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Mind , Body and Spirit Event Photos at the Beginning of the Day

 These are just a few of the photos at the event…………….


People came from all around the world…..

Our Bee Keeping friends, with their stall, the soaps are really lovely ….
Christene with her healing beads, a lady I have known most of my life …….
Maggie , one of my closed circle ladies, with her and her daughters stall …..
Anna , who sails with her husband , around the world, was greeting everyone on the day ……
Here is Deborah with her smiling face and cuppa, our Buddist stall ….
Just a few of the days stalls , first thing in the morning, before many people arrived.

Talking about ‘Beautiful’ Roman mummy found in Egyptian oasis – World News – MSN News UK



‘Beautiful’ Roman mummy found in Egyptian oasis – World News – MSN News UK
Egyptian archaeologists carrying out excavations at the site of a planned youth centre have found 14 tombs dating back to the third century BC, including one with a female mummy covered in jewellery.