening out with like minded people. Tickets are £20.00 per person. Available from The Western Inn. Either phone or pop in in person. Plenty of car parking spaces around the area. A warm welcome awaits you from Paula and Paul the landlords. You can equally connect with Gayle Force on 01726 70786

Conservative Club Wadebridge………….Paranormal Event……Gayle Force

October 10th at 7.30pm start ,Gayle Force with The Paranormal Experience is appearing at The Conservative Club in Wadebridge Cornwall. It is a club that is also known as The Churchill Club. It is situated in the main street near the Police Station end. Easy to find and plenty of car parking spaces around the towns car parks.
The club has a great ambience. Gayle Force will be Demonstrating her mediumship and holding a seance in the hall of the club which is seperate from the bar areas. It will be an interesting evening as always and great to meet you all.
Tickets are £10.00 per person and they are available at the Conservative club.DSCN2288 DSCN2233 DSCN2234 DSCN2235 DSCN2237 DSCN2239 DSCN2241 DSCN2245 DSCN2249 DSCN2270 DSCN2272 DSCN2280 DSCN2281 DSCN2284