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Paranormal Experience Event July 23rd 2014

This Wednesday Gayle Force is at The Best Western Cliff Head Hotel for an exciting evening working with spirit guides and ancesters,plus your loved ones who will draw near on the night as she gives you audience readings.
There will be a paranormal Quiz,yes thats right, a quiz to start the evening off and to join the audiences minds together as we set ourselves the challendge of inviting your spirit loved ones to join us.
Bring your cameras along too, and take pictures as Gayle works ,because orb enrgies and spirit entities often stand close to her, and they can come out in the photo.
Brace yourself as we enter into the seance , where you become part of the evening and as Gayle walks around you,you can give her anything you feel and see, as well as getting the messages she has for you. Dont be shy ,you may get a name come into your head that is for the person who is sat next to you.
The psychic art that Gayle demonstrates is really amazing and a rare chance to see this phenonomen right in front of your eyes.
When Gayle comes to you please speak to her, your loved ones join us to hear your voice too. They have to break through the earths atmosphere,that is heavy to them , to be withy ou.Justa thought ,to remind you that your loved ones are excited to hear from you too. Gayle is your link ,that is her work as a medium.
She has worked both locally and abroad for many years,with clients from all over the world.

To get your tickets for the evening of July 23rd ………. thats this week. Please phone 01726 70786. Tickets are £10.00. It starts at 7.30pm with admission from 7pm.