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Working at radio St.Austell bay with the subject of Animals inSpirit

I have had many experiences with animals that I have had as part of the family or others I have known through clients and friends ,that when they have dies ,have come back to let us know they are alright in the spirit world. When my father died for instance he came back with our old dog Jason with him on several occasions. Dad like me loved his animals to ditraction as he did his family. To us our animals are part of our family. They are after all inteeligent and loveing in their own way. I have noted over many years that all animals communicate with us, we only have to learn their ways, of communication. It is interesting that they still want to let us know they are there with us when they have passed over. as a medium I see this as an unconditional love between human beings and their animal friends. A client of mine came for a reading with a friend one day and as I sat with her I got a full size ,and very real lion come and sit beside me, I shall never forget it ,as I had always wanted to be close to a lion like a huge domestic cat. I love cats. Anyway there he was, and I could smell him too. The reading was going well and I had this lion at my side. I then began talking to my client about this lion I had with me. He was quite happy with me. She laughed and then cryed. It turned out her Mother was a lion keeper at Long leat in ngland. How wonderful was that. Her Mother now in spirit was really letting her daughter know it was her through her animal connection.
A lady who often came to my meditation group lost her dog . She was very upset. As she lived on her own it was more deveasting. For weeks after his passing ,doggy foot prints appeared on her pale carpet daily. She had to brush the mud away. He retured often at the time of day he was normally walked. Fasinating. It was comforting to the lady.
Our dear cat ,years ago now, died after being knocked over, our dog ,who was brought up with the cat ,often ‘saw’ her come through the back window after she had died. We also would hear her bounce to the floor,just like she used too.
When ,in recent years our dog died. It was aian a very sad time, he had been with us for sixteen years. He hated fireworks. We left our bedroom door open just the same as when he was alive and used to come in with us on Guy Folks night. We had gone to bed when we heard, a dogs panting and then from out of the blue he landed right on top of the bed just as he would have done when he was alive. t only happened the first years. It was very real. When we told him it was alright, the fireworks would be gone soon, he settled down and we went to sleep. It was months before we really stopped talkinga bout that. Also that we had both heard and felt him.
I had a horse I was emplyed to help for several months with stomach problems. He was white. A lovely sight. I knew little about horses and really know more about cattle. however he responded to his first introduction to me and the healing by nestling his nose into my neck. I dont know if you know much about horses but their noses are like velvet and they have huge square teeth. He was so gentle, as he nuzzled into my neck. After several sessions of my going to where he lived in the field, he got better. That horse never forgot me, if he saw me walking,and it could be months aprat in visits of going past where he was, he would run down the field and begin communicating with me. He even shoed me his girlfriend once. That was the last time I saw him.
Another horse could not pee, and had not peed for several days. It owner did not know what to do, and then gave me a ring. I tuned with my guides, and was told the horse was grieving. In fact he was grieving his friend who had recently been taken to another field where he could not see her. Healing was given. I talked to him as I worked. Aftera short time he peed for ages. All was well. The owner got him some new company as the other horse could not come back with him and they remained happy for years and the health of both horses was good as they were happy. A bit like people really.
One more story for the moment, is the Totiose we had for years. She would go on her holidays across the lane as our neighbour had rows of lettuce after our had grown and gone and we think she knew that. Who knows but she made the same trip each year and our neighbour would bring her back when she was found in his garden. She was a clver animal.
We have had dogs who know when mebers of the family were coming home long before they arrived and even when they had changed the clocks or a shift had been changed or something was wrong. Cats who have sat outside the house waiting for family and some friends to arrive. Even on emergencies when they were not meant to be there. Strange but true, animals have a higher link to the world and their surroundings. Never underestimate your furry friends. Love em. Always love them unconditionally and treat them well.


Meditation with Gayle Force

Once a month at my sanctuary in St.Austell and once a month at Cuddra W I Hall St.Austell in Cornwall, I hold special evenings dedicated to spiritual work. The meditations are pure and channeld by my guides for my group to enjoy.
I find the best way to relax into the evening is sharing a story of some of my work and happenings and then we close our eyes and relax the body before concentrating on the meditation to come.
Over many years of working with lovely people I have had spirit Nuns, Monks, Angel beings, Frinds in Spirit I have worked with here on the earthplane Jesus ,yes Jesus and those who have choosen to work with me to help others ,be it on the healing levels or mediumnistic levels.
Several of the people in the froups have told me of how these evenings have helped them in so many ways. From sleeping better to better concentration, with connections with their spirit guides and helpers and loved ones.
The evening always has a formula as does all my work other than one to one readings. However the formula often goes out of the window as the evening evolves the way it is meant to go.
Working with a medium ,such as myself, you can feel safe in the knowledge that my learnings are suffient to be able to aid anyone if they should have any problems during the evening. A good way to feel confident in working on spiritual levels.
Our room/hall is always warm, and light enough so you feel relaxed in it’s ambience.
The sanctuary meditation happens the first Friday of every month , whereas the Cuddra W I Hall is the third Tuesday of the month. Both have ample parking facilities, and the hall is wheel chair freindly.
For me meditation has been simple but as time has gone on,with me now in my fifties, I can meditate for a couple of hours with great satisfaction, and learnings from my spirit guides.
Meditation is known to lower blood pressure, help a goods nights sleep and give many other health benifits .
The key to a balanced way of life. I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to book in a session of meditation with one of our groups,on 01726 70786.

Blessings of Light to you,

Gayle Force

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