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Sounds ,and healing with your name

It is interesting that spirit tells us that we choose our name before we enter the earth plane. Or before we are born. It may have been suggested by our elders or loved ones but it is there in the eutherics ready for our arrival. Which brings me to my name.  I began life with the surname of  Blight, now the surname has six letters. Then my name changed to Davies, again six letters. Then Burdon, again six letters and then to Taylor again six letters. Interestingly my surname sound has remained pretty much the same. On spiritual sound waves. Which is good as our names help to keep us balanced and nourished and healed. This means that when our name is said we recieve a healing energy . A connection being given from earth plane to spirit.
Egyptians long ago believed that a persons name recited with prayer could aid the healing of that person. Plus when a person passed into spirit , the name was recited to keep the memory and help them into their rightful place in spirit.
Our names spoken softly and with love can lift the energies , and again aid healing. Why not try this with a loved one who is unwell or feeling a little low.
Group therapy with one person recieving the sound of their name said, gently and with love has often shown a positive reaction. So simple but rarely practiced.
Think of the joy of recieving a friend or loved one into your home that you have not seen for a while. Take note of the sound of your voice as you greet them. Your voice will be full of joy , hold on to that joy and send it out to your loved ones just by , saying their name.
Peoples names are put on healing list, often spoken out loud to aid their healing and added to the healing prayer. Prayers are answered.
Have you ever noticed how some personalities go with certain names. A bit like reading the star signs but not quite.
I worked with a group of like minded people a while ago on one of my work – shop days.  Amongst that day I showed the group how to softly and quietly say one of the group members name for upliftment. To chant the name of another group member. Both responded positively.
Another experiment I like to share is the sounding of an ‘alm’ as a group and as a individual. It is amazing the energy that this sound gives on positive and healing levels. How every group and individual can say/sing this sound and get such good results.
I often sing an ‘alm’ after a healing session. To conclude the session. To lift the energies as far as possible. Many have responded to this energy. Seen colours. Faces of loved ones in spirit. Tranquil places. Even musical sounds , as though from angels. If any of my clients are reading this please give your experience , as an add on .
As well as your name being important so is the way people say/sing it. It can affect the way you feel.
So next time you say someones name , say it with love and kindness. You will be amazed at how that person responds to you. Indeed how the world responds to you.

Atlantic FM radio show on July 27th 2008

Tune in and be a part of this show. Victoria and I will be talking about the work of clairvoyants/healers/and mediums.  As well as having a phone in for all your questions.Not forgetting Aarati, the festival of light August 31st, which we will be talking about with the organisers very soon. You may be moving house, wanting to know about a new love in your life, ask about a health issue or problem,see if you are going to win the lottery, where you are going for your holiday, will you emigrate, is your relationship going to work, ask how loved ones in spirit are, how many children will you have, are you psychic, are you indeed a healer or clairvoyant/medium, why not tune in and give me your question. My guides will be working hard to give you answers. It is almost like instant tea or coffee, but I am so lucky with having worked for spirit for such a long time that the energy is fast and I can help you on air. Or you can book a private reading at my sanctuary in St.Austell.
Not forgetting my healing day each week, Tuesday, from 9am – 8pm.
Have you got spiritual activity at your home or a place you visit regularly? Or have you got a plce I can hold a ghost walk. Then let me know on air and we can talk about it. That would be great. All activity is different. Some can be loved ones trying to communicate to you , some can be spirits that love the place and are attached to it, so enjoy being there. Thats when you ‘see’ people walking around the property. I recently visited an old house that was for sale as my husband and I liked the sound of the place.
When I walked towards the door there was an elderly lady( in spirit) just coming through the door , she saw me and smiled. I realised she was communicating with me , as she asked me if I wanted to come in. Then , she asked who I was. I was taken a back for a mo. I then began talking to her and my husband asked who was with us.
She showed us around the house quite happily. Then I became aware of a male spirit around, who was her husband. He had left the earth plane after she had and was looking for his wife. I was able to link them togeather, with the help of my guides. They have now left the house and moved on into the spirit realms togeather. Which was lovely.Maybe there are spirits present at the radio station. We will see.
If someone who was not aware of their energies had moved into the house , they would have at some point noticed the smell of the ladies cooking and her movements around the house. He, the husband was only in one room of the house and he gave off a disturbing air because he was disturbed. He was not threatning in any way.
People often say to me , we have something going on in our house/home. Not always sure how to describe it. So dont be shy, if you have a problem, or a question, give us a ring on Atlantic FM on July 27th on the breakfast show. Thank you.This a place of great interest to me. Port Elliot. Has several ghost in and around the house. The other photo is me at the St.Austell Brewery doing one of my ghost walks, next one October 31st 2008. Tickets now on sale, £10.00 per person.

Radio St.Austell bay, July 7th 2008

I am back on the breakfast show on this Monday coming, with our Sheila, ready to go go go, with the radio phone in show. If you have any questions for me , then please get on line between 9am – 10am. You can listen on air on 105.6fm or on line. This week I will be talking about some of the happenings I have encountered when working with live audiences locally. It is always great to help you all. I had one particular happening as I was working at Culiford Lake, a while ago. There I was in full swing giving readings from stage , when a man appeared (from spirit) on a motor bike with his leathers on , took off his helmet and wanted to contact a man called Dereck. I knew where the energies were going but no one seemed to want to take this man. He reved up his bike and flew past me , and stopped again. I am here he said and gave me his name, let Dereck know I am alright. So I gave off the message, but no one came forward. I had to thank him for joining us and let him on his way. Three days later my phone went, guess who was on the phone,……… you got it……….Dereck.
Then recently I was giving church service in St.Austell, and as I was concluding the evening a lady came in from spirit, who said she was Mandy and that a man connected with her should continue his cooking. Several wanted to take her but it did not fit any of them. After the service a man came to me who was new to our work. I can take Mandy, he said , in a quite voice. My son’s lady took her life recently and that was her name, he needed the encouragement to continue his cooking as he wants to be a chef and was debating as to what to do. So he got his answer and the man was so pleased that Mandy was reached, and that was was able to communicate to them.
A friend had lost her sister recently, (which i did not know), and during the evening a large bunch of flowers that  were brought in by spirit, drifted in front of me for ages, they would not go anywhere.  They were the flowers that she had choosen to put on her sisters coffin. I stood there describing them and then the vibration energy took me to my friend who had been sitting there all evening. Her sister was so pleased with the flowers and she wanted my friend to enjoy some too.
A young child ran up the asile at one of my events, (a spirit child). The child was looking for a relative that was in that night, and found her. Though emotional the lady had waited many years to know that the child she had lost in infancy was indeed being looked aftered by family and was doing fine.
Animal friends are another spectacle we see a lot. Often with cats , rabbits and small creatures on laps, birds on shoulders and dogs walking up and down the asile or sitting by their earthly owners.Many will thank them for their loving care , received on the earth while they were here.
I often ‘see’ peoples auras as I work and at times I do a round of as many as I can , giving off the colours and their meanings. It goes very fast and the energy that builds up makes me very hot.It also often makes the audience hot too.
Upliftment is the key to auidience times to me. Of course it can be emotional. We are human beings dealing with our losses, but we must remeber they are all but a room away from us. May God Bless each and everyone of you.