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Just loved these inmages on a friends site


Quote Just had to show you all this image on a friends site. Similer to Cheddar Caves in Somerset in England and wookey Hole this photograph came from America. Just showing that there are caves all over the world that look similer. Though I guess this one is much larger.




A new festival of light is hitting Cornwall this year. AARATI is going to be held at Lanhydrock House, the national trust head office. A most magnifcentplace, where you can wonder in woodlands and go and enjoy the old house and gardens to delight your senses.
The event has been donated by the trust to help raise monies for charity.
That is the National Trust and Global Natural Health Care Trust
It will be unique in it’s programme as it is showing many aspects of how to look after yourself  in a natural way.
With yoga , healing, nutrition, bushcraft, being demostrated throughout the event. I will be in the marquee  giving an audience reading session for you to enjoy.
Along with all the exciting stalls you will be able to find me all day for that private reading especially tailored for the event.
There will be more than forty different work – shop and classes on all day, that is a wow folks. So much to do and join in on. Be a part of this festival of light.
Many people from all different walks of life are celebrating on this special day, sharing with you their particular findings , to aid good health.
We have of course ordered sunshine so you can relax and stay all day.
Visit for more information and to purchase tickets
which are adults(was £25) now £15 / kids under sixteen go free
Telephone 07528132114 or 07528132129
You can buy tickets from me, starting from July 25th 2008
AUGUST 31ST 2008
lanhydrock in the spring, at bluebell time 2008,pictures taken by Gayle Force

Are you streesed?

Summer is here and I know that most of us would rather be down the beach than in an office. The clouds are fluffy white and the blue, blue sky, reflects the colours in the sea, or was that the other way around? The gardens are getting overgrown and it is time to relax. So make the most of your days off, as it does not last forever. And de stress.
One of the things that may really help you on your way is a healing session. A chance for you to have some special time recieving the healing energies to balance your mind body and spirit.
So many people have said to me over the years , that they wish they had discovered the healing energies long before they had. So maybe now is the time for you to discover this wonderful gift from the gods.
Our chakra energies often need a helping hand to balance. As illnesses and emotional times can leave them so unbalanced and healing takes much longer.
Healing can help on all levels , giving those going through emotional times a helping hand. Those having physical problems will find healing helps restore the balance and aids healing.
Loss of a loved one in spirit, loss of a way of life we are used to, loss of a job, or even a home can be helped by healing.
When we are more balanced and healthy, we can make decisions easier so our life becomes better, and we dont tend to keep making the same mistakes. Strange but true, healing helps in many ways.
I have noticed how relaxing a healing session is and so have many others, that is why healing is often seen as a therapy.
Some health issues take longer than others to get ‘better’. Not all get there as a quick fix , in one session. So we have to learn to be patient.
I have recently had a gentleman who , after a healing session slept all the rest of the day after he reached home. His pain took a while to be affected but he slept. Sleep is healing. He found this a bit of a mystery though.
Gradually he began to notice that his pain was reducing and then he noted that he needed less and less painkillers during each day. Then his quality of life began to improve to such an amount that he remebered to tell me what effect the healing was having on him.
A young woman came to me as she was having difficulty concieving. The next step was more operations to aid her. She had heard of a friend who had visited me and later had twin girls.
So she came along with her husband and they both had healing. I find that if both can come along it really seems to help, plus it is a good relaxing experience for them. Within a very short time the phone went and a baby was on the way, confirmed by our lovely medical proffesion.
A phone meditation to Tenerife with healing energies being sent throughout the phone meditation. Assisted in the couple having a lovely baby only a few months ago. Why does healing help in these situations? Because it brings balance into their lives and healing is there to help you heal.
Trying for a baby is a tense time if you are really on edge about it. Let it happen narually. Take time out to enjoy the process. Love is the key too. Have a holiday. I laugh here as me daughter was concieved on holiday back in the 1970’s, it was that hot ,hot summer. So ladies beware it is good temperatures for concieving.
Healing helps pain deminish and there are many pains where painkillers seem to have had their day. Or the side effects cause other problems. I know I have been there.
I hold a surgery every Tuesday and Thursday , at my sanctuary in St.Austell. That is for humans and animals.
Your session would take about an hour. Where there is no phone or interuptions. Just the soft sound of music and the few sounds of sing bowl and bells, with a little voice energy. Gentle touch on your feet, knees, elbows, shoulders and head. Then I work away from your body in the eutherics. Nothing to worry about , just  relax and drift away to where ever you want to, until I gently bring you back to reality. It is a wonderful experience. I have been working for over forty years, just imagine the energies that flow through me, built up over that period of time. 

