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Sunday Service St.Austell Church

It has been great to start the new year with the Sunday service in St.Austell. Many who attended had messages fromt heir loved ones an guidence from their guides. I love many hymns , and it is a great plaesure to me to be able to choose some of my favorites for the day.
The opening prayer, given by myself, asked God for guidence in these troubled times, and then concluded with sending the healing energies out to all those in need.
The reading was given by my mother, Margaret, who had written a poem on the newness of the year and how we could help one another.
I found that an appropiate piece from  The Book of Dyas by an American author, suited the evenings theme. Along with adressing the congregation with thoughts of positivty. That by being positive in numbers we send out the right vibrational energy to bring about change for the better for all.
The hymns were sung with gusto and raised the energy for the readings to begin.
I found tat I had been already receiving messages from my guides and angels that had drawn near.
they had come amongst us and thrown colourful lights refecting the healing around the center.
Many had interesting messages during the hour of mediumship. It was a lovely atmosphere as always. Many there had been friends for many years and there were also new people who had been drawn to come in that evening.
In particular one lady was shown a boat that had been in her life before and that once again she would go sailing. Her face lit up at the news and her husband was nodding in agreeance. Had I given a secret away?
A youg man had his gift of healing brought to the forftont, as he needed evidence that healing was indeed his forte.
A lady who had lost her son many years ago joined with her and gave her lovely evidence of being there.
So many New Year messages. I took a sip of water as my throat was getting dry. More messages came and as the close of the hour drew near suddenly my guide brought this all to a stop.
Closing hymn and prayer was done. It had been an uplifting evening and many came to tell me so.
So keep positive , even when things get tough. As there are better days to come. As the winter evenings draw out think of spring and summer to come.

Preperation for the next event at Ship Inn of Par in Cornwall , England


An evening  with Gayle Force at the Ship Inn Par on February Friday 13th the day before Valentines day………….. with a spooky paranormal experience

a seance

a paranormal quiz

 a paranormal investigation

and audience readings

Today I have been out and found many spirits frequent the public house.It was a fasinating few hourse with owners  Pauline  and Chris Giles. Who are the perfect host with very up to date ideas on how to entertain  their guest. A good place to enjoy food and the cosy atmosphere of the bar areas. A place to chat and relax with friends and family. It welcomes you as soon as you walk in the door. Then theres the smiling faces of the owners and their friendly staff. I have lived at Par, in the 1970’s and although I visited the place in the summer months to listen to the brass bands, and still do, i could not remember much about the interior of the pub.

Having been greeted by Pauline and Chris this morning , I began to ‘feel’ the energies of the place. I sensed a man sitting in the other part of the front of the pub so I wandered where my guides took me. there he was, a spirit man sat with his pint in front of him and leaning on one elbow looking as though he was going to sleep on it. He was dressed in working mens clothes and a flat cap. I even got his name………  both of them.

Something moved past me very quickly and I could still ‘see’ movement as Pauline and I went back to where we were sitting. Then a coldness set in and I ‘saw’ a woman being dragged about by several men. My guide told me the building was not there at the time. It was thirteenth centuary and it was a murder. But what crime has she commited……… we may find out on the night.

I was also told that this house was originally a lords house a lord of the manor type person. a person of quality. It was when the sea was nearer than now and the land around belonged to the house. Interesting.

A fire was talked about by a spirit who had ran the public house for years. a lady who had the pub after her husbad had died. the two were very close and hard workers. Thwere was evidence given of how they lived and where. As well as the characters themselves. All good stuff.

The owner now has had doors closing when she is busy laying tables. An errie feeling around other areas. Though the whole place generally gives off a warmth the upstairs can leave you feeling spookly cold at different times of the day.

The saints way pathway is not far away and you get the feeling of people walking through the pub as you stand in the grounds. Of course the pub was not there in their time. So ‘seeing’ them in droves walking around and through this space is strange indeed.

The sound of horses hoofs frequent here at certain times of the day and even at certain times of the year. will we discover why on valentines evening.

Bring your cameras , as you may capture spirit activity on the photos and even orbs. We will put them on the website if you e mail me any pictures from the night. Bring your dowsing rods or pendulums. Jion me for a victorian seance. Feel the energies of this haunted place.

Hear the band music from past bands. Hear the singers that love the place , the pub that is o close the this historical beach.

Tickets are now on SALE……. £10 each from me at 01726 70786 or from behind the bar. Supporting precious lives appeal.    See you there.




Radio St.Austell Bay January Monday 5th ………….. Breakfast Show



         The frost was on the windscreen as I began my journey on Monday to the radio station. It had been the coldest night of the year during the night. I cound’nt believe my eyes as I saw the fern like patterns across the car. Traffic to the roads leading to the station was heavy for a Monday morning with the children still at home on the school holidays. As I arrived at the rugby site , mud was still on the pathways from the week – ends match. I looked across the field and enjoyed the shafts of light that was exposed through the clouds over the bay of St.Austell. Turning around I saw the view of the clay works with the famous sand castle in the sky line. It has been part of my view all my life and frankly, I love it.

Our producer graham and presenter Lorna where in the seat, with the news being read just before I was to go live on air.

