Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea
When did you last try a different tea from the run of the mill, everyday tea, we drink gallons of? Have you found your favorite tea or maybe never given it a thought. Why not, we have our favorite drinks like Coke, Gin, or Beer or water even.
It was back in the 1970’s that I began my journey of tea drinking apart from the usual. I noticed that loads of people made the tea too strong. that my sensitivities drew me to a nicer cuppa.
Though to be honest the first real favorite came about by my visits to the Chinese resturant in our local town and making friend with some of the Chinese people. Jasmin, ahhhh Jasmin. It tickles my taste buds and as my passion for it grew, I found other teas in the specialist tea shops. Today my curiosity would have been served by the internet, I suppose. Though there is nothing like walking into a tea shop. The smell , the atmosphere. The feeling of long lunches and afternoon teas, even down to summer pinics. I could not get that from the internet.
My daughter loves to dive into my cuboards to see my collection of teas, not that that was always the case. We all need to try things.
I ventured through all different teas , as at times I still do and nothing fills me with glee more than my adveture to China Town in London or the tea shop at Truro in Cornwall , just to buy another Darjeeling or Earl Grey . Earl Grey , how posh is that. My Granny liked Earl Grey but I never knew that and I would so have loved to have shared my desire of it with her. She was a wonderful soul.
Fruity teas, can be uplifting and even healthy as an alternative to the caffine in teas. I generall leave them alone, as I like fresh Mellisa or Peppermint teas, and sometimes a squeeze of fresh lemon to make the lemon tea with my Darjeeling.
Darjeeling , as a tea also varies. It is the champane of teas, smooth on the tounge and full of body. The first pick of the tea leaves of the season. I spent years chasing my favorite darjeeling and then it was just fabulous, as I poured the hot water into the tea pot and the smell of it hit my nose.
Some teas are quite strong like Lapsong, again introduced to me by my Chinese freinds.
A smoky taste , that can be suitable when you really need a waking up call. Though generall not to my taste.
Health teas, with herbs, spices and even flowers, often have benifits and some mixtures are even great to taste.
Roobush tea was introduced to us by our friends who now live in Spain and it is so refreshing, particularly in the summer when it is hot.
Green teas, organic , with jasmine or on it’s own is just so light and easy to enjoy. the flavor lends itself to the tastebuds and then burst of lovely tea flavours follow in the mouth, smooth and crisp at the same time.
I really enjoy green tea or white as an alternative to Jasmin or Darjeeling in the morning.
I guess I just love tea. I love the smell, the taste, the refreshment of it, and here in Cornwall I can gow my own. Ahhhhhhhh……… Tea.
Written by Gayle Force December 2010. Copywrite to Gayle Force

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