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Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, and Funerals

It has long been drawn to my attention that there is and has been for quite a while a need for spiritual services of like minded. Sometimes non denominational. These ceremonies have been part of my life for several years now. It all began with commitment ceremonies when a couple decided not to marry at that point in their lives but wanted something to say they were committed to each other. It was very lovely. They hired a local hotel and arranged their guest. It was very like a wedding , but without the legal bits. People gathered afterwards for the reception, outside and in. The service had been very special and I had written a piece especially for the couple. It included the exchange of rings and of words of love and commitment to each other. It sealed their relationship and a few years down the line when they felt it was right for them they got married.

Note the spiritual energy greeting the happy couple, often their loved ones from spirit joining in on the day.

Of course not all couples continue through to get married some like to leave things there , and that is fine.

Same sex couples also like to have commitment ceremonies and again it is a service I like to prepare especially for that couple. Each couple will have special memories of their day.

I can arrange  the place for your occasion including a special church  that has been part of my life for over thirty years.

Sensitive photographers, talented wedding stationary artist suppliers, spiritual film makers, etc etc.

Funeral services also cover animal services. You visit me not the other way around. This is purpose as I feel , through my own experiences of losing loved ones, that the first visit outside the home after a loss is often a traumatic one, and it can ease you through to the funeral time a little easier.

I can well remember on one of my losses how difficult it was for me to even walk down the road to my dear friend and neighbour, just a few doors away.

Naming ceremonies, are now often given like a christening. My American Indian guide has drawn me to the American Indian naming ceremonies, as a for instance. What a lovely service to give. It was only yesterday that I met a lady who does the most beautiful cards for such services.


Opening a center or residing in a new house/home? Then you may like a blessing ceremony. A cleansing and a gathering of friends /group to celebrate this building.

I often think about one I attended a few years ago. A lovely young man had just arrived in Cornwall and found a new home. He felt he wanted to celebrate his new beginnings here.

When he phoned he asked if my husband and I would stay for lunch. The ceremony took place in January just after Christmas celebrations had come to a holt. The day began with breakfast with him and a Jacuzzi in the back garden. Guest arrived for the ceremony and we had a wonderful time. Everyone joined hands together for opening prayer and photos were being taken , and orbs were found in them.

The Guest were all interested in the service that I had especially written for this man, who before we had met over the ceremony had only been some – one we had known while out walking the dog. He is still amongst our  close circle of friends today. The atmosphere in his house changed after the ceremony. It was a happy place and he felt all that came to visit felt it and many said so. It had a light energetic feeling. Full of love. Maybe all dwellings should have a ceremony to life energies and cleanse the space. Lunch was fabulous , we had the company of twenty people too. The air was full of chatter and laughter and friendship and love.

This year I begin my journey of weddings. I have got the honour of marrying my friends. They have been together for about fifteen years. One day the bride to be said, "Gayle will you marry us"?

It will be in the early summer. Already we have had a lot to arrange. It is exciting. I love weddings. Don’t you?

From booking the church to writing that special ceremony to having the registrar with us, the bans read. The bridesmaids dresses, the photographer, the reception. They both are excited and planning their part in the day.

It can of course be in most places of your choice today. The wedding. Hotels or even an out side event. Though we have to remember the British weather.

So whatever the occasion,  I assure you I will always keep it personal to you. Each of us are as individual as snowflakes.






Spring Is In The Air


My home is near Charlestown and I often walk to the port from here. Today the sun illuminated a patch on the horizon, out in the bay. With it being February most people don’t expect the chance to take a breath of fresh air ,and see the tall ships of Charlestown. I sat quietly watching the sights , and the white doves that were left behind after filming had commenced here a few years ago,were already collecting twigs in their beaks for their nest. An early spring feeling in the air. Other wild birds were also courting and enjoying the sun, with some resting on the bow of the ship of The Earl of Pembroke or Kasklot of Bristol. Both ships were resting in the harbour completely unaware of such happenings. The sounds of the birds cooing was broken only by the surf hitting the harbour walls, and the chatter of people passing by. School children on holiday in the half term holiday and parents taking the chance for a break after the busyness of the last Christmas holiday.

Charlestown has a peace and tranquility that one would expect from a small fishing port in Cornwall, but it has so much more to offer. As I eyed up the ships ropes and decks , I could see that it was so good to an artist ready to begin an adventure on painting or drawing ships. Then I drifted to some of my own pastel drawings I had done just recently. I must bring my sketch pad down here soon, very soon. The shapes of the ropes dangling on the deck caught my imagination, as the sun filtered through the clouds. Lovely curves.

