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APRIL 10TH 2010






10AM – 4PM











A very special day with so many of the lovely people that regularly support my events. They are here to help you maintain optimum health. From therapies like Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Massage, Healing,

Bowen Technique, Colour Healing, and more.

Stalls with Bach Flower remedies, Books, Honey and local bee products, Aloe Vera, Crystals, Hand made Coffee Bag Products, Drumming Teacher and healer Dereck Gane,

Crafted greeting cards, Tarot Cards, Tai Chi demonstration at 2.30pm. Mind blowing therapies to help you relax and get well. Craniosacral therapy holistic Massage, Hypnotherapist/ psychotherapy, Buddhist Stall with Incense that is just to die for, Jewellery and Wiccan items, South West Connection Magazine. Health juice from America, great taste.

Pegasus Transformations, Pyramid therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Jimshin Jyutsu, So much to share in an ambiance that is so enjoyable. So if you think you have heard of all these mind body and spirit events before , try this one. It is different, in many ways. All of these people will be able to connect with you after the event, as well as on the day. See you there.



Also a refreshment kitchen for you to relax have a chat, enjoy a bacon butty and tea cake.

Give your feet a rest.


Meet like minded people who are also very free with their helping hands.


All therapies are offering special taster sessions all day at a reasonable cost.

Don’t be late or all the spaces will be full.

Readings by Gayle Force…… who has over forty years experience of working with her spirit guides and helpers to give you the most out of you reading. Again a special price for the day …… £20.00 per session.

Therapies are £10.00 per session. 






Walt Disney has done it again. the first film in years that had me happily sat in my seat for the full feature.

I entered the cinema with anticipation after the critics reviews didn’t appear to be great.

For me it was exciting from the beginning with scenes from Anthony House , and later Charlestown in St.Austell , in Cornwall where part of my family had descended.

I had ventured to Charlestown when the filming of Alice in Wonderland was being done. Old fashioned dresses and old looking crab pots , took the imagination back in time.

Seeing the lighting sheeting used and many extras from the area was most interesting. Then we learnt that the film would take two years to complete. It has been a long wait. It has been  worth it.

Here I was , sat in my seat with glasses on to see the 3 d affect. a first for me. Was I going to like it?

Some of the adverts were also in 3d and i saw for the first time people on a screen like you see them in real life. Very strange to begin with.

The film began, glasses on we saw Alice emerge with her Father talking in a large country house room.

Then the story jumped with Alice more grown up and sitting in  a carriage with her Mother going to a party.

Anthony House was in the first few scenes and many more as the film progressed.

It was fascinating.

We has recently watched, on T.V the story of how Anthony house had been used for the film and how they were making props for the summer visitor to see that took them into the mushrooms , like in the film and figures of the caterpillar etc.

The film continued, it was magical.

Right up to the scenes at the end with Charlestown Harbour,in St.Austell, in Cornwall, with Alice on the ship, looking out to sea. ( I saw that being filmed.)

Not forgetting the butterfly that was the caterpillar during the story, who flew out into the audience as though you could have touched it.


So come on Disney, lets have a remake of Fairytale next please.

Johnny Depp was a perfect Mad Hatter. Loved the make up and the way he played the character. Then there was Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who became lovable characters.

The cat, that transformed himself in a puff of smoke, the wonderful mouse and of course Alice.

All the characters were people around her and how she saw them. Or had she really been there before? I feel Lewis Carol would have loved this version.

Don’t miss out, go and see it for yourself.


Written by Gayle Force,from Cornwall. Clairvoyant, Healer, Medium and Author.