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A Story from The Holistic Times Magazine by Gayle Force


I have noticed several clients feeling low or suffering depression, which can happen to any of us at any time. Long term illness can be difficult to tloerate and overcome, be it physical or mental. depression comes in many guises, from feeling a little down in the mouth to clinical depression. I have found that healing is wonderful at helping these circumstances to balance mind, body and spirit, giving a kick start to aid recovery, and lead you into your normal state of conciousness, lifting your energies and state of mind. healing also cleanses the chakra systems, and the aura, from a greyness to cheerful colours, that shine through the healing session.

I have noted over years of working with spirit how powerful the energies are and how the person receiving healing often feels lifted in spirit, to such an extent that you can see a difference in the face of the client from when they arrived at your doorstep.

As part of the healing session, I have developed the use of sounds from singing bowls, voice and feather. a developement that became part of my way of healing from as early as the 1970’s.

Along my pathway of healing my guides have had a great influence, but I have also been drawn to earthly masters who now repect my work and send people to me, as they have retired.

Interestingly I can often ‘see’ thee nergy shift as I work around the body, aura, and chakras. As well as feel the change in vibrational energy around the person, I am working with.

many times i have been drawn to where part of the body needs a clearing. often along with medical science, sometimes without it.A lot of doctors are now recongnising that healing along with other therapies can aid well being. Some of my clients fall alseep while receiving healing, a lovely relaxed state, that can be very theraputic.

Modern day stress can trigger a form of depression, mundane duties of daily life can get on top of anyone, some of the viruses are now affecting the mind as well as the body, and example here is the M.E condition that so many are suffering. Accidents, troubles, and a feeling of being lost or having a bereavement, as well as feeling unloved, can all have their victums. there are many reasons and circumstances for feeling low, it is nothing to be ashamed of, and you can come back to normality.

There are so many things that can uplift you, the sufferer,like getting your routine in life back. Listening to uplifting music to lift the soul. Painting and drawing, laughter and dance, and learning a new subject. Even though you may not feel like it, smile at yourself in the mirror and of course at others, it is suprising how uplifting it is.

Try singing, as your voice is your personal sound to aid your healing, enjoy the vibrations of the sound. I often find clients say, “Thats better” after a healing session. How wonderful is that? I to have been a client for healing and know only to well how much it has helped me.  Thierty odd years down the line I still find giving healing a wonderful experience for all who come along and receive. I hold a clinic each week in St.Austell. You can book a session on  01726 70786.


Sharing pink Roses from my garden , symbolising unconditional love.

Sharing pink Roses from my garden , symbolising unconditional love.

Pure beauty of nature in a rose.

Pink ,often seen as unconditional love, very healing. Depths of different shades of pink surround you. Let the uplifting shades envelope you. bringing love into your life. Sahre this love with all you meet. Smile away your cares. laugh away your fears. Dance away your shadows. Uplift your energies with music driftinga round your being , letting you float on it’s tone. Always remember that life is full of joy.

The Paranormal Experience at Pentewan, seahorse Club, St.Austell, Cornwall



The Seahorse Club is situated on the Pentewan sands beach at Pentewan , near St.Austell in Cornwall. This new venue is really spacious and modern. Giving your evening with us a feeling of breath taking views from many of the seats in the resturant/stage area. As we are there on April 27th 2012 the daylight will still be there for you to enjoy looking out over the bay. Indeed there is seating outside and inside.

Alan Jones and Gayle Force met over twenty years ago at a theatre in St.austell. Two totally different individuals that find their work compliments each other. They have been following totally different pathways, until now, when you will have the chance to see this unique pair work from stage to let you explore the paranormal with the, as you , the audience will become part of the evening.  If you dare.

The doors will open for the arrival of all from 7pm. This will allow you to find your seats, get a drink from the bar, and begin to settle in, as both Gayle and Alan will be giving a few table readings before beginning the evenings amazing paranormal delights. At around 7.30pm both Gayle and Alan will introduce themselves to you. Followed by a paranormal quiz. Which is very bonding and a little fun. Yes working with these two can be great fun as well as the more serious side of messeges from guides and loved ones.

Alan will then bring you into part of the evening where he will demonstrate The Lie Detector, and some of you will join him on stage . This is imformative and interesting, watch your every move and his.  At the same time Gayle will be doing some psychic drawings of your guides and loved ones in spirit and this can include animals. Her hands are taken by spirit to draw for you, using a pencil or charcal.

Both Gayle and Alan will invite you, once again, to join them to feel the healing energies and aid your well being. Again this is another experience that is paranormal, and that is very real, for you to feel. We close the first part of the evening with the circle and open the second part of the  event, with Alans historical show about Victorian seance’s, which will lead into the part of the evening when, for the first time ever, there will be a seance held at The Seahorse in the hands of Gayle Force who has been working with paranormal energies since a child. Who’s guide leads and helps her with all her work. So the modern seance is born as Gayle once again invites you to join her , to see who steps forward in the seance to communicate with you.

Then the moment you have all been waiting for, the audience readings. Gayle and Alan will be working together again. If one or the other should come to you, please speak into the microphone so we can all hear you. Your voice is as important as the connection through the two working for you. Gayle is a medium working with her guides and loved ones and your loved ones to create the messages . Alan is a psychic/intuitive and picks up on your energies and body laungage to create his readings.

The evening is waiting to unfold. The venue is fabulous. The enrgies around the place really unusual. The two paranormal investigators, ready to go. All is in place to greet you …… the audience.  See you there. The tickets are available now on 01726 843485, the booking office.

You can contact Gayle on 01726 70786

Or Alan on



Mathew Roy’s picture of my singing bowls ………….. great for meditation and healing

Mathew Roy's picture of my singing bowls .............. great for meditation and healing

Sound can be so healing. It resonates with each cell in our bodies. imagine the sound drifting over you. Close your eyes and feel the enrgies within you respond.
I have been working with sound as a healing tool as well as being a healer for many years.
evidence from many of my clients tell me how prfound the sound energy effects them. Often with uplifting feelings that can move depression and a feeling of lowness.