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Paranormal Investigation in your home

Paranormal Investigation in your Home/Office/Space
Bump in the night, footsteps up the stairs, whistling down the chimney, conversations you can hear but cannot ‘see’ anyone, objects moving, something landing on you that is not there. You know the thing. It can be scary. Lets face it , it is not an every day occurance. Or is it?
There are many reasons some of us are more suseptible to spirit sounds/feelings/movements than others. It often means you are sensitive. Then why is it happening around where you are? Again there are many reasons but lets explore some of them.
It could be you have just moved to a new/different property to you. You may have been decorating or changing the way the house walls are.  Maybe the house/place has always been haunted and as you have just arrived the house is making you welcome. the past dwellers are happy you have found the place/house. So in their excitement they are disturbing you. It does not mean there is something wrong.
On the other hand you may be going through traumas in your life or deep changes and your loved ones in spirit are letting you know they are there for you. Sometimes people feel they are touched, or feel some one is there. Of course this can be the prsence of angels too.
Sometimes however spirit occupants in a house/space are not happy with the changes you are bringing to the place or simply not happy to share their space with anyone and it is then we really have to work hard and ask them to leave and move on into the spirit realms were they are meant to be.
This is not a harmful process , it is done with love and light and often healing to help those that are trapped/ stuck to the energies of the earth plane.
Sometimes it is energies that need lifting or cleansing that for some reason have stagnated. I have noticed over the years that electrical appliances in great numbers in a room or house being used all the time can create a vortex of energy/ or negative energy which can attract lower entities. Once when working in Devon I came acaross this.  Water energies flowing under ground is another force/ energy field. The list is endless.
What ever is happening there is always help at hand when I visit your house/space to cleanse the energies/spirit activity.
A visit usually last about two hours, could be a bit less or more. It is good to have the occupants presence when I am there working. If it should be a piece of land, not so needed.
It is better for things like T.V , Computers etc to be swithched off as I work, if possible. That any children in the home go to granparents etc.
I need to concentrate on the job in hand. Pets are another distraction. We can say hello but then it is best they are removed from the area I am working in.
Some energies can be unstable and once working with them I need to communicate with clarity. Most of which is done telepathically/on higher levels.
It is serious work that my guides have prepared me for , over many years of working.I am previledged to have such wonderful spiriual support. It is so good to be able to help others.
My first paranormal investigation was my own house back in the 1970’s when all the spiritual people I knew could not help me and I had to sort it out myself. I can tell you I was fed up with all the activity that was going on.  A childs footsteps that regularly came upthe stairs , stopping at my bedroom door. Until one night the spirit managed to switch the light on. My purse being moved regularly, to a different place than I had left it, and very strange dreams.
A darkness that over took the front room as I looked out my window, in daylight hours.
Giggling at any time on was on my own. A strange smell that frequented the dining room. All happenend regularly at different times. It was only me that picked it up at first but my husband saw the light go on, all by itself and sat bolt up righ in astonishment when it happened.
So a lot going on. I had holy water sprinkled around and prayers said out loud. I had the local spiritulist come along and do their bit. I had a medium , and a gipsy.
Nothing moved it. It was more and more obvious that this one was for me to sort and part of the beginning of my pathway of ………. paranormal investigations.
I asked my guides for help and guidence and it came. The knowledge has been with me ever since and the house was laid to rest. I have even met it’s present occupent who has told me the house has such a lovely feeling about it. Plus she is a healer, and a lovely soul. How strange.
Years later I learnt of the history of the house and the surrounding area.
A lady had lost a child who was around five, a little girl, while in the house. A woman had also lost a child when givng birth. The house had belonged to a lady of the night. I had lost my son in that same house. He died at the tender age of five months. A lot of the strange happenings were happening around that time much more than before.
During the months that followed his death I began developing more on the spiritual levels.
My daughter was only four at the time, but that house breathed it’s own history.
 Eventually I left the area and the house leaving behind a garden full of herbs and shrubs, and an ex husband. The new owners liked the herbs that I grew and several plants are still there to this day.
My experience has evolved over thirty odd years now and many paranormal investigations have become an oppotunity for others to experience in public places.
It is a golden opportunity for others to learn. Could be your establishment next.
I have done public houses, manor houses, theatre’s, churches, and many more.

