Are you streesed?

Summer is here and I know that most of us would rather be down the beach than in an office. The clouds are fluffy white and the blue, blue sky, reflects the colours in the sea, or was that the other way around? The gardens are getting overgrown and it is time to relax. So make the most of your days off, as it does not last forever. And de stress.
One of the things that may really help you on your way is a healing session. A chance for you to have some special time recieving the healing energies to balance your mind body and spirit.
So many people have said to me over the years , that they wish they had discovered the healing energies long before they had. So maybe now is the time for you to discover this wonderful gift from the gods.
Our chakra energies often need a helping hand to balance. As illnesses and emotional times can leave them so unbalanced and healing takes much longer.
Healing can help on all levels , giving those going through emotional times a helping hand. Those having physical problems will find healing helps restore the balance and aids healing.
Loss of a loved one in spirit, loss of a way of life we are used to, loss of a job, or even a home can be helped by healing.
When we are more balanced and healthy, we can make decisions easier so our life becomes better, and we dont tend to keep making the same mistakes. Strange but true, healing helps in many ways.
I have noticed how relaxing a healing session is and so have many others, that is why healing is often seen as a therapy.
Some health issues take longer than others to get ‘better’. Not all get there as a quick fix , in one session. So we have to learn to be patient.
I have recently had a gentleman who , after a healing session slept all the rest of the day after he reached home. His pain took a while to be affected but he slept. Sleep is healing. He found this a bit of a mystery though.
Gradually he began to notice that his pain was reducing and then he noted that he needed less and less painkillers during each day. Then his quality of life began to improve to such an amount that he remebered to tell me what effect the healing was having on him.
A young woman came to me as she was having difficulty concieving. The next step was more operations to aid her. She had heard of a friend who had visited me and later had twin girls.
So she came along with her husband and they both had healing. I find that if both can come along it really seems to help, plus it is a good relaxing experience for them. Within a very short time the phone went and a baby was on the way, confirmed by our lovely medical proffesion.
A phone meditation to Tenerife with healing energies being sent throughout the phone meditation. Assisted in the couple having a lovely baby only a few months ago. Why does healing help in these situations? Because it brings balance into their lives and healing is there to help you heal.
Trying for a baby is a tense time if you are really on edge about it. Let it happen narually. Take time out to enjoy the process. Love is the key too. Have a holiday. I laugh here as me daughter was concieved on holiday back in the 1970’s, it was that hot ,hot summer. So ladies beware it is good temperatures for concieving.
Healing helps pain deminish and there are many pains where painkillers seem to have had their day. Or the side effects cause other problems. I know I have been there.
I hold a surgery every Tuesday and Thursday , at my sanctuary in St.Austell. That is for humans and animals.
Your session would take about an hour. Where there is no phone or interuptions. Just the soft sound of music and the few sounds of sing bowl and bells, with a little voice energy. Gentle touch on your feet, knees, elbows, shoulders and head. Then I work away from your body in the eutherics. Nothing to worry about , just  relax and drift away to where ever you want to, until I gently bring you back to reality. It is a wonderful experience. I have been working for over forty years, just imagine the energies that flow through me, built up over that period of time. 

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