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I called it ,year of the Sunflower and so did Gardeners World, To my delight



I called it year of the Sunflowers

Each year I grow loads of my own seedlings for my garden. Both flowers and vegetables. Not forgetting my tree collection. Last year when it rained and rained most of the summer, the worst for living memory I think, I had the joy of the Sunflowers in my garden when it eventually settled down and autumn had arrived.

The birds that visit my garden are well looked aftered as my husband and I feed them each days with tempting tit bits.

The seeds of the Sunflowers were a speciality to them.

So as February looked mild this year I began planting my Sunflowers for the autumn delight of colour and for the birds. From the tall over six foot sort that are out in the garden now gathering height and strength to the dwarf varieties I purchased at the plant center, the seeds that is. I had hoped for the white variety to grow but nothing happened and I have loads of pots of the plants in my two greenhouses all ready to plant out in the May bank holiday. All being well we don’t go car boot selling. I have such a lot to get rid of.

I sat down one evening relaxing to a bit of T.V and low and behold , could not believe my ears when one of the presenters of the programme said , I am having this year as the year of the sunflower. Had they been reading my mind?

So here we are some are already over eighteen inches high, and now I don’t know what that is in centimetres , as I am still in feet and inches and most likely always will be.

The weather has already thrown hail and wind at my lovely plants , even though some are carefully tucked away in the border.

I am looking forward to their beautiful flowers when they come later in the year. Brightening up the borders when most varieties have been and gone.

I am glad it is year of the sunflower , but don’t forget all the others, from the flowering bulbs of spring to the sweet peas of summer.

Flag Iris, Peony, Lilac, Rose, Herbs, Broad bean, Cabbage, For – Get – Not, Daisy,  Stinging Nettle, Dandelion, Geranium, The Climbers, Apple Blossom, Strawberry, Pear, Tree Peony, Honeysuckle.

The list goes on as I have been collecting a very long time now and just got a plant of white violet I never even knew existed.

I now have pale violet, Dark violet, Pink violet and this new white.

Bees love our garden as do butterflies and hover flies and next doors cat, who we love to bits.

If you have a small spot or a big huge one , lets make it year of the Sunflower and see how high is yours.





Special Offer for May 2nd to ay 9th to stay at Circle of Friends


Why not enjoy a week away in Cornwall at the circle of friends self catering bungalow. You may need to just relax, write a book or a song. Paint a picture. Go for walks. Sail on a boat or ski along the coast. Or indeed read a book or visit art galleries. St. Austell and it’s surrounding area has so much to offer, including the famous Eden Project.

Gayle Force is also available to give you a reading, healing, or aromatherapy massage( so relaxing after the working week). Booking in advance or as you stay.

Special offer instead of £350.00 for the week £250.00, from May 2nd to May 9th.

Go On spoil yourself.


The Day is Young and …………………………..


The day is young and the first sound I am aware of of is my husband breathing next to me and outside the train passing by at Holmbush, sounds it’s hooter. It indicates rain is on the way as in dry weather  you don’t hear the train hooter. I then open my front door and let the morning in, today it is quiet and still. I am really early, my normal time but it is just six thirty. Birds are busy building their nest and the sound of their singing gives me a lovely welcome as I walk around the garden.

I take the bird food around tot he table and as I move away, the flutter of tiny wings of the Robin sounds as he lands on the table beside me. I dare not move as I love to see him and we say good morning., to each other. As the Robin leaves he regular Blackbird lands to enjoy his raisins and his mate follows. was that a morning hello in that chirp?

I wander down to my green house and open the door, another sound through the quiet of the day. I check the plants have survived the dip of temperature of the previous night.

Particularly as I have been coaxing some courgette plants to grow since replanting them a few days ago.

A child’s voice comes through the air, neighbours children getting ready for the early school start. The squawk of next doors Parrot, but that could be as I know it is there. We have a few neighbours who have Parrots.

Then a  dog barks from the row of houses behind ours.

I glance at the bird bath that needs filling with water and see a Wren bathing happily . I get a jug of water and pour it into the bird bath , filling it up fresh and ready for the next visitor.

A cat friend joins me on my early jobs and , tail up, and following me back in the bungalow for the morning ritual of ear tickling and hello’s.

I love the start to the day. I think we all have our routines. One way or another. The cat jumps onto the settee and has a cuddle. A purr emits from him. Heaven.

