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Summer Walk to Blackhead near St.Austell



I was remembering the foxgloves that lined the walk last year when we enjoyed a day out near our home in St.Austell. It is surprising how the quiet of the country side relaxing your jangled nerves. Birds sing in the hedgerows and cattle in the fields munch their grass. Slowly moving up the hill of the field to peer out over the wire to say hello to you. I never tire of walks in the same or different locations as there is always something to see and enjoy.

It was Saturday, and this year we have begun having the week – end to us. Unless of course I am doing a wedding or ceremony for some lovely people.

We had our back pack on and walkers shoes to aid our ageing feet. The weather was great, a few clouds and clear blue skies as we ventured along our way.

I had bought a Cornish pasty for my lunch and my husband had a favourite sandwich. We had walked quite a distance before stopping at Blackhead itself. Fishermen and women had passed us on the way. It was bass time of year they said and the mackerel had begun biting. It is not often now that fishermen come around house to house sharing their catch as they used to as I grew up here in Cornwall. It would be nice to even have a fresh fish straight from the sea. So we decided we must try and catch our own next time.


I had brought the camera, as I was sure to capture more views of Foxgloves. I was struggling, there was hardly one in sight. quite the reverse of last season, but mother nature does that. You get an abundance of one species in one year and not the next. In fact I should have known that.

An empty hedgerow of Foxglove but an abundance this year of Pink Campion. they too are lovely and when we were visiting France a few years ago there was an abundance of White Campion.

I took the camera out and photographed these and the only example of Foxglove on the cliff pathway.

We heard a Pheasant as he/she left the nest near by us, several times as we eat our lunch.

what we did not expect to see was the diving club down below in the sea , who were very colourful in their orange canoes and colourful suits. I also remembered that I had seen them last year but had not got there photograph. Ah, I got it this time. Success.

We walked back the narrow path and headed toward Trenarren. Up past more cows. Views over St.Austell town and then opening up to more sea views. It is lovely. Fantastic really.

There were rabbit holes to manover around and ditches to get across but it was a joy to be there.

Down the steep hill, that runs to the beach and the large house on it, the pathway bended around corners and steepened.



We climbed down to the beach where we paddled our feet in the sea. it was only a few weeks ago we had been swimming in the sea. It was now the beginning of June and it was cold. Still it refreshed our feet.

Stopping a while I did a picture shoot of some piled pebbles, and then we settled down to sun bathe for a while and fell asleep. we had been busy all week and it was good to stop a while.




So there we were, enjoying the early summer sun,on the beach. Naturally we had a cup of tea with us, in our flask. So tea and cake was on the menu next.

Near the pathway back to the car is an old house that a sculptor now occupies at times around the year doing his craft. He maintains the house for the owner. On this day he was not there but someone either on holiday or the owners were enjoying its space. There are no shops or amenities near by but it is a superbly inspiring place to stay. A cove to explore and peace to write, paint or just be. A place from the rat race, that is for sure.

Walking up the long narrow pathway to reach the top of the steep hill , shade covered us to aid the speed of our walking.

It was lovely. we chatted as we went on our way and noticed the wild strawberries growing in the hedge as always.

It really is a steep hill with many houses each side . some are lived in while other are holiday retreats. Rooks nest in the high Fir trees and you hear their familiar call as you embark on the hill.

The sun was shining and it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. A dog barked, and someone was talking in their garden.

A friend of mine lives at the top of the hill and at times we call for a tea and a chat but today we wanted to get back and

get some gardening done. Cream tea on the lawn then.