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Port Issac Village Hall Event

Port Issac Village Hall Event

We have got numerous orb energies on film and in photos. Often with them following me as I work. Our spirit friends and family want to be seen ,and want to let us know they are indeed, still alive. Atmospheric photography was taking the photos, and don was filming the whole event. We will have a lot to share very soon.
At this evnt ,for the very first time I gave out a photograph of a person well known to me but not others. The resulting answers were amazing. It is a way of working with phychometry with my audience. Another layer of the paranormal. Lets take the word paranormal, because it simply means that things that are out of the normal. what is seen to be different from everyday, and everybody’s thinking,knowing, and learnings.
I always express that when in the seance situation we are working together with the right intent. We are not shouting ,”Is there anybody there”, there is no need. The orb photos and filming tell us that. I want to show you all that by sending our love to those who want to make contact with us ,they will show thiers to us. It is a gentle communication but it is there. To me it is true mediumship.
Written by Gayle Force October 2013


Port Issac Village Hall ,The Pranormal Experience with Gayle Force. Medium/Healer /Clairvoyant

Port Issac Village Hall ,The Pranormal Experience with Gayle Force. Medium/Healer /Clairvoyant

This Wednesday 16th October, Gayle will be giving a pranormal evening in aid of Port Issac carnival. She will be demonstrating audience Readings with your love ones standing close to her and you ,giving you messages. The there will be a paranormal quiz. A demonstration of psychic art with a reading for the recipent to take home ,signed by Gayle and dated. Floowed by more audience readings and a seance where evryone can join in. People often experience temperature changes when the seance is in motion. At gayles last event at The Whitehouse at Penhallow she saw Roman Soldiers march through the premises as they were in the seance quiet. Many felt energies around them and one lady told of her ear being touched by unseen hands. The same lasy had received a psychic drawing of her relative and clues of who he was and she was thrilled to tell gayle of the connections. another lady got a drawing of her Aunt in a hat she knew her in from America. Several gentleman also got accurate readings from Gayle and wanted to tell her after the event that she was right ,or that the message had encouraged them in what they wanted to do or get done.
Gayle Force can also be booked for private readings throughout the year, as well as healing sessions, meditations, weddings, ceremonies, and talks.