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Pentewan village over the years.

As I have known Pentewan, as a local for may years it has an immense sense of happy times.To begin from the 1950’s as a young girl visiting the beach and harbour, in the summer and the spring in particular. A drink of pop and a packet of crisp with my sister sitting with me and my Mum and Dad.My legs swinging on the outside seats as they were not long enough to reach the ground.

Later the same place with different people as I grew up and enjoyed some of my courting years meals there. Then a group of us met up and sat outside in the evening summer sun. Drinking gin and tonic before having a meal.

At one time I worked in the community looking after the elderly and one of my patients was in the square of Pentewan. It was around this time that I sang carols in the square after my work had been done. A lovely atmosphere.

Right up to date with my Yorkshire family staying in the caravans at the beach, and joining them for an evening at the club house.

I have also worked the August festival there, giving readings and then later in the day enjoying the atmosphere of open air music.

The fireworks going off at the end of the evening. Friends come along without needing a phone call. It is just part of our yearly calendar.As we all meet up like magic.

Further back in history the village of Pentewan had three public houses, Ship Inn that is still here today, The Square , and Jolly Sailor have been long gone but not forgotten. In fact the small gift shop was where one of the old pubs had been then.

There was the Pentewan block and sand works that made blocks for local buildings. It took four men to make a batch of blocks. About a hundred were made in a day.

The Pentewan railway is long disappeared but when it was up and running it was something to be proud of. As far as I know there were not many such railways in this area. It ran from Pentewan to St.Austell transporting clay and coal for many years. In the summer it was seen that at times passengers were taken up and down in trucks that were cleaned out , it was usually a Sunday treat.

The harbour has seen many a ship laden with clay and coal among other merchandise.

Pentewan is also well known for the quarry at Polrudden, with it’s elvan – type stone, which is harder than granite, to work.

It was used for churches, and the such. Some of this stone went to Lostwithiel by boat. Also stone went to St.Antony house near Plymouth. Then repairs for the St.Austell parish Church were done with this stone.

Walks from Trewiddle to Pentewan are still very lovely. The pathway runs alongside the river that at one time was known as the white river due to china clay spillage running into it. Today of course none of that is allowed and the plant and bird life shows the benefits of it’s clarity. I have walked that pathway many times, and still I enjoy the natural world there including an owl I have seen many times on walking back after a pint in the pub.


Written by Gayle Force 2009




Pentewan First Dive Fest In Cornwall


Dive Fest is on May 16th /17th

We have a self catering holiday bungalow that is for one or two sharing.

Ideal in location as we are situated a short drive away from the site but allowing you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of our space in St.Austell.Our accommodation runs on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday,so why not spoil yourself and enjoy a week in this lovely part of Cornwall with so much to see and do.

The famous Eden project for instance is a walk away from our location. Always an array of beautiful plants for you to enjoy plus plenty of gifts in the shopping area. With restaurant and bar available.

More local beaches and coast line to explore with diving and walking.


Interested? Phone me on 01726 70786

Price for one week is £300.00


Saw our new neighbour , Dawn French at Par Beach in Cornwall

I know how lucky I am to have several beaches just a spit away from where I live, believe me. Porthbean, Charelestown, Crinnis, and Par just to name a few that a scattered along the coast of St.Austell Bay.

It was one of those days when I had been busy in the house. The clouds were drooping around the place and you could not see clearly out the window. Yet some thing said , lets go out and feed the birds down Par.

I ventured to my husbands workshop to se if he could join me. Why not he muttered and we were soon on our way with a flask of tea and some biscuits. Seed and bread for the birds.

We enjoyed a walk across Par beach and fed the birds. The skies were still grey but there were several people on the beach.  Sand dunes that were not there in the 1970’s have spread over the beach which is quite a short period of time of such changes. There was a lot of seaweed at shore level and I collected some pieces of wood, and chalk, as well as shells, to take home. The seaweed is of course great for the garden and i wished i had brought a couple of bags with me for some. Maybe next time.

As we walked from one end of the beach to the other we had not seen our new neighbour in Fowey, with her little scottie dog.

Though as we sat in the car park having our cuppa, we spotted a lady just about to get in her car, we thought we knew.

My husband put his window down, And said, "Tis you , isnt it? Dawn French smiled and replied, " Maybe". It was so funny we laughed all the way home, as I expect Dawn did. BUT I wondered if she knew it was a Yorkshire man saying a sentance that was so Cornish.

