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Wishing All A Happy Christmas and New Year

New years are new beginnings. Go with your instincts and follow your dreams.New years let us create our world once again , and gives you a chance to let go of the past and get on with your future.
New Year is a special time for lovers and for family and friends.
It can be a very magical time of the year.
Let it be your magical time.
Let us pray togeather that the world recieves peace amongst it’s nations. Healing amongst it’s peoples.
Peace with  the natural kingdom.
Peace within each one of us.
Then carry that peace forward to love one another.
There will be times when this seems unreal but it is within the hearts of men and women across the world.
Go where your God takes you.
Be at peace within and your God will be sharing that peace and tranquility with you.
Trust the world of spirit to help us in our pledge and then trust each other.
This is a message from my guide ……..
Running water…………..
Love and Light
Gayle Force