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Grapes Inn Tonight at Falmouth ……Spooky event….. Séance,Ghost Walk, Audience Readings


Will you be there to experience the real thing……… Not offered anywhere else in the area, by a medium that has appeared on BBC T.V and Radio as well as numerous other stations all over the world.  Gayle Force will help you to feel the energies of real spirit , to dowse energies, to sense energies. But the spirit visitors of this pub will let you know they are there. See you tonight at 7.00pm for 7.30pm start………. going on till late and finishing with a disco, with the Jamie Reed of T.V and radio. See you there.    









This is not the first time I have been to Glastonbury and it most certainly wont be the last. We had booked our B and B with an old friend we had met at another friends healing week – end , many years ago now. Was she at home , and did she have a room for us that day.the phone rang and rang and eventually we made contact. The room got booked and off we set on our journey to Glastonbury.
It had been a spur of the moment idea, to up and go at that time. We had checked the weather and all seemed fine. We had not had a break since last year.
Stopping on the way for a cup of tea we eventually got to our journey’s end around seven in the evening. Just in time for evening meal.
At Jan Billings place at the bottom of the Tor, you get a warm greeting and a beautiful room full of colours and Jans own art work, inspired by her Glastonbury experiences. Jan is a wonderful artist and her daughter knits jewlery with fine wire. Sounds strange but you relly got to see it to believe it. Some of the most gorgous stuff I have seen for a long time. Very creative. They have their own shop down the street.
So here we were , almost ready to get some sleep in the house that was built on the land where the famous psychic and author Dion Fortune had lived and put the foundations of the Society of the Inner Light. A society that back in the 1940’s would most certainly been seen as very strange indeed.
Dion Fortune has many books on the paranormal and on pyschic abilities. She herself was a most sensitive lady and to this day, The Avalon Group meet at Hawkwood Colledge, Stroud in Gloucestershire. for more information.
Here you will find the group practising regular meditation. Reading Arthurian and grail Ledgends. Studying the Tree of Life and Qabala, a map of the inner palnes of creation.
All interesting stuff.
At The Speaking Tree book shop I purchased my first two books written by Dion fortune and look forward to reading the words of this ledgend.
Back to the house built in the grounds of the famous lady, where I was about to spend my first night in Glastonbury for this year.
The trees outside banged on the window as the wind wipped up. The room was warm and my husband and i settled in for the night.
Sleep was not coming easy even though I was tired. I kept being diturbed by sounds above me and the banging of somthing that sounded like furniture being moved every hour or so through out the night. Was Dion about or was the house just creaking with the weather?
It was not until morning when I woke. I realised that I had managed some sleep eventually.
It is a self catering breakfast, that is all there ready for you to cook when you reach the kitchen on the first floor. Looking out over the Tor and surrounding fields and hills the window is a fabulous place to sit a while and enjoy this special space.
There was an air of mystery to the place but a comfortable air of welcome. I felt we had company as we ate our breakfast. A demure lady spirit sat in the room with us, for a while. In a 1920’s outfit.
Later I discovered my spirit lady looked remarkably like the photograph of Dion, that I saw on the cover of one of her books. So a discovery indeed. The place of her dwelling and some of her books that are still available today and bought by many with interest of her findings and work on the esoteric orders.
I for one have made this discovery. I did find it a little errie that the year I had found her was the same age as when she herslef had died, Dion had died at the age of 55. This year I had become 55. Just a strange fact.


booking now on 01726 70786
Angels in the realms of glory  
An evening of delights, it will be a chance to enjoy a carol and song service with a difference
Enjoy the company of loved ones , friends , and nieghbours as we enter our first Christmas special.
Special Christmas messages from your loved ones in spirit during audience readings
 Christmas Stories/Poems
Margaret Blight
World Renowed
Tony Herdman
fresh from the midlands
Drummer Vince Taylor
Guitarist Bruce Newman
Plus a new face to the scene our very own celtic player live on stage especially for you tonight
from Stithians
Bell ringers from Cornwall
special selection of favorite carols
(if you have a favorite please let me know,
 Ding Dong Merrily On High
Sing a long christmas carols with organist, drums, and guitar.
 Bar Available, for refreshments
Free Car Parking
This will be our very first event at Christmas time and I am looking at making this an annual event.
Great stuff. There will be a  some stories of the haunted theatre on the night.