The figure head of the ship was all in white and beautifully carved , I thought I would love a picture of her and to know the story behind this carving.

My husband was working in the local hotel this week repairing some of the upholstery there. That was how I was here today. I am so glad that I made the effort and went to meet him. It has been such a lovely day here. Later I planted my onion bulbs in my garden at home and picked in dry washing from this morning. How great it is to get out and about after the long winter here this year. Soon new walks to explore and I feel a good summer to come.


Written by Gayle Force 

Ship Inn of Par in Cornwall, England

The ship In of Par was host to my audience on February 13th. We had a most interesting evening with many spiritual orbs being captured on cameras. These will be shared as soon as I get them transfered to me from my audience’s camera’s. Some of the faces within the orbs were so very clear.
Orb energies are of course spirit visitors. Some have forgotten how to materialse in the form they were here on the earth plane or merely do not have the energy to do so. My spirit communicator said that the earth plane energy is often to heavy for many spirits to communicate or visit loved ones for long.
So we are very fortunate that they make the effort to show themselves to us at all.
Some appear looking like a comet floating across the camera photo, and they are a bit like busy people here.
The evening was full of spiritual happenings including a ballon,  purposely put in the center of the group, that moved as we were in the seance, not quite floating but it definately moved.
Trigger objects were also put around the room.
Many of the audience reported feeling cold or hot . Of being touched by unseen hands . Heat on a ladies face and a feeling of a beard appearing on her face.
Excitement came into the atmosphere as several spirits gave their names to me and their energies took me to different parts of the room, to where they belonged to those in the audience. 
The landlady’s spirit of the 1970’s who I had made contact with on a previous occasion, joined with us and again was telling of how she nursed her husband in the very room we were standing in because it was where they had lived  when they ran the pub. There had been a fire picked up in the room, but as yet we have no evidence of that.
The energies os spirit took us back to when the place had ben part of farming land and to when the sea had indeed  ebbed and flowed as the tide moved ver near the buildings space. we have a cliff facing that is actually just behind the public house. Along with one of the pathways of the saints way.
Two seances were shared with the audience and I concluded the evening with audience readings.
I am intereted in any history anyone might know of the public house and surounding area.
i will be delighted to hear from anyone who can send me pictures from the evening. thank you.

Working with Radio

 Radio St.Austell Bay …………… …………… 01726 65566 …….105.6 FM
Greetings to all. Radio St.Austell bay is now just over one year old. Celebrations took place at St.Austell Rugby Club. Many of the volunteers got together to enjoy an evening out chatting and listening to the locl band music provided.
Each first Monday of the month on The Breakfast Show, I will be talking about different aspects of my work as a clairvoyant, medium and healer. Showing how this is a way of life , working with spirit guides and helpers.
It really is not that abnormal and those who work with spirit have not always choosen to do so.
There will be stories about happenings in the St.Austell area and places of interest where you the listener can visit and feel vibrational energies for your self. Throughout the year I am available to take you or your group to many of these places for a small charge. It can give you a chance to meditate  and explore the place with a qualified medium, which would be a good experience and a learning on spiritual matters.
One such place is the top of Trethurgy where on many occasions I have led a group around the walk were the stones are. Here you may feel the energies of ley lines. So powerful that you can actually get a sensation like a small electric shock. Though rest assured it wont harm you. the there is the circle of stones. When a group of stones have been laid , it is inevitable that they create an energy. These are stones I am having great difficulty in finding more iformation about. I would love to know when they were put there but my research has not given me any more information. So if you have and information I would really like to know.
Water energy often creates the right ambiance for a meditation, and there is  plenty of that here. With seating created by our local authorities.
It is said that the St.Michael line runs through here and that is no suprise as the feeling here is so healing.
Keep an eye on my diary and there will be a chance as the weather gets better to join me on a walk here. A gentle half a day walk and experience.
The studio of the radio station lends itself to communication vibrational energies and it is being enhanced each week by all our radio friends, with many subjects debated and enjoyed, amongst the daily music.
Last month I talked about the long standing stone of Penrice. I have lived in St.Austell all my life and a neighbour told me about the standing stone. Run around it seven times she said and hear the devils footsteps.
Just for fun and with anticipation my husband and I ran around the stone with the amusement of onlookers across the way. Did we hear the devils footsteps? No but I guess like us he heard our hearts beating like mad after all that running around, especially as neither of us is twenty anymore. Laugh? Did I laugh.
Anyway, there are ancient barrows under the ground from most likely the bronze age. It is not known why the stone was put here and it would have taken as many as thirty or more men to move it.
Some say it is the devils walki8ng stick. Strange how the devil keeps coming up with this one. maybe we should have a moonlight visit and amass meditation to feel the errie vibrations .
It is strange but the nearset granite sourse is about a mile away, and this great piece would still have taken some shifting, but what if the piece was just underthe ground here or even just thrown by th earths forces back in time and there it was. Where oh where has imagination gone? I have written about it, taken photos and will be taking my pastels out and sketching very soon. maybe you would like to join me.
The shape of this giant is like a Mother standing with her child Think mary and jesus and you will get the outline. Yes you will honestly.
Also around my travels locally I get invited to investigate some of the areas public houses to see what is there. Even some people who have never experienced ghostly goings on’s, seem to get shapes and mist etc in pubs. Why you may ask.
Laughter, music, chattering and movement of so many earthly souls can attract spirit souls to them. A love of a place where they have frequented while here can also be part of the answer. A murder. A love story. All sorts.
You will hear me once a month on the breakfast show on St.Austell radio, between 9am – 10am. You can phone in and ask me questions while on air. I look forward to hearing from you.