The weather, what a dreadful summer, but it could be better soon

What a Dreadful Summer, rain , rain, rain.
THe flowers droop as their petals fill with water. It was not long ago we were looking for rain but were is it going to end? The potato crop is ready for lifting but what will I find in the saturated ground. Tommorow I hope to get outside and find out. The garden is bedraggled the people are bedraggled. Colds and bugs floating around like no ones buisness. It feels like winter. The fire goes on.
Though I have been told by my guides that summer is on the way, as late as September/October which are going to be great. So off with the wollies and on with the swimsuits. Time to get into the sea around St.Austell bKeep smilingay again. So put away the brolies and forget the makintosh, on with your sandels and have a day off.Keep smiling…………….

Radio St.Austell Bay…On Air today

Radio St.Austell bay ………….. On air today
The rain halted for a while, so this month I walked into the radio station without getting wet. The new sign hanging over the wall looked great, it makes the station look more formal, and as though it really exsist. I was greeted by Sue of The Par Girls who are on after the breakfast show. We made ourselves a cup of tea.
It was time to go into the studio as Spirit in the sky was playing. Gwen was ready to read the news and I got posed to talk about the new paranormal evening at the Par Inn, on September 17th , 7pm – 10pm, tickets £5, on sale now, 01726 70786.  An evening of spirits of the other kind……….. not the drinking kind….. though of course there will be plenty available behind the bar.I have found a vortex of energy, that needs clearing, and we will do this togeather  as a good experience, feeling the energies of the room before and after and dowsing, a first ever done in public, as far as I know. I have dicovered,
a monk from the 15 C, who would have lived in the area. I have  evidence of a monestry having been around the Par/Twyadreath with a tower, that one of my monks (that came through while I worked at the St.Austell Brewery) has given me. What would be good now would be to have historical fact to go with this now. So if anyone has any thing, please let me know.
Then theres the water energy………… leading back to when boats came up the river to where the pub is and The Slough Inn.. a neighbouring public house many years ago.
When I lived at Par in the 1970’s the roads were dug up for piping to be changed and you could see the rings were boats would have been moored up all along where the Slough inn was. Fasinating. The contaminated earth below the pipes were also blamed by locals for a rather viscous bug that upset many peoples stomachs at the time but there is another story.
With graham in the chair , this morning we talked about feeling healing energies with Dennis , and Yaz ,while I demonstrated healing on Dennis who had never before felt the energies or felt the benfit of healing. Dennis felt very calm and sleepy but then was he just tired? Not according to dennis. It was so nice that he felt the warmth from my hands as I put my hands several inches away from his hand hovering over the area. How did that feel Dennis, I asked. really calming he replied.  Well you cant get much better results than that. Healing live on air.
The Aarati event was also talked about once more, as it really is not far away. Tickets now reduced to £15 per person instead of £25. This is also for all the talks and work – shops given on the day. Not forgetting my mediumship demonstration at 2pm in the marquee.
There will be some acustic music throughout the day , some spontanious with anyone joining in who would like too. Then at the very end of the day we are looking at singing some mantras togeather, to aid positive vibrational energies and healing for everyone.
It is hoped that this will be an annual event. Not forgetting all the stalls that will be dotted around the field for your purusal and of course private readings available all day from myself.
The colours of everyones auras tin the studio today were revealing their mood and indeed their need of healing in some caese. On my departture as Pauline of The par Girls came in i noticed in her aura a lot of healing blue energy and my guide drew me to her stomach area were she had been unwell all week – end. Was i right? yes pauline said, "I have been really poorly all week – end with my stomach". Heres send her some healing healp.
Yaz , a young girl in her twenties who sat next to mw had seemed most familier to me. How old was she? Well she was older than the sixteen years she looked and we talked about looking younger than we were. I was like Yaz, often mistaken to be many years younger than I am, a big advantage now.
The topics changed and Yaz spoke of the band saucey jack that her mother had sung in. Her mother had been a  friend of mine for many years and we had sung togeather , worked togeather and been frinds. It was hard to swallow that she had died a few months ago. I had known she had been ill. During her life I had lit candles and said prayers for her often. Lwsley West also sang as a solo artist and she will not be forgotten. A kind woman who helped as many as she could. I send her much love and light and still light candles for her as she so loved them. Here I was with the wonderful opportunity to work with her daughter and , I know we will be working togeather soon. At the Par Inn as a starting point. Lovely girl.
So until next time , and Sheilawe did miss you but hope you are enjoying a few days to you. God bless, and see you soon.  Gayle.