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Readings for personal guidence /evidence or for parties

Rock formation on Dartmoor in Cornwall in England.

Feel the space.

Readings are a personal experience, given to help with guidence of lifes pathways. To often show where life is going or where it could go if some changes are made. Then there is the party readings where several people indulge in their readings in the same room with different experiences brought forward by Gayles guides, loved ones and yours. Also a party type day or evening can be readings seperate but the get togeather goes on in a different room. A lot of people also like to have their readings at Gayles, one to one or two or three or more depending on what suits you, the client.
A medium focused reading will be more tuning with your love ones in spirit and your guides , where as a general reading covers more about you with some love ones coming through as they step forward to do so. the focus really depends on what spirit thinks you need, unless there is a need for a medium focused reading. For exaple like in bereavment where a link with your loved ones is very benificial to you.
Gayle often sees some of your lifes pathway for you. This can help with some of lifes big or small decisions. Many of your guides will want to let you know they are around you, which is often comforting and allows you to make your personal conection with them much easier. evidence comes in with Gayles communication with your loved ones. Both human and animal.
It is good to bring paper and pen or a friend to write things down for you, if you would like to.
Healing is often given through Gayles guides as she works with you on your reading. With evidence of health issues or not as the case may be. Several of gayles spirit guide team are doctors, who have frequented the earth plane , and some have had their learnings else where. Interestingly , a long time ago Gayle ‘saw’ rooms full og colours during one of her meditative communications with her guides, who told her that colours where healing . many illnesses can be healped by the right colour around you.
ayle has also found sounds that can trigger all parts of the body to heal along with her healing energies. As you sit for a reading your energies are being balanced by Gayle’s guides. How great is that?
Gayle has found that creative energies are often emphasied by our guides, encouraging relaxation in our lives as well as hard work. It seems we are still learning balance. Work, rest and play in equal amounts will help mind , body and spirit, balance which is well ness.
Readings can be given at Gayles sanctuary in St.Austell in Cornwall. Or over the internet, or by post or by phone. She works worldwide. With so many ways of communicating today.
readings start at £35. Bookings to be made by phone 01726 70786. E Mail
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Inner Spiritual/Paranormal Circle with Gayle Force

Beyond the rocks surface you can lie on the rock, feel the distant past from its energies

Great for your imagination to wander who put their feet on this rock millions of years ago. spiritually, through a meditative state you could get an answer.

Gayle Force’sInner Cirlce is by invitation only. However you can apply to be part of the group that explores meditation, readings, psychometry, spiritual art,tarot readings, feather healing, colour healing,crystal healing, natural spiritual healing, orb energies. spirit voice and much more over time. The evning begins at 7pm -9pm. Meditation is always the beginning of the evening. Several guides come forward each time the meetings are held, giving messages and wisdom. Many of the guides know each other.
This is a special group, moving forward in the saftey of working with Gayle. Many times Gayle has demonstrated healing, readings, messages, transfigureation, paranormal activity, and more.
Encouraging those who surround her in their pathway with their gifts.
It has always been known that mediums share their knowledge with those interested and dedicated to working with spirit with a pure heart.
Gayle has alot to share with you. It is of the upmost importance that those who are sharing these sacred evnings all the right energy to work together, hence interviews before jioning the group, unless of course your invitation came from Gayle because she felt your energies were right.
At this moment there are two places available in Gayles circle due to others moving out of the area.
It is always exciting , when new people are brought about by Gayles guides and yours to be in the right place at the right time to be a part of this group.
Gayle has run this circle for over thirty years, with a continuity through many phase4s of her own life and her followers. Some of whom have been part of this group for well over a decade.
If you feel you would like to sit with ayle and her established circle then plaese contact her on 01726 70786.
It is held in St.Austell, in Cornwall, England. Once a month at Eastholme. Gayles sanctuary.
It will be lovely to hear from you.

Seperately, if you have agroup you would like Gayle to visit then again please contact her, on this same number.