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Another book that is soon to be on the market………….Artist Ian Spencer

Another book that is soon to be on the market.............Artist Ian Spencer

Ian has a gift that takes special pictures and takes them to another level with magical creations that are very spiritual and magical. Yes that magical word again. Nothing else can discribe them really. I have had the privilage of taking photos of him for his book cover/sleeve. Have a look on facebook , tap in Gayle Force and it will be there under my page Atmospheric Photography.
If you would like a couple of hours photo shoot with me , give me a ring on 01726 70786. Starting cost £199.00.


New Author…………….Coral Dawn

New Author................Coral Dawn

Treasures of the Heart special edition is written by a new author called Coral Dawn. I first met Coral this year and we have been working together on this lovely,magical, emotional and heartwarming book. It contains her poems and my,Gayle Force’s photography. I have had great fun finding the right locations and pictures to match Corals work. Theres a poem called The Robin, and the robin picture was taken down Heligan Gardens where my husband and I enjoyed a day out a while ago. The poem Soft Sensations has a picture of Cherry Blossom from my garden in early spring. The poem called Pain has a picture of a pathway that can be found on Par beach near St.Austell. The poem, The Friend That Lives Inside Me has a beautiful fairy picture that is from my garden. There are stories from many of the times spent photo shooting, including the day I asked my husband to drive to a place we love in St.Austell with a little known waterfall. Also included in the book.
The Cornish connection goes on and on, including the fact that I was born here in st.Austell as generations of my family have been. Coral moved to Cornwall as a dream come true many years ago now, and Cornwall inspires her poems. From favoite walks to thinking time in her own home and garden.
This book has 156 pages. It is a paperback. The paper it has been created on is just lovely to hold and a joy to look at. If you would like a copy please contact me…… Gayle Force on 01726 70786 and I will arrange with you ,to get a book to you. The cost is £9.99 per copy.

Gayle Force with the Paranormal Experience Event at the Cliff Head Hotel. July 23rd

Copy of DSCN4229 Copy of DSCN4228 Copy (2) of DSCN4219 Copy (2) of DSCN4224 Copy of DSCN4225 Copy (2) of DSCN4225 Copy (2) of DSCN4248 Gayle Force Ornage candle 2012 Mathew Gayle Force singing bowls , mathewThe Paranormal Experience is on July 23rd 2014. An evening of Audience Readings, Seance, Paranormal Quiz, and Psychic Art Demonstration. If you have never been to aparanormal event before let me tell you this is one of those where so many suprises often happens ,live on stage. Gayle has over forty years experience working with her spirit guides and loved ones. Her readings have been given world wide and she is known to be very accurate. Psychic art is not often demonstrated but Gayle has a strong link with her guides and she finds that once the pencil has been lined up on the paper it goes all of it’s own accord and she watches as the picture evolves letting you ,the audience know what is going on. Each piece is then related to a member of the audience and when completed is signed by Gayle for the participating person to take home as a gift and memory piece.
The seance is not sacry but it does bring in energies that many will feel. Like heat and cold temperature changes. Loved ones joining in and giving messages to you. Links with the hotels past even ,as Gayle says, she has worked here befor and amazing things took place, including photographs with orb enrgies in them. Which reminds us, please bring your cameras ,as you too may capture the orb energies on your photos. Spirit energies that want you to see them proving their exsistence.
The paranormal quiz was developed by Gayle several years ago , a great starter to her events ,with a little laughter and fun to begin the energies connections. There are also prizes for those with the most correct points.
There is a lovely ambiance at the Cliff Head Hotel in St.Austell with plenty os seating and space to meet your friends before the event. The table settings will be large round tables all ready for the seance to come.
You can also enjoy a meal or drink as the evening goes on. There is plenty of car parking space around the hotel. For those who want to stay and enjoy anther day or two in the area there are rooms available. Not forgetting you could also book private readings at Gayles Sanctuary in St.Austell over those following days too.
It all starts at 7.30pm ,on the evening. Tickets are £10.00 per person. Bookings on 01726 70786