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Paranormal experience with Gayle Force and Alan Jones


Gayle Force Cornish Medium Talking About Her Work

An introduction to some of Gayles work. talking about her first encounter with a Granfather that she never met in her liftime here on the earthplane but she met him when only a child in a spiritual fashion. Gayle has been quite excited about having been given a photo of him as he actually looked on his visits to her. He is her Fathers , Father.
She also shares some of her work with audiences, which include orb energies following her around during her work. indeed the interview with Gayle also shows an orb as she spoke about her Grandfather.
Gayle is available for audience readings, paranormal investigations, private readings, healing, T.V and radio. As well as audience work through the day or evenings, amongst many other aspects of her work. She also writes for three magazines with features on varied subjects of inspiration as well as a column. For all enquiries phone 01726 70786 or e mail on