Continuation of the Par Inn Story


About 8.30pm on the evening , my guides had told me that a stage couch went past The Par Inn. I had made the decision to take all the audience outside and dowse for the ley lines at the back of the Inn and feel the energies of the stage couch. One of the ghostly couches was to wizz by us at quite a speed while the second one was to stop. I was expecting the old post couch to go past but not the other. One of my audience had phoned me in the week and told me that her mother, when she was alive , had heard the couch rumble on cobble stone roads as it screamed through the village on its way to St.Blazey. Now was it the same couch I saw and heard with my last audience at The Cornish Arms St.Blazey several years ago , when I was doing my paranormal investigation there and filming or was it a different one?

We piled outside, over spilling on the narrow front of the pub with cars parked in front of it and, to my astonishment cars scooting past at speed in front our very eyes. Now I had lived at Par in the 1970’s and had never witnessed this strange amount of cars on this quiet village road at this time of day. Was it normal I asked the locals standing with me. My goodness were we going to be able to concentrate and feel the energies of the ghostly couch?

So  there we were and as 8.30pm came upon us the energy of the traffic changed. People began to ‘see’ and ‘hear ‘ and feel the energy of the couch. Not one but two and some began to ‘see’ the lady on a white horse. I knew about her but was not expecting a visit that evening. A bit of a wow.

It was noticed that there were six horses with the couch that carried on past us, that they were dark in colour and very smart with a red door on the carriage, which was just like the one seen outside the Cornish Arms. the lady on the horse was prominent as she had been part of local history. It was well known in the area that this lady had got stuck on sand banks back in time and been there on the rocks all night with her horse. As daylight broke she had ridden her horse up past the Inn. It was of course not an Inn at the time but the home of a local squire.

So the fun of spotting the ghostly couches was done and we took ourselves in the lane that was at the side of the pub. More traffic appeared and one car got stuck trying to get up the steep hill going to the mount. Dowsing rods a going and pendulums a swinging people were getting all sorts of energies going on. Some of the audience ‘saw’ a spirit dog in the lane way. Others found the energies of the two ley lines as I guided them through where they were. I was lucky during the evening too , to have so many local enthusiast with me.

More to come…………………………………………

Paranormal Investigation Story Par Inn with an Audience of Around one Hundred


It all began when a few weeks previous to the event I was asked to do a paranormal investigation for the landlady of the Par Inn. In the 1970’s I had played darts there a few times and bought the famous Mavis’s pasties for lunch. Now I was to discover hidden depths of the Pub I had not seen before. I had not been in the land lords quarters before. The upstairs that was full of activity. There was evidence of ornaments that had flown off the shelf. The dog often watched some – one walk around the room. Things , as in items that belonged to the new family were being moved from where they had originally been put. Place mats down stairs had been piled up on one table over night. A smell of straw had been smelt by myself and the landlady. Weird shapes of mist hung in the outside of the building and in an outhouse, now no longer used, orbs had been seen moving across floating in the air. Photographs have been taken in all parts of the pub. We have captured orbs on some. Our radio friend has captured ghostly voices on his recorder. All of these will be able to be seen and heard as soon as I learn how to put them on this site.

People gathered from 6.30 pm for the evening. Some were on holiday and enjoyed a meal before the evening began. The winners of the competition in the local Guardian arrived excited by the anticipation of the evening and from what I learnt later that evening they had not been disappointed.

I began on time at 7pm with a paranormal quiz. A quiz I enjoy putting together myself. It showed I had a very spiritual audience and that was exciting. The atmosphere grew when we went into our first séance of the evening and everyone of the large group joined holding hands. No one was left out. Did they feel the healing energies that my guides were placing through the circle. Yes, many did. Often felt as heat or tingling the group was responding.

Energies were busy as we stood right in the area of the vortex of energy that was most active inside the pub. It was the place that together we were going to clear.

I led a small prayer and invited any spirits to come forward that would like to contact us. There were several names that made sense to the people in the pub. Then a group of army lads flew in the pub (spirit ones) and asked for help to move on. One of the people with us felt as though his lips were burnt and others heard a bang. Was there a bomb dropped here during the war. several of these men were ready to leave to the spirit realms where they wanted to now progress,having the chance this evening with our guidance.

I had several of my own team working with me.

Was everyone Ok?

Yes, came nods came around the room. It was time to lead these souls to their destination in the spirit realms. Who would have thought that in the public house that was known to be a brothel for may years a gathering of like minded people would be holding prayers together and saying amen.

Well it happened. It was fabulous , we sung two alms , all of us, there was not one who did not help to lift the energies in the pub that night.

A week later I revisited the land lady to see how things had been. As I walked in the pub and descended the stairs I could sense the change in atmosphere for the first time in many years. It was a happy place now. Lifted place to have a pint.

MORE TO COME…………………………………………….