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Yesterday it was a cold morning at seven am as I walked up the road to my viewing point to capture the sunrise on my camera. This was not the first time I had done this but I have been trying to get there on time for ages to get that particular peculiar pink that lights up the sky on cold frosty mornings. My hand holding the camera soon got cold and I was changing hands over and getting the other in my coat pockets. Dog walkers that I know passed my by with a curious look at my camera holding. Another runner went pass swiftly as I progreesed to the hill and view point. It went quiet from people , which was what I was hoping for as I like to concentrate and enjoy the sunrise energy as I shoot.
I thought I must get my husband here with me one morning and have the sunrise as a background for his lovely face.
There are seats on this walk and I stopped at one of them just to get a look through the camera. No too low. I had to stand by the gate at the top or as I walked down the familier pathway. A man in one of those disabled carrages with his dog passed me and we greeted each other in the early morning. He had seen me over the road bridge area he had said, and wondered what I was doing. Then he spotted the camera. " Not out with the husband today" he said. I explianed I was photgraphing the sunrise and that it was about to happen. he did not seem interested but I am very child like and every sunrise to me is exciting. I have watched many, at different times of the year. I know I am not alone, as many of my friends have told me that they too enjoy the sun rise.
It was standing there alone at last that I drifted into a meditation, which I will share with you.
From previous experience I know the movement of the sun from summer to winter and autumn to spring , as well as how quick the sune rises.
For a moment I stood in the quiet absorbing the energies of the morning. When meditating outside you have to be aware that people can inturpt your meditation so prepare yourself over time to come accustomed to movement of people and animals.
Coming into the quiet of the morning bird calls and the gentle movement of the wind, I let my mind clear before taking my pictures. the cold was really affecting my concentration with my hands holding the camera and no gloves on.
I lent aagainst thehedge and just postioned myself so people could see me but leave me alone.
Gently I found my mind energy float way above the clouds and i was flying out to the coast where I could be nearer the sunrise without interuption. A thought came in to my mind, could I take photos here in this space. I knew the answer was no, as it is for the mind energy to experience not the physical body.
The beautiful; colours of pink brushed with a golden light was enveloping me and giving me clarity of mind , creative energy and healing.
I bathed in the clours before coming back to normal consioness.
Waht a treat.
I was still in the quiet of the early morning and the sun rays were peeping out under the piece of land that juts out into the sea at St.Austell Bay, with the gribben showing in the ditance. Home to me.
As I gathered my self , I realised the sunrise was about to happen in front of my eyes and I felt a need to move nearer down the pathway to greet it and to get the best of the photos. there were clouds int he sky out to sea and around behind me so I kept checking what was happening light wise with the clouds. It is often when you get the pictures for "every cloud has a silver lining" phrase. The clouds were giving me pink against the blue, it was exciting. the darker clouds stayed dark behind me and I thought there maybe rain but it tured out to be snow later in the morning, which was the second bout of snow for this winter season.
Rays of pink stretched out from the brillient pink around some of the clouds out at sea. Click , click, the camera went and then she rose. A mass of moring light on the horizon . breath taking. As I clicked away , in aw of her beauty I stood for a while just absorbing the enrgy of the sunrise into the sky.
I guess most of the people I saw wondered what I was doing, but hey, I know how much I enjoy this natural phenonomen, and it happens everyday., differently.
I share with you, my reader, some of those photos. ENJOY.