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Couryard Tearooms at Pine Lodge Gardens ,St.Austell Cornwall, Ghost walk with Gayle Force

Couryard Tearooms at Pine Lodge Gardens ,St.Austell Cornwall, Ghost walk with Gayle Force

Ghost Wlak with Gayle Force ,June 27th 2012. Starts at 7.30pm. Meeting at the Tearooms. We will explore the pathway from the car park to the Tearooms and more for ley lines , spirit activity , and past memeories shown to us by spirit. Look at the filming done on the facebook site of Gayle Force, where you will see for your selves the spirit activity happening live by Gayle and her team of investigators.

There will also be audience readings and psychometry demonstration. As there is a limited number of places it is suggested that booking for the evening now would be a good idea. Tickets are £10 per person available from 01726 70786.
Beverages and refreshments will be available all evening from the tearooms. Car parking is free of charge on your right just after the turning into the gardens.

Pine Londge Gardens is a place Gayle has frequented ever since meeting the original owners and creators of this beautiful place. she has admired the tranquility of the place. even Gayle was suprised that so much activity was present here. never the less, bring your dowsers, cameras and pndulums on the night and see for your selves the power of energies.


Gayle Force at Fernlea Festi in Cornwall

Gayle Force at Fernlea Festi in Cornwall

A big thank you to all those who supported the event. the sun shone all day and the event went on into the wee small hours ,finally finishing at midnight. Gayle opened the event with a speech on the concern of bowel cancer affecting so many people today, young and older. Was it our modern diet she posed the question. Mathew Roy of Hunters Production online T .V was there to record the festivities of the day. There were dancers, muscians, a magician, drummers ,and of course our Gayle and more.In this lovely place of three fields and an enchanted woodland the day rambled on with so much to see and do. A large amount of funds have been raised for the good cause.


This saturday on May 12th I will have the pleasure of opening the first event of  Fernlea Fest at Roche. organised by nurses from our local hospital in Truro with Carol Trustcott being the leader of all the activities that  will be taking place at Fernlea Cottage ,Roche , Near St.Austell. The signs will be along the road side guiding everyone in to the event on the day. So signs from Roche roundabout,and Bugle lights directing you straight there.

It will open at 12 noon with the official opening at 1pm, as I cut the ribbons. After the Steel Band give us their performance I will be giving audience readings on stage before the rest of the days lovely music array begins. There will also be a magician who will be on stage at some time and also performing amongst the people that are part of the day, how exciting is that?

Janet will be demonstrating the lively dance of  zumba and that will be spectacular. The whole day is a treat for the eyes and ears. It is a family day out not to be missed. Not forgetting the hog roast as part of the entry fee of just £5 each. Also a babecue , beverages and as far as I remember a bar.

Not forgetting the local tug of war teams showing their skills. The enchanted woodland walks with lovely scenery to enjoy. Did you see the fairies?

Meet the wild animals and creepy crawlies,which I think I will leave to the brave and the  curious. Then there is the chainsaw carvings being shown. Air and Sea rescue. Plus information all about the knowledge of bowel cancer and screening. I would guess that everyones diets would be discussed also, so as we can help ourselves with diet changes. I was also aware many years ago that the simplicity of drinking water on it’s own is so benificial to all our body functions including the brain, muscles and the bowel. that is a simple thing to bring into our everyday intake of food and drink.

With all health problems healing helps to aid  wellness and bring balance into our lives. Over forty odd years of working with people and animals I have of course worked many times with many different cancers and just like the medical proffesion I have seen many people recover. For those who have the terminal cancers healing can still aid the afflicted with a peacefulness and helping hand into the world beyond our own. The spirit world. A world that as a medium/healer I have a lot of contact with. We are all spirit as well as psysical. I hold healing days at my sanctuary in St.Austell and healing is part of my meditation evenings at Cuddra W I Hall St.Austell. For appointments phone me on 01726 70786.