Get the Healing experience at my Sanctuary in St.Austell


With winter approaching fast we have all got to think about the viruses and coughs and colds. So before nature strikes and leaves you suffering with the latest bug , why not make an appiontment with me on one of my Tuesday healing days and have a healing session to balance you energies and chakras. A balanced mind , body and spirit fights off cougs and colds so why not give it a try.

Become part of my personal experiment and if you bring a friend I will give one of you a complimentry healing session on your next visit. So a bit like buy one get one free, I am doing a survey on those who book to fight the bugs. Seeing how the healing balancing can aid wellness against the viruses of today. Just mention it when you visit me.

As with lots of therapies and even medical help , we often need more than one session. Though sometimes it can be all you need.

I usually recommend at least six sessions over a period of six weeks. Then as you are feeling better and you are more finely tuned you will find once a month for a while and then top up sessions help keep you balanced.

We get unbalanced by everyday life. From the stresses and strains of life to the constant battle our bodies are in , fighting viruses and bugs. Healing can help you achieve that balance as well as regular meditation. All these things are very real and painless ways to help you keep and feel well.

Each Tuesday I hold a surgery for healing in the quiet  ambiance of my sanctuary. Where you will be made welcome. All healing is given on my aromatherapy bed where you can relax and let the stresses of the day disappear. The music plays gently lifting your soul and energising your being. I then work around your body in the aura field to help you as the healing energies flow around you.

The sounds of my singing bowls will take you to a further depth of consciousness and then, my voice in the sounds of olms to raise your vibration and lift your energies far above the problems of everyday worries and cares.

Many have fallen asleep as I work and there is nothing wrong with that.

Over the forty years of giving healing to people and animals on a regular basis, I have seen many cured of their ailments. Sometimes when other methods have given up on them. There is always hope and always a chance of getting whole and well again even in the most desperate of cases. We are in Gods hands.

I have also seen people ways of life change , their thoughts have become more pure or there is a sudden understanding of things they could not see before.

A man once came to me for a constant headache. a headache he had had for years. He went to bed with it and woke up with it. He had healing regularly from me when he had heard of my work with spirit helpers. He came for healing for several months and the headache diappeared when he first woke up only to return again later in the morning. The man had his own answer but could not see it.He was in a unhappy relationship but had found happiness else where. He could not find the way to complete the happiness and sort his life. Six months later he rang me. His headaches had gone and so had his bad relationship. Thank you he said. Because without the healing help he would not have found the strength to sort his life.

A young woman could not keep her pregnancies. They aborted after afew months. She came for healing after her mother recommended me. Healing took place on both the husband and the wife although she came more often. Within that year she got pregnant and today the lovely little girl is growing strong, and another baby is on the way.

Another lady with already three children came because she wanted another and she and her husband were not being succesful and tried everything including I.V.A.

Within a short time of recieving healing her mind , body and spirit had balanced and she was carrying twins. Both of whom are now five years old.

A woman believing she had cancer came during test  for breast cancer. She was convinced she had it as she had the signs and her mother had had it. Her energy was pure around her aura and there was no trace of cancer colours in her aura. I could not smell or see cancer around her. Not convinced she opted for healing. Three months on after several scares she was eventually given the all clear that I had saw in the very beginning of her visits.

A friend going into hospital for heart surgery has been helped by healing in the preperation for the operation.

My mother recovered much quicker because of the healing energies that was given to her. Even the doctors commented on her recovery.

When I had a major operation after the trama of an ectopic pregancy when I had been sterilised for eleven years , my wounds healed to the point that doctors could not find the scar tissue without haveing it pointed out. A back problem was healed with the healing hands of healers, a musle spasm condition that could not be healped by the medical proffesion other than with pain killers. how was I suppose to work and carry on my life that way. I am now fine and have been for several years now. Healing is as old as the hills. We are healers by gift of the gods not by a learning. However many of us are taught and shown thingsby our wonderful spirit guides and at many times that information has saved lives including my own.

If my guides had not indicated I was prgnant when I was sterilized I would not be here today. Ectopic pregnacies often lead to death even in the 20th centuary believe me. My guide after I went into meditation told me I was pregnant. Still i could not believe this after months of paind and hardly able to walk as I was after all sterilized. So my head could not get around that one. I went to my doctors and feeling rather silly said my guides tell me I am pregnant, ( I was 38 years old and had had two children) he nearly fell off his chair. Then dialled the phone to admit me to hospital. What a shock and it was scary. I was very lucky I was believed and my spirit guides saved my life.

Helping people or animals or even plants is a serious thing.

It is the health of that person, animal or plant. Healers are not looking to take the place of the lovely medical proffesion , as after all they are healers themselves. What is nice is that healers are accepted in helping someone get better. Sometimes with the medical sometimes without. Healers are here for the good of all . Why not give healing a go.

Your session with me will take about 45mins to an hour. The cost is £30 a session. Phone for your appointment on 01726 70786 or e – mail on


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