Good morning St.Austell and all those around the world who tune to our show. I had a few stories up my sleeve as usual but the New Year fun bits still have to be added to by you our readers.

In my family on New Years Eve we put out a piece of coal for warmth, a coin or two for wealth, and a bit of bread for wealth. With the pieces brought in on New Year Day to bring good luck.

As my husband and I went for our walk on New Years day my neighbour came running out her house to borrow my husband as he is quite dark haired , to cross her threshold for the good luck of visitors for the year. I thought it was a Cornish custom , but apparently not. Interesting. Tell me more please, anyone got New Year stories to share.

The main subject of the day was my new afternoon circle, on Thursday afternoons. A chance for those who like to, like me meditate in the afternoon. It will be once a month at my home. 2pm – 4pm. A guided meditation , healing and some silent meditations for spiritual connection. A lovely chance to meet like minded people with a cup of tea and water provided as we sit. In the summer months in good weather it can be held in my perfumed garden. If you are interested please phone me on 01726 70786.

There will be a new open circle very soon at the Ship Inn Par. Where the meditation will be around an hour long and then of course everyone can enjoy some time saying hello to like minded people, over a drink. Times and cost to be arranged.

The Ship Inn is also hosting a Paranormal evening with me , Gayle Force . It will be a Valentine evening to remember, with the evening on February 13th. A chance to have a spooky romantic evening.  A séance, paranormal quiz, audience readings, and paranormal investigation. Tickets £10 each, booking now on 01726 70786.

Meditation is one of the best things for stress, as it helps balance your mind , body and spirit. Which in turn keeps you healthy. Lets call it the virus buster. The stress  calmer. The spiritual connecter. A way of life. Once you become acquainted with the meditations you will be a different person. More whole. Happier. Calmer. Clear headed. It really works. Well come and try it for yourself. Call me on 0172670786. Though I expect you have got the number by now. There will be a small charge, on the door. Go on dont be shy, join us . Dates to follow.

Each first Monday of the month I will be back on the breakfast show 9am – 10am with more spiritual stories and discussions, and you can phone in and get me to answer your questions on air. A live phone in. Dont miss the show.

Love and Light as Always,  Your friendly Clairvoyant, Gayle Force  ..xx..

New Year Story 2009

Yes I will be brave, in the middle of this climate of doom and gloom, and give you what my guides have shared with me for 2009. My Grandmother often ‘saw’ things that were more world wide than close to home. Long before the television could give us daily updates on the stories around the world as it happened. I remember an instant of when the first men arrived on the moon. I was standing in her lounge (Known then as the front room)she gasped when she heard the news on the television with pictures of the men landing on the moon. She gasped not because of the news but because it was exactly as she had seen  in a vision a while before the event. My gran hardly ever read newspapers either so , this makes the story more spectacular.  I have inherited this clarity of vision and often ‘see’ visions of weather patterns and events across the globe.

My guide began talking about some of the events of 2009 and how the world vibrational energy is changing. How the human race is changing and moving in a direction different from our ancestors.  Talking of how 2009 is going to be a much better year than anticipated, of a newness  on Mother Earth.

War situations around the world coming to a head and and many to an end. Where the peoples of the countries with this destruction  will make peace.There will be a shift of energy and of wealth, to benefit all mankind.

Generally financially people will be more balanced and eventually better off. In some cases it will come about be a shift in working life. An end of one way of life with new beginnings of another way of life . With much more time for living and less time at working. Long predicted in the 1990’s now the beginning of it being a reality.

Old values will return and become fashionable.  Manners , thoughtfulness, caring, respect, loving, all being a way of life with family, friends, and neighbours being the centre of of lives again, and not the race to get all the material wealth we think we should have, or feel we should achieve.

People power is the guide lines of 2009. When the ordinary people will stand up and speak. A return to more attention to hobbies , away from the every day working environment and feeling achievements , and goals in a personal sense.

So not all doom and gloom as we keep hearing out there on the news. It’s a shift in vibrational energy to balance the planet again.

Though we must be positive and think clearly about  what we want out of our lives. Encouraging others around us as we go forward. This will bring in the right vibrational energy for the planet, and for you , the best you deserve.

As we have celebrated the New Year with fireworks that have shot up in the sky, at the bewitching hour, the Chinese have yet to celebrate their New Year , January 26th. This year being the year of the ox, ( I am year of the snake). I have had Chinese friends now for over thirty years, I never did get the story of their New Year and how it came about at different times in the calendar over the years.

Then I was reading a piece just recently that linked it together for me. It is known that Buddha as he himself went into spirit, sat down and called to the animals to be a part of the yearly calendar. Lending their characters and strength to each month, a similarity to our own stars like Libra, Leo, and Virgo.

My friends tell me that the majority of Chinese people are Buddhist or Roman Catholic. I have been very lucky to have been shown many of their special temples . A lovely place of worship, where many of the Buddhist people invite their ancestors to join with them and help them in decisions and family gatherings.  Very similar to Spiritualist. Pathways crossing all the time.  Many peoples around the world connect to their ancestors in prayer. Just as our loved ones in spirit connect with us all the time.

Wishing each one of you a Very Happy New Year.

Love and Light Gayle Force