What a lovely lady. We look forward to seeing her and her husband agin one day. Next time maybe you would join us for a cuppa  Dawn.

Been to the new film center …………… St.Austell


Hello world, it has been a long time since I have been drawn to go to the pictures to see a film. So much violence being produced. I am sure it has an effect on society. However , last evening my husband and I enjoyed the new Young Victoria film. Yes we both enjoyed it.

I first heard of the film when reading the Sunday papers. Then Fergie was talking about it on a T.V program , if I remember correctly.

The new St.Austell film center had not had a visit from me just yet. So here we were.


The center is quite something for our town , having enjoyed the 1920’s building all my life. I thought right away this new place was really nice and the seats are comfortable.( Even though I had felt very sad to see the old film center go.) Which is more than I can say for the hall for Cornwall seating.

I also had a lot of spiritual activity around me and at one point felt that I could not breathe. Though the air in the place was not fresh , it was like sitting in a box. Air conditioning or not we all need fresh air.

The sound was perfect, and it was enveloping you, bringing you right into the atmosphere of the film.

The film began telling you the story of the young queens childhood. Then it developed into a spectacular historical film. The actors were just right, the costumes were out of this world. The locations were brilliant etc etc. I am not going to take away the thrill of going to see this film but even the ending was done with class and perfection. We even had a tear or two as the story evolved. A privileged life yes but how many of us consider the responsibility of it all.


Well done Fergie,

Lets hope you do some more film producing,

this is a must to go see.


Meditation in The Ship Inn of Par ———– Next date April 1st 2009 7pm – 9pm


Baker Band America in concert ………….. see the orbs ….. spirit energies love music.

The first meditation evening at The Ship Inn of Par took place this week. The little room above the bar is very tranquil, and all who attended agreed it was a lovely space . I was greeted by my friends/customers  who had been to previous events of mine and this was a lovely surprise. Also an old friend who has just come back from Egypt ( a great reflexologist,  back on the circuit now)was my power house, and door keeper, for the evening.

I took with me some of my colour cards to share. It leaves everyone feeling different about greeting cards. The atmosphere of the cards give a great deal of emotion to the receiver and I never cease to be amazed as to how a picture can affect someone. The exercise was to reflect on visualisation meditation and the feelings from pictures. A creative mind can always think of a scene that can be associated with an emotion. Of course we are not all creative so some of us need a helping hand.

The candle was lit at the beginning of the session, to create a spiritual link with the group from earth plane to spirit plane . In love , light and respect to all drawing near from our guides and loved ones to the spirit  landlady of the past who sat with us all evening. When I entered the room on the evening I saw the past landlady  , who frequents this space, and wondered what she would think of what was going to occur in what was her front room . I then connected with her and asked her if she would like to join me for the evening and once a month when we all enjoyed a meditation in her past home. She was quite happy and the atmosphere changed after the communication. Before then it was a little strained ,then I saw her and realised what was happening.

Group working with me, learning how to dowse, on the event, Brewery St.Austell.

I explained about meditation to the group that had gathered. There was one or two that had not meditated before, and of course these sessions are for everyone from beginners to accomplished. I then got my group to relax by taking their mind energy to each part of the body starting with their feet, tightening their muscles and then relaxing them right through to the head. At this point the body is relaxed but the mind still needs to be let free of everyday things. My group were very relaxed.

All my meditations are channeled by my guide , Running Water, who has always been with me for as long as I can remember. He is American Indian and I have ‘seen’ him on several occasions. I have other guides but he is my main one.

The group were led into a third eye meditation cleansing and clearing all unwanted thoughts and bringing about a state of euphoria . Minds cleared we proceeded to explore the white light and ‘see’ our guides as they presented themselves. The room was full of angelic beings surroundi8ng the newly formed group and even those who had never meditated felt their presence. Quite an experience.

Working with a group in the grain room at the St.Austell Brewery, during an audience evening. See the orb floating beside me. I had a regular visitor when I worked there. This photo shows part of the group I was working with. I am in the floral dress.

On talking after the meditation it was clear everyone enjoyed the experience. A calm atmosphere filled the room and we entered the second channeled meditation. I was given the colours of the solar plexus. The energy of yellows and buttercup yellow in particular. A vibrant yellow to help energise the feeling center of the body and mind. many people get out of balance with the solar plexus and find that their lives are taking the wrong direction. Or that they are holding on to old emotions that are no longer relevant to their lives. Our mind energy entered a seep space far deeper than I had expected the newly formed group to enter, but it was no problem.