Port Eliot , St.Germans, in Cornwall



We eventually found our way to Port Eliot. After having gone first to Saltash. We had had a busy schedule the day before with my event at the brewery. Port eliot is a house we had seen on the T.V but it had not dawned on me until we arrived and saw the building that it looked familier. The sun had been shining very well when we left St.Austell that day but as we parked in the car park at the house it seemed rain was on the way.

My husband and I had come to enjoy the Daphne Du maurier afternoon with cream teas in the garden to follow a walka round the house and gardens, and a reading with dicussion in the orangy, ( originally in the garden but it rained).

The house is lived in by Lord and Lady Elliot, and has a special ambeience of that lived in feeling. Not long , was I in the house and I saw, Spirit Elaphants walking in and around the stair way. I then spotted a book on Elephonts of the same title in more than one room of the house. Curiosity led me to ask why. It is thought that elaphants were once bred at Eliot House. How interesting.

The round room is full of an in depth mural, which you have to stop and stare at. Though painted by a famous Plymouth artist , I thought I would not wat to live with it. The pianist played such lovely music which filled the air with a classy atmosphere. A young girl with pink hair.

Books were abound in the room which had a small libray of it’s own with fasinating bindings galore. The new book, Daphne , written by Jusine Picardie pictured above, was there to be purchased and I bought one with the hope that the lovely author would sign one for me. Which she did.

rain poured as we were led to the orangey, for tea. the clouds then disappeared and the sun came out and tea was served on the lawn.

I had an interesting talk with Justine about Daphne who she described as a dark author and ghostly writer. I felt that Daphne was a medium and had thought so since I studied her work for my A levels. I still see Daphne as a medium writing fictional stories from her imagination and from reality. A reality that no one else realised she could see. To me Daphne was quite normal in many discriptions of her writings. I wondered if anyone elase had seen this quirk in her work but of course it would take one medium to reconise another and in her day the work of mediums would have been frowned upon much more than today. Especially in her circle of people.

I was really delighted to meet Justine and Lady Eliot. It is me walking down the drive way to the house in the photograph above.

If you would like to find out opening times of Port eliot please contact

It will be open until June 12th 2008 to the public and then again next year from march…………. as far as I am told.

There is a walk from the gardens down to the river that is a lovely view looking out the estuary.  It was a lovely relaxing day , and we do intend to return to follow the walk down to the river and take in the scenery.

A friend of mine was telling me about Elaphnat fetivals that had taken place there and said it was a colourful affair, which she had enjoyed with her children one year, a while ago.

Another told me how the place was once a monestry. There is still a church in the grounds of Port Eliot , opened to the public and used mainly by St.Germans people.

Has any one else got a story of Port Eliot for me? I would love to hear from you.





June 9th , Radio St.Austell Bay….. 105.6FM

Once again I will be on the breakfast show with Sheila at 9am – 10am, talking about spooky happenings in and around the St.Austell area. It is also a phone in, which gives you the opportunity to phone me with your paranormal questions. I look forward to hearing from you. You can listen on the radio or on line, which is quite exciting. Not forgetting we are on web cam so you can see us too.
I am going to be talking about Par Studios this week where the owner Kenny Barns invited me to do a paranormal investigation. It was clear that he had got activity , especially when some of his electrical equipment blew up with no reason.
I found a man that was connected to a guitar that Kenny owns, a man that had passed into spirit and wanted to write songs through Kenny. Interesting stuff. Not unusual to me but certainly a bit odd to most people.
Then there was the toy cars that had little bonnets that opened by themselves when placed in a double glazed window where no one could touch them. Where energies moved items around the studio and some phychics would not enter, because they feared the energies. On another occasion when visiting
I also took my paranormal team to the studio and we held a seance and investigation togeather. It was discovered that the waters of the sea had come up to where the studio was built. That boats tied their anchor to the area near where we were. That during the war years the beach had a changed image to the one we all love and see.
We saw people being rescued on the beach, a disaster of time gone by. The place was full of history and energies.
We did a lot of rescue work. This means we ask the guides, and spirit helpers to help the spirits that are finding it difficult to move forward into the spirit realms etc. When the process is complete the atmosphere changes to a more peaceful one and the activity stops. Of course activity can be caused by many reasons. Another common one is that the spirit people are trying to contact the person receiving all the activity, but there is another story.
For now I invite you to our show on Monday. Enjoy.  Phone number will be on the show or you can find it on the web……… www.