A new meditation evening , once a month at the Ship Inn at Par in Cornwall. All welcome from beginners to accomplished to work with me, Gayle Force . In a atmosphere of love and friendship. Bring a friend, or come along on your own and make friends. The purpose of this group is to relax, unwind and enjoy meditation. To help our well being. In a world full of stress and so many viruses we have  to fight we need to have our mind, body and spirit balanced. Through that balance we can achieve so much, including good health.

Then there is the spiritual connection. How we find a closeness with our own guides and loved ones in the spirit realms.

Techniques for relaxing to get you into the mood of meditation. Teaching of visualization, silent, healing and many more meditative ways that you can easily learn over time. Even singing bowl meditations. A deep level of consciousness. Do we sit, lie or stand? Come along and learn for yourself. There is such a thing as a walking meditation.Want to know more?

Meditation is the key to a healthy mind , body and spirit. It  had been known to lower blood pressure. It helps in stressful situations. The key to quiet. The key to healing, of self and others. The key to spiritual connections.

The Ship Inn lends itself to these meetings in a lovely room above the bar area. Where there is plenty of breathing space. I have worked here before and found the atmosphere to be friendly, happy and creative. The owners are old friends of mine, Pauline and Chris Giles. When I lived at Par in the 1970,S we were neighbours. A home from home atmosphere.

This is a place where you can get a meal, enjoy a drink and now have a meditation. So weather you are a beginner or an accomplished meditate, come along a join me. Due to present climate I am offering the two hour session for the price of £5 per person. So this is your chance to get away from everyday  life and relax and unwind, with no phones going or interruptions. Just your meditative state. The meditations last from ten minutes to half an hour and there is plenty of time to talk and ask questions on spiritual matters during the evening. There will be time to say , how you feel in the meditation. It is something we can all do, believe me, we have often just forgotten,how.

What , Snow in Cornwall

From misty mornings and snow mornings, the weather this week has certainly been varied. The cold wind left us today and there was a calm feeling in the air as i walked around the park land today. This is a walk I have done for many years now and often see friends , that I have made on a regular basis. My husband was at home today , as we are putting the roof on a room ready for more gatherings of groups at our sanctuary.
While he was up on his ladder the phone went and a voice shouted, I just heard a bang.
My husband thought , oh dear I am being to noisey, early in the morning, when he realised it was a call for me.
The phone then went dead and we have no idea who it was. This week has been one of another phone call that said, You do speak to the dead , well dont you? My husband happened to answer this one to. As we answer the phone to whomever is nearest. My wife does he said. the phone went quiet and he heard footsteps running. Then it went dead.
Another phone call said, I want to book a Sunday lunch please. My husband now on a roll said, Can I come too? Only to have the reciever put down. He did ring back and apologise, it just all happened on one day and we had to smile.
They say we are having more snow soon. Peraphs it is the weather changing so much that brought this on , or is it full moon?