Again after the meditation people spoke about how they felt and it was interesting to see how they all looked  now as to when they first came into the room. Faces tell us a lot. Not just the smiles but how the colour of the complexion is and how relaxed they look.

There had been opening prayer and now it was time for closing prayer. these are short prayers ,one for protection and the other for thanks , to the unseen friends to join us. Which of course they do as a group of spiritual people working together will attract those who like to be near us. Friends and family, guides and the buildings spirits.

I work in love, light, respect and honesty. To me it is the only way. My host of the premises is Pauline and her husband Chris Giles, owners of the public house who have a varied entertainment program and some of the best meals in the area, especially the Sunday Roast. Though two of my group members recommended the meal they had enjoyed on the evening before the meditation.

See you next meeting  …………….


Radio St.Austell Bay …………………….. March 2009

The morning sun was glistening through the clouds this morning as I pulled up in the car outside the radio station.. It was quite quiet as I entered the doors into the room before the studio. Where was everyone? Found them. There was the group of early breakfast show guest and presenters chattering away before the nine o clock news.

Today I had been taken back to my late teen age years when I had just left school and begun work for

Sydney Grose the fore street shop where I was first employed as a shop assistant and then window dresser.

The shop had taken me on as an apprentice of retail. I was to learn , how to serve a customer, keep the store tidy, and begin window dressing. As the window dresser left suddenly , I became the window dresser for six months without someone to teach me other than my boss.

It was during this time that  I saw the ghost of Sydney Grose’s shop in the attic part of the store where all the window dressers models were kept and stock for the shop. There were loads of little cupboards and places one of the staff could have hidden and jumped out on an apprentice but this was not the case. A small figure of a woman in a black looking dress drifted across the room and went towards the window. She then disappeared, as I watched in shock. It happened several times before I decided I was not going up there again. Of course I had to say why as it was part of my job to frequent the room.

When I had the opportunity to move shops I did. To Broads of St.Austell who were almost next door to Sydney Grose.

I continued my window dressing and got paid an extra fifty pence a week , which in the 1970’s was quite a rise for a young girl . I continued my apprenticing and stayed there for about five years until I married and wanted to change my position in retailing.

It was a few years I really enjoyed, working for the Morgan’s of St.Austell, who were good bosses. Here I often saw spirit people during my work, and sensed sprit around some of the staff. I often knew when some ones relatives were going to die. Not that it is the sort of thing one talks about. I just had a knowing. Or at least that is what many called the gifts, others said I was highly strung. Which sounded insulting as they said it.

Then there was the time that after I had dressed a window , the very next day when I looked at it, it had all been changed and everyone swore they had nothing to do it at all. Which was obvious really, as I has felt a presence all day that day. It was near when I had my Gran was ill and she died at the local hospital. Had she come back to let me know she was alright? She had always said she would . I have seen her several times since and she has communicated through friends of mine to me and my Mother.

The St.Austell street also has ghostly beings at different times of the year. sometimes during the day other times in the evenings. Spirit horse and carts. People in gone by clothes who still walk up and down the street as they saw it. There have been many changes. Today where Broads of St.Austell stood for over a hundred years in business is where we now have New Look . Then where Sydney Grose stood we have Boots the Chemist. Strange old world .

Our town is receiving big changes at the moment and many will be completed this year. I wonder what our ghostly beings will make of it then.

The White Hart Hotel has it’s own , White Lady ghostly figure and The Seven Stars public house has been known to hear ghostly activity over the years. the right opposite there where there is now the music shop is a spirit that loves cleaning up the flat above the shop. When I worked there , years ago when it was busy fingers dress fabric shop, there were often noises on a Saturday of cleaning going on. Was the flat occupied? No. The manager of the shop had the keys and no one, no one had been in the flat for two years at that time. The outside loo of the shop also had spirit activity.. There were times you had your hair pulled and just felt a presence. I wander if people still do.

I have been told of recent of spirit activity on Beech Road, of children and adults who haunt the houses. Not surprisingly as this has been a strange street over the years with several happenings which could well of caused unrest in those who have passed on.

So St.Austell town has a few stories to tell and I for one would be happy to hear from anyone who has a tale to tell. Come on write to me or send me an e mail. Thanks.

Love and Light