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The Pine Lodge Tickets are going fast…………………………

It is always exciting when an event is getting closer. Gayle is looking forward to working with you all on the night. It will be a first , when we ask you the audience to bring your cameras and show you how we invite spirit energies to stay around and be captured on your photos as well as ours. The seance will be on the pathway, so we can concentrate on those who will be communicating with us on the night. Dusk can be an interesting time to feel spirit energies. there may even be a nip in the air.  At the end of the evening when we were investigating, our film man ,Mathew captured some fantastic orb energies that were dancing across the whole pathway as dusk was just entering the space. Have frequented the Pine Lodge Gardens so often over the years ,since the Clemo family created it and built it,  Gayle was amazed as there were so many entities and ley lines that showed up when tuning to spirit with her spirit guides help.

We are all meeting in the Couryard Tearooms where Jackie, the propieter will be offering refreshments and beverages all evening. Jackie had her own story to tell ofthe paranormal. One Sunday morning she felt someone around her as she prepared the tearooms for the days clients. the back of her neck stood on end as she turned to find ,no one there.  Was it the time of year ? jackie never forgot the errie feeling she experienced. Other staff mebers felt they too had had similer experiences.

The gardener had his own tale. a mysterious skull of an animal that appeared in the hedge and was gone minutes after he had gone to get a bag to put it in ,not wanting to upset visitors that day. Spooky. Where did it go?

June 27th 2012. Pine Lodge Couryard Tearooms, st.Austell in Cornwall. It starts at 7.30pm. Tickets now available at £10.00 in advance or £12.00 on the night. Please have some warm clthes to wear as the sun goes down and sensible shoes for walking around.  SEE YOU THERE ………………… 



Gayle Force appears in Thisiscornwall site ….. Have alook at this local site now.

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