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Lady Eliot kindly gave permission fort he free rambling of people on the estate, with the organised walk for health. It was the local BBC radio station that I had heard about about it from, on the Whats On part of the program.

I noted the information and jotted it in my diary as it was in the week we were having a break.

On the day the sun came out and it was a lot hotter than expected but we drove early to St.Germans to get to Port Eliot in good time. On our arrival we were greeted by several fellow walkers, and the atmosphere was lovely.

Anticipation rose as we began the walk backtracking up the drive we had arrived down and along the first edge of the field.

Having no idea where we were was indeed part of the fun. Sunhats on we ventured with this happy throng of people. I soon noticed the field beside me had a unusual plant growing in it. On investigation I found it was Lupines as did some of the others and a discussion began on why they were there. Having met the days botanist later in the day it was revealed that the Lupines are a modern day rotation crop that give nitrogen back to the soil. Clever and pretty at the same time.

At a point along the path separated and there was a choice of a shorter walk or longer. Being so hot and wanting to stay in the sunshine we choose the shorter version and went passed a lovely field with a tree in all by itself.Beautiful.




We then saw more Lupin fields, a lovely house in the quiet and then to the right the pond. With drifts of lily plants all in flower it was a scene from the pictures of Monet’s  paintings. Which reminded me how I would love to go and see his house and garden.


The sun was really heating up as we walked onwards to the house area , which was to take us up through another quaint little village path to the pub for lunch.

The Eliot public house , owened by St.Austell brewery, has a nice atmosphere and had created a walkers lunch. Feeling ready for something to eat we ordered this. A pasty or pie and salad. Though not really impressed by the cuisine , the beer was fine, but should there have been a bus load the staff would have found difficulty in coping . This was an arranged lunch and the que was way out the door.

Back to the botanist from Plymouth, who was a lovely lady , as was all those who took us around on the day.

This lady was giving a walk around the Port Eliot grounds in the afternoon. Which was a great idea. We were a little early though for the arrangements and wanted to get on with a walk around the river bank. We would try and meet up with her later.



Lovely views down the valley along the estuary, taken from the estate. The views were lovely and the shaded parts only made of more interest as the heat of the day was at it’s height.

Burnt Pampas grasses were beginning to bud and the men on their grass cutting machines soared around and around.

Perfumed white roses were unusually in clumps as we ventured towards the house once more. The burnt out tree that looked as though it had been struck by lightening still beat the elements and was most alive.


Even though you could see right through it’s trunk as this picture clearly demonstrates.

Maybe Lady Eliot could fill me in on the happenings of this ancient tree and I wonder how many of her trees are listed on the ancient tree hunt site.

Our last visit here was when we were at the Daphne Du du Maurier festival, book discussion of Justine Picardie. When we enjoyed tea on the lawn outside The Orangey that we were now just passing. As it had rained we had not been able to see the gardens, but we have more than made up for that today.

Maybe our next visit will be the Elephant Fayre, that would be nice.







Psychic Art Day with Gayle Force


Ever wondered what it would be like to have the hand of spirit working through you to create a picture. Ever thought , I don’t know how to. What if I have problems. How do I go about it. Or even finding the space and time to put around such a phenomenon. Why not experience a day with Gayle Force who has had over forty years working on this subject with spirit. A rare chance to discover your potential spiritual artistic creative energy, linked through your guides. Guided by Gayle. This is an advanced notice as these sort of events  take careful preparation, for your pleasure.

The day begins at 10 am with tea/coffee/ hot chocolate and biscuits. We then gather together for a meditation, to link everyone with their spirit guides and helpers.

As we go into the first part of the art, all materials are provided as they are all day. Relax and unwind , enjoy your day.

We have discussion before the home made soup and bread will be served for lunch.

Time to share your feelings and findings before lunch.

Tea/coffee again supplied, as your refreshment drink.

We then go into another meditation to link your self with your guides.

This day is open to all wishing to experience spirit creativity through art.

More pictures will be created by you and then I will give you a reading from your picture.









CONTACT GAYLE ON 01726 70786






I love art and I love writing. To begin with art using the graphite in it’s many softness to hardness, giving depth of light and shade to a picture is a journey into the world of graphite. Learning also the shading with maybe a rubber to achieve some of the light angles of the picture,or burnishing some of the after shades into the paper to achieve depth. It is almost like reproducing a black and white photograph without the camera.

I have spent several afternoons or even days working on such art pieces with great satisfaction at their completion. Most recently I saw a wonderful example of such work at a local auction house.

Derwent graphite, 2B, a pencil totally made of graphite is wonderful, for bold drawings, but I  don’t stop there, I ventured , with the encouragement of my art teacher and friends to other grades from HB to 9B.

Of course they need to be sharpened at times. You need a good craft blade, which allows you to be in control of the point, and you lose less pencil into the bin. Ordinary everyday pencils that are often 2B are generally quite happy with an everyday pencil sharper, or even a battery run one that is more accurate. My Grandfather taught me , many moons ago about using a blade but of course like most things ,I had forgot until I had a reminder.

The manufactured pencil now covered with varied paints , are a delight to the eye.

A while ago back as far as the 1960’s I had collected some of those huge pencils with place names on them  and I have my Grandfathers pencil he used for his bingo nights.They have great big rubber tips on them and now you can buy a sharper that will sharpen them. Over  thirty years later.


For writing I have used pens, biro’s, felt tip and roller, you name it I have tried it, but nothing is like a pencil gliding across the paper, with a pause occasionally for sharpening, which gives your brain a rest and your arm while doing so. I am very glad to say , I have rediscovered my pencil friend.

Plus unlike the ink in a pen the pencil, etched onto a lot of surfaces , can remain there for centuries untouched, and as clear as the day it was written. So it is pencils for me, from now on. Oh joy.