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Haloween spectacular at Falmouth Public House, not to be missed

7.30PM  —  TILL LATE
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I have visited The Grapes Inn and found a lot of activity happening there. Sooooooooooo
we have a man sat in the pub wearing a three cornered hat from times gone by , but will you see him?
A ghostly apparation in the kitchen that tells me he likes the cookie jar.
battling against all the spirits trying to get up the stairway i managed to get down below.
The ouside back door leads to the car park where drunken and lively smugglers of time gone by roared with laughter and jolity as I tuned with the area.
A ley line crosses over by the pool table of todays room but what was there before?
A cheeky lady happy sitting in the corner of the seatig died when her life was shorted by unforseen circumstances.
Are you really brave enough to jion me , on haloween?
I hope so as we are in for a night to remember.
History tells us of a Lieutenant Lapennotiere who broke news of victory at Trefalgar and the news of the death of Nelson. Is it he who sits in the lounge area?
The Grapes In has it’s building just around where the famous Fish Strand Quay stood.
The bar area was also famous for ladies of the night on the menu as well as the drinks and it all sat at the back of a shop.
The current landlord Sean McGee has been there now for seven years and is a popular landlord by all who visit.
It is reconised by as the navy public house of falmouth.
The history generally is limited but ……….hey………….we will reveal more on the night that will add interest to the Grapes for time in the future and the past.

The paranormal Investigation at Par Inn

Paranormal Investigation at Par Inn Par
The Par Inn was built in 1814 by a ma called Joseph Treffry. It was originally used as a dwelling. It went on to become an office for the harbour clerk. William West, the mine engineer had it as his home. In 1850 it was leased as an ale house.
The first land lord was Johnathon Hoal , who remained there until 1871. In the 1920’s my grandfather would have delivered beer barrels there and he later became a cooper for St.Austell Brewery and at one time aided the recipes for the beers. Talking of family I have had a lot of my family work for the brewery over many years and one retired only recently.
Brewery smells of malt and brewing were familier to the Par Inn back in time when malt was used from the malt house at Par Lane.
Here is another conection for me. I lived at Par Lane in the 1970’s. It was here I did my first paranormal Investigation there  and regularly saw the spirit of Miss Belmont who on the first Friday of the month finds her ghostly spirit walking up Par Lane as she collects the rent from the fishermens houses that are still there.
To me the history of the area is fasinating. I have once again picked up 15 century monks from spirit when I was investigating the public house a few weeks ago. A local historian has given me more evidence of there presence and their frequenting the area around the pub.
Ghostly monk figures have been seen walking from the Par area across where the sand banks ran near the Par beach and waalking towards Fowey.
I am writing about events in the area and in St.Austell, for my book. This will be a fasinating story to fulfill. The rest will follow . Watch this space as the stories unfold……………
More about last night event very soon.

Radio St.Austell bay tomorrow………….. That is Monday Morning……….. September 8th 2008

Radio St.Austell bay is a breath of fresh air. I will be talking about the Par Inn paranormal experience evening on September 17th. So much is still going on at this place and this will be a unique evening. I have several newspapers and radio joining me for the event. Don’t miss out , it will be a first. Amongst the evening I am going to cleanse the area that needs upliftment  and help many spirits find their way to the light. I will be inviting all those who are with me on the evening to take part. Bring your dowsers, rods and cameras . There have been several orb energies seen by myself and the land lady. Some may be captured on your photographs. It is spooky , it is interesting and we also have some fun. So don’t be shy. Come and Join me. Tickets £5 in advance and £7 on the evening.

I shall be talking about my new jingle that is nearly ready for my very own paranormal show later in the year. All good stuff.

Not forgetting this is a a chance for you to ask questions on air, a phone in as we go along. So please talk to me, and the crew.

You can find us on 105.6fm or on the Internet anywhere in the world on Radio St.Austell Bay……………… see you tomorrow………….

Spiritual Gifts……………………..


To me, everyone has a gift. Be it being good with your hands, using creative energy, with cooking or art or close to nature and understanding gardening and farming as for instance. Excellent at mathematics or a natural sports person. It all still takes practice. You will have heard people say, He’s a gifted swimmer, musician, artist, writer etc. Just as you get gifted healers , mediums, and clairvoyants. Everyone has sixth sense to a degree. Ever got a gut feeling, or sensed someone needed you? I now often see a child’s gifts or some one who is close to me.

In my family are artist, musicians, healers and clairvoyants, gardeners and mediums. My gifts go back many generations and I have many ancestors working with me as well as guides and angelic beings. I feel this alone enhanced my own ‘gifts’.

Of course once you except the spiritual pathway as being your pathway, it becomes a way of life. We are always learning. My main spirit guide ‘running water’ an American Indian, appeared as solid as you and I when I was relaxed one week – end with friends , back in my early thirties. I was of course always aware of his energy. He has helped in my learning’s since I was a child. Other guides have joined me and do so when needed. weather it be a reading, medium work or audience, or healing. I never seize to be amazed at the helpers that come through to help others. It is wonderful. A gift from heaven.

We can choose, as to weather we use our gifts or not. Nothing is laid down in stone. But why waste an opportunity given to you, to enhance your life. Some times people say , I have not got any gifts, but that is untrue. Everyone is good at something and that something is your gift. It is there to help through life, through its ups and downs , to help you carry on and get up and go. It is a passion. The more you use your gift and the more you practice, the better you become at, what ever it is.The more you get from it.  By not using your gift you leave it unnourished and it wont grow.

Though it does not mean that other things will open up to you. It is really up to you. I have seen the most unlikely of person achieve certain things because they wanted to, because they were passionate about what they wanted to do. I have seen people who were not particularly gifted with clairvoyance to begin with, but through discipline, meditation and a wanting to help others, it has happened for them. they have connected with their guides and the love and passion of wanting to learn has brought them through.

One man I knew was so passionate about mediumship. He joined like minded groups and swore he ‘saw’ something or ‘heard’ something. When really he had not. After years of meditation and working with others he arrived at my door and gave me a message that was so accurate he frightened himself. today he is a wonderful medium. He is still passionate about his spiritual work.

So not all gifts immerge in five minutes or just because that is what we want to do. We are all individual, we are all gifted. We all have different colour hair o why should we not have different gifts. Take yours  and enjoy it. Let it grow with you.