As a Sound Healer As well As A Spiritual Healer


I was asked by St.Austell’s Spiritualist Center to give a talk on my sound – healing and singing bowls. As a sensitive person and young woman I was very aware of sounds and how they affected me , let alone the rest of the population. Strange books became part of my private library including a book on the effects of sound on matter. Cynamics, that was  written and explored by a German scientist many moons ago, and is still of interest to many of us who know a little or a lot about sound.

I like to think that over the years my knowledge has increased many times fold since the beginning of my journey with sound.

In fact I know it has.

I have seen sound change the healing process when some times it seems that not a lot is happening. I get puzzles just like anyone working with the health of mind , body, and spirit. I do know that all things are able to heal, with the right healing and help.

For instance I have had a young lady who has had many mental health issues after drug abuse. She has been with me for many years and over that time has found the healing and sound healing has helped her move forward in her life. More than anything else she has tried. Her words not mine. Though I have watched her improve gradually, until she is now able to live in her own home, hold down a job, and have good friends and a relationship once more. Pretty fabulous when a shell of a woman came to me several years ago now. I must add that she always wanted to get well.

Positive thoughts also helps and healing on a regular basis developes the healing within the seeker, bringing balance of mind , body and spirit.

Sometimes during a  time in our lives we need the support of a healer , to enhance our well being. When I was younger I received healing for health issues that could not be helped by the medical profession. A skin complaint. Healing got to the core of it and , hey presto, it went and never came back.

I have also had several guides working  with me in the fashion of spiritual surgery, different from psychic surgery, as it works on higher levels and often through the eutheric bodies. My guides have shown me, at times,

The eutheric energies opening up and spirit hands going in and removing something. My clients have told me they have felt as though they have had an operation. Especially if they have experienced an earthly one.

At times marks have been seen on the body where the problem has been and then gone. Strange but true.

I always say a prayer for each client that comes to me, asking for the right kind of help that they need. The healing session then takes place. This usually takes between half an hour to an hour. Sometimes less or more time is needed.

I have been a member of Duchy Healers and British Alliance of Healers for many years. I also teach techniques for getting the best from healing energies.

Covering many aspects of healing, including sound, spiritual, code of conduct, colour, crystal, and magnetic.

Healing in it’s many forms have been part of generations of my family for centauries and there are other famous healers in my family.

Some of my guides use my voice as I sing an OM type sound to complete a healing session. Many of my clients have been amazed at feelings from the sounds or colours they have seen when their eyes were closed during the session. It has a holy sound experience or often expressed as sacred sound. Which I think is a nice way of expressing this sound, and the sound of the singing bowls, rain stick, voice, and bells, that are often used at some point during a healing session.

So you can join me Wednesday April 15th in St.Austell for a sound healing evening. Where…..? St.Austell Church of Enlightenment , at the top of station hill. You cant miss it. see you there for 7.15pm. It begins at 7.30pm. Admission £2.





Sounds Your Body Makes ……………… Inspired by a talk on Wednesday evening being given in St.Austell


From the explosion of a sneeze

To the explosion of a fart

From the waterfalls of your pees

To the fabulous rhythms of your heart


From the gurgling of your tummy

To the mastering of your singing voice

From the sounds you make whilst in Mummy

To the clicking of the tongue moist


From noses that whistle

To noses that snore

From people who  release spittle

And I am sure there are more


The stomping of feet

From people who are normally calm

To hitting a drum

With my hand, with the palm


Our Bodies are beautiful

No where near understood

And was that the sound of laughter

Or have I been Misunderstood

Stay with us , in St.Austell Cornwall, Self catering holiday retreat, for one or two sharing.


Circle Of friends Holiday Retreat for One Or Two in Cornwall near The Eden Project and available for Daphne du Maurier festival week, starting May 7th through to May 16th.

Our bookings are of course from Sat to Sat, weekly.




The circle of friends offer a quiet space to relax in. The facilities allow you to unwind and enjoy the ambience of an established garden. There is a lounge /kitchen area where you can watch your favourite films or enjoy those we have provided. Where you can also listen to your music , on the latest fashioned stereo. Cook in a combination microwave, twin hob or small oven. Toast your tea cakes and even enjoy the benefits of an outside space as well as inside space to eat.

A sunny spot just outside your door, where you can sunbathe and read a book as well as just be, and enjoy a glass of wine.

The twin bed bedroom makes it an ideal place for two friends sharing the experience of Cornwall as well as couples, or those taking a break on their own.

We have already met writers of books and music who have been inspired while staying with us.

Artist from London enjoyed the tranquility of The Circle of Friends. This is just what we designed it for.

Our guest book is full of lovely comments like:-


Thought it couldn’t get any better but it did. thank you both for your hospitality, kindness and friendliness. Tony and Pat

( re – visited us this year)

Thank you for such a welcome, and offering such peace and tranquility.

Sue from Scotland

Desperately needed a break and found this sanctuary. Saw a lot of Cornwall. Love Anne and Sue from London.

Found my piece of heaven , quite enough to complete my book. thank you. Stephen from Somerset.

Dropped down to Cornwall for a complete rest at Circle of friends and got it. Along with meeting two new friends, Gayle and Vince. Many thanks, Ashley.(Artist)

What a home – from – home this is. So relaxing. So made welcome. It’s a shame we did not book longer. Next time eh?

All the best,

Andy and Sharon from Kent

Had my first look at Cornwall in England. I am originally from America, now living in France. A journalist , who needed a break. What a fantastic place. Time to just be.

Enjoyed my meal with Gayle and Vince. Lovely.

Thank you

Amy from France.



There are some weeks in December and January when we offer the bungalow at the rate of £250.00 for a week, though the rest of the year it is going out at £350.00 per week.

Bookings in advance , with a non returnable deposit, by phoning 01726 70786 or e-mail  on 


Within walking distance are:-

Local shops , about five minutes away

Local restaurants

Coast and beaches , walking about 20 minutes and about five minutes by car

Eden Project, walking about an hour, driving about quarter of an hour if that

Heligan Gardens about half an hour by car, or take the bus.

Charlestown harbour, which you can see on the map, is full of restaurants , pubs, entertainment. Beaches. coastal footpaths. museum, and more. Just 20 mins walk or five minutes drive.

Not to be missed. Inspirational for photographers, writers, musicians. Where the new Alice in Wonderland company did some filming back along and I captured several pictures on the days. great stuff.


First picture on the left from filming at Charlestown, middle picture the twin beds in bungalow and right picture outside in the summer having tea for two.

A selection of some events through the year and happenings. beginning top left is from a mystic event outside, but a similar event happens at Cuddra Hall in St.Austell in October, that I arrange for the church funds. readings, therapies and like minded stalls. With plenty to see and do.

Middle top , is a picture of Duloe Stone circle, one of the smallest stone circles of the world. The energies make up for that and you can hire some special time with me to help you explore the stones and their energies.

Left top picture is showing some of my clients enjoying exploring the St.Austell brewery at a evening event. I hold several events during the year, including a meditation once a month at Par.

Centre left, is geese at par beach where you can enjoy feeding the birds and walk along the beach , and over the cliff paths. In summer it is safe waters to bathe.

Center picture our lovely author Justine Picardie who not only wrote the book Daphne but also writes for the Sunday Telegraph and Vogue magazine. I met her at Port Elliot when she was visiting her friend Lady Elliot. During her discussion on the day on Rebecca written by Du Maurier, I suggested that we could look at some of Daphne’s writing as that of a medium. It made for interesting thinking. However I have always found Daphne’s work that way. Take The Loving spirit book for instance. Well go on ….read it and see for your self.

Left , middle picture is a boat on the horizon at Porthbean beach, another beach very close to Circle of Friends. Plus a favourite of mine.

Bottom left is , a town cryer amongst fellow town cryers at the honey festival. It was a mixed day weather wise and last year the bees were struggling to produce any honey as it was such a bad year. Plus a new disease hit them which also was in France. lets help our bees as much as we can.

My husband and Jamie Reed at Atlantic radio station in Cornwall. A lot of stations have an open day in Cornwall when anyone can go and see what goes on. Interesting .

Lastly the bottom right picture shows more scenes of The Alice in wonderland shooting at Charlestown, near St.Austell. I had the previlage of getting some photos that was not available in normality.

So here we are some exciting things that happen in Cornwall during the year, and of course there are many more. Whatever your personal interest we will do our best to let you know what is going on.










Talk at our center

It is always interesting to see friends display their talents and one of my dear friends who has been part of my closed circle for many years , Keith, gave a talk at our ceter last evening. He ,like me, enjoys art . The audience was thrilled and they were all relaxed as he demontrated his skills.

It was my pleasure to introduce him, and give the opening meditation , that was chanelled by my guides as always.

several people spoke to me after the event and expressed their joy , of the uplifting meditation that was given.

The figure on the right side of the picture is Kieth but as he moved it looked as though the camera was saying we were receiving a demonstration by a spirit. Which of course is what we all are, inside our earthly bodies. Though really he did not move that quick, and funny things do happen to cameras when you are amongst like minded friends. the other picture I took only minutes apart